Iron Chef

So last night I had plans to cook a big dinner…

Shaving Holiday

Well yesterday was the second day of American Thanksgiving, so I had the day off.
What better way to declare my official laziness than to not shave? Well, I can think of tons of ways. My face feels gross!
Does this eventually go away?

OS 9 Finder > all

Ever find yourself frustrated with the “Finder” in OS X? Me too. Read this.

Sleep dep

My lack of sleep lately finally caught up with me this morning, in a big way. I could barely get out of bed, and when I did, it was half an hour later than normal. I guess what’s what happens when you get an average of 5 hours/night for a week.
I think it was Rodin who said “nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely”. When I’m sleeping, I’m usually squirming around under a blanket with my eyes closed — does that count?

Madonna – Die Another Day

Madonna’s made music I wanna dance to for as long as I can remember. She gets it. She did the title track for the latest James Bond flick, “Die Another Day”; you’d pretty much have to be pushing up daisies for this song not to tickle your groovebone.

mp3 [192kbps, 4.8mb]

I got my ass handed to me

Will Ferrell is Santa Claus

I’m humming “Popcorn”

Wooo… Andrew just sent me a very cool link to a website just *full* of vintage synthesizers! It’s called…. wait for it….

Goal: at work by 6:30am

That means I’m up by 5:20am. Let’s see if I can do it.
You might ask, “Why, Krishen, do you choose to be at work so hellishly early?”
Well friend, it’s because I want to leave at 3:30pm. Sound good? I knew it did. And it gets better — I’m leaving so I can play Ultimate… on the beach. Aww yeah.
[update, 5:40am]: Well, I’m up. Hopefully I don’t just wander right back into my bed when I’m not looking!


Hey guys! I just found out my good pal Chrissie has a blog! This is me and her at Dave Ralph, which was held at Victoria’s best live venue, Vertigo, back when it was still open. (This particular shot is from fall 2001). Go click on the “Chrissie” link on that sidebar over on the right — she’s got lots of interesting things to say. 🙂

Donahue interviews Michael Moore

My friend Jessica just sent me a link to an interview with Michael Moore, the producer of the widely acclaimed documentary on violence in American culture, Bowling For Columbine. I saw it a couple of weeks back with the other Canadian at my company here in Sarasota, Florida. It’s a good film; it did wonders for my identity as a Canadian.
The interview is long, but I think it’s worth the read. Check it out.