Lounge Against the Machine

Bahahahaa…. just saw this link off of Crazy Apple Rumors:

Major life discoveries

Preparing a variety of food requires a variety of kitchen equipment.
Current wanted list:

  • Lasagna/casserole dish
  • Toaster
  • Mixing bowl
  • Salad spinner thingamajig
  • Salad bowl

Anyone feeling generous? 🙂

Can of antispam

Mail.app under Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar surprised me today, in a good way:

It took about two months for that message to appear. Very nice! Just for the record, it’s been doing an excellent job of figuring out which mail is spam and which isn’t, so I hit the “Switch to Automatic” button. We’ll see how it does…

Movie: The Others

Well, just finished watching “The Others”, starring Nicole Kidman. Scary, atmospherically rich. It was great. Go rent it if you haven’t seen it yet. Hell, rent it even if you’ve already seen it. I’d like to see more movies of this calibre being made.

okay, 5am was a pipe dream

After my alarm went off at 5:00, I snoozed for 5 minutes and woke up at 5:20. New aim: at work by 6:30.

Odds and ends

Things I bought today:

  • “Farriker Spirit Award” disc, $10
  • “Quizzical Dog” disc, $8
  • Gaia Ultimate bag, $45
  • Chicken burger, $2
  • Baked Lays, $2
  • Litre of water, $1
  • Film, $11

Rented “The Others” on DVD on Friday evening, but I still haven’t watched it (no time!). Hopefully tomorrow after Ultimate at Siesta Beach; it’s due back Tuesday.
Going into work at 6am tomorrow to finish up stuff that should have been done on Friday: guess that means I’m up at 5am!

Got back from UPA Finals!

The finals are over, here’s some game summaries:
Open: Furious George takes it 17-12 — their first national ever!
Mixed: Donner Party squeaks by 19-18!
Women’s: Boston’s Godiva wins, 17-16!
Sun (not available as of posting)

I think my scalp is burnt

The UPA 2002 Club Nationals from a Volunteer Perspective
So I got to the Sarasota Polo Club around 9:45am this morning, after stopping in at Eckerd (like a Pharmasave) to pick up some sunscreen. What a sight when I turned the corner to get to the parking lot!

There were thousands of people with discs! I rolled the car over a small ditch and parked beside one of the 200 other cars in that row. I decided I’d leave my cleats, socks and shirts in the car until I’d surveyed the area.

Volunteering: it’s all about the fringe benefits

Think I just got my weekend planned… 🙂

Car back from garage

So when I dropped the car off, I asked them to call me about the sound coming from the engine before they proceed with any other work, since if it costs too much I don’t really want to get anything else done. Well, anything else except for that “outer c/v boot” problem I mentioned this morning. That problem could get more expensive to fix if it’s not addressed soon — the other items can wait.
Well, noon rolls by and they haven’t called. Go for lunch. Come back. No voicemail! How odd. So I call them at 2:20pm. No answer. Call them again at 4:30pm. They fixed the boot. And my left blinker, which I didn’t ask them to fix, but needed fixing anyway.
Grand total was $135 — $100 for the boot replacement and $35 for fixing the blinker and diagnosing the sound from the engine. Unfortunately I got to Swift right at closing time, so I didn’t have a chance to talk to the mechanic that worked on my car, but I do have a little print out that was less than helpful at explaining what the sound was: “sound coming from under timing belt cover”, or something like that. I guess that’s the best they can do without actually opening it up and incurring some sort of labor charge, but man, I’m still in unknown waters pricewise.
Strangely, the car seems to be able to shift better. Not sure why, but I like it!