Let your fingers do the walking

Have you ever impulse shopped?
With plenty of time to think during the weekly Engineering Review Board (ERB) meeting, I got this feeling. I don’t really want to buy a digital camera just right yet. My 35mm, C$260 Minolta has treated me really well so far and is, by all accounts, rugged. It’s been through a lot of abuse.
With a digicam, not only am I not assured of a rugged camera, but I’ll also necessarily be more gentle with it because of its higher cost. And because of its cost, I’ll probably also want to incur the expense of getting a case for it (which aren’t cheap, either).
Add to this the fact that the current crop of digital cameras I’m looking at (3-4 megapixels, retail around US$500) still can’t take pictures instantly, resulting in blurred or late shots. A tip for anyone considering a digicam purchase: there’s a direct relationship between camera grip size and your ability to hold it still. So bigger is better. My Minolta, on the other hand, takes clear pictures all the time, and fits in my pocket.
No, no digital camera for me right now. I want a scanner.
Which one? Well, the Epson Perfection 1660 PHOTO of course. The 1660 is an update to the 1650 [epinions.com], and came out about two months ago.

Friday at lunch, I called up Apple Store International Plaza. They have lots of them in!
Saturday rolls around, and (fellow METI software engineer) Jeff took my car and drove up to Tampa.
We get to the Apple store, and guess what? They didn’t have any 1660s in stock. I should have had the woman I spoke to on the phone to set one aside for me. I briefly considered the cheap, ultra thin and cool looking Canon LiDE 30, but I’m glad I didn’t go with it after reading the reviews:

The Apple Store is going to call me when they get more 1660’s in, probably sometime next week.
The trip wasn’t a complete loss. I got a grande Tazo chai from Starbucks (mmmMmm), and Jeff plunked down $399 on a 10GB iPod for Windows.
We also toured around the mall a bit and took a look at some high-cost-but-not-necessarily-high-end audio equipment, too. Some neat stuff in Bang & Olufsen. Prices start at only $1000.
Picked up Paul van Dyk’s “columbia ep” — mostly for Vega, which I can’t seem to hear enough of. There’s a Starecase remix of Vega on the CD too, no less. Good good. Prog-Trance-House saves the weekend!

When were you serviced last?

Came home today to find two small pieces of paper on my stovetop which read:


Took me second to figure out what that noise was about. I called about an ant problem last Wednesday, guess they finally got around to it! Heh.
Do you plagarize your “about me” assignments at the beginning of the semester? Are you an executive at a monolithic software company in charge “researching” new features for your operating system? Need an original idea? These guys can help.

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Weekend update

Saturday, October 5th, I ran 5k to help raise moolah for the American Cancer Institute or whatever they’re called down here. It’s the US equivalant of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Note: it’s waay too hot to run the whole thing in my current state. Perhaps that’s why they made it a walk. Especially when carrying my car keys and camera, in direct sunlight, with no wind. Heh. I didn’t time myself but I figure I took around 30 minutes to do the whole thing, including the ~200m walk I took.
I also picked up some sweet lamps from the Salvation Army. They were $24.95 each. Since it was Saturday, lamps were 25% off and I ended up paying roughly $36 for a pair. They’re really neat. My words won’t do them justice right now, but I’ll take pictures and try to find a scanner soon.
And tonight, tonight, I had water drip from my ceiling, through the “breakfast bar” spotlight. Turns out the upstairs neighbour’s washing machine overflowed, and he didn’t even realize it until I knocked at his door. Luckily I caught most of the water with a couple of pots, and nothing majorly important got struck by the stream of water. I got a few pictures of it, should be interesting to see how they turn out. I’m not really sure of my rights in this situation, if I have any at all. I’m not sure if the apartment complex is liable for damages or not — i mean, after all, it *is* their washer that overflowed, not the tenant’s. But anyway. Time to look into renter’s insurance, I suppose.

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Home furnishings

Woohoo! Got a coffeetable and two end-tables today! They’re pretty sweet. All have glass surfaces, an oak finish and brass trim. Now I just need a couch… (Simon will be giving me half of his when he gets back from the wedding he’s attending right now in Winnepeg).

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WWDC2002: DVDs are here!

WWDC” is short for Worldwide Developer’s Conference, and it’s Apple’s annual love-in for their software developers, typically held in May. I attended WWDC2002 on a student scholarship, and it was a total blast [translation from German provided by AltaVista].
One of the perks of attending the conference is that all attendees receive a set of 6 DVDs containing video from the sessions. I just got mine today! The DVDs contain 150+ hours of juicy-geeky-goodness! Gracious!!
An aside, I owe my job in Florida to attending this conference.

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Switcher, Gianni Jacklone

[10:36] Kronen: Oh My Holy God! I just watched the Gianni Jacklone ad!!! I think I’m going to wet myself from laughing so hard!:D
[10:37] nos-: Kronen, it’s Danny Zuko, I’m tellin ya 🙂

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Wish me Luck!

Tomorrow (well, technically, today) I’m in a final design review meeting from 8:30am until 5:30 or 6pm. The company is buying us lunch, most likely Quiznos. It’s going to mostly be hardware engineering, with one small little eensy weensy bit on Software around 2pm.
I get to do a teeny little presentation (15 or 20 minutes) too, on why I think our software rollout “process” needs an overhaul. Wish me luck!!

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