Busy busy…

Just a quick entry then off to bed — I’ve been sooo busy with work recently. Yesterday, I got to work by 8:30, had a working lunch, went home for dinner at 6:45pm, came back to work at 9:45pm, and left at 1:30am. Today I was at work by 8:15am, went home for lunch from noon to 1pm, then worked straight through until 10pm. There were a few of us at work late tonight (including Jeff, Simon, Kemp, Ron, Van and I), so we ordered pizza on METI’s bill! Well, Simon’s credit card, actually, but Simon’s going to expense it. Heh heh. Anyway, at least progress is being made. Hooray. Can you feel the energy. Blah.

Fallout 2002

Hey folks,
Apologies for not having written sooner! It’s late so this is going to be short.
I had a great time this weekend at Saturday’s ultimate frisbee tournament (“Fallout 2002“) in Gainesville!
Eric picked me up; we left my house at 6:50am and arrived onsite by 9:30am. During registration, we were asked to self-rate our skill level, and the tournament staff created fair teams based on this information. There were 8 teams and 8 corresponding colour of t-shirts. I was on the white team! So were Tim, Paulette, Christine, Jeremy, Jeff, Leathers, Michael, Drew, Ryan and Suzie.
The first game of the tournament started at 11:00. The tournament was 3 round-robin games + up to 3 extra games if you made it into the quarter-finals, semi’s, or finals.
Starting out by wearing our nametags on our backs instead of our fronts like everyone else (“our opponents will only be seeing our backs anyway!”), the white team began differentiating itself immediately. We quickly came up with a team name — the “Tighty Whiteys”, and I used the Sharpie (supplied for writing names on nametags) to draw numbers on the backs our shirts. Nearly every player on the team cut the sleeves off his or her shirt. I wore my detached sleeve on my head in order to keep the sweat out of my eyes. It was a very hot Saturday.
After winning our first game, I think we got pretty psyched up about playing together. We took a team picture and came up with a team chant for use before a game or after a time out: “1… 2… 3… ….TIGH-TY WHI-TEYS!”
We went on to win all of our round robin games, and made it into the quarters, then semis, and finally to the finals!
Although we didn’t win in the finals (we lost 9-11), I think we played an excellent game. Our competitors, the Teal team, basically had two superstar players who passed to each other the whole game. Our team, by contrast, used most of its players, most of the time. And of course, I took another picture of the team of this point — most of whom were dirt-covered from numerous layouts.
After dropping our stuff off at the hotel and eating at a great little pizza joint (Tony something’s Pizza) with Suzie, her boyfriend (not sure of his name), T (Ryan), and a few others, Eric and I headed out to the post-tournament party. Held inside the tournament sponsor’s place of business (Spin Cycle — a bicycle shop), the party was pretty dead when we arrived at 11pm. Oh great, now what’s happened? It was supposed to start at 9pm! Then again, the tournament was supposed to end by 6:15pm but went overtime because no-one enforced the 1 hour and 15 minute hard timecap on the games.
But it wouldn’t be dead for long! Shortly after we arrived, so did the keg, and so did a number of cute girls. Drinking and limbo ensued. I’d have pictures for you, but Walmart messed up developing my film, so it’ll have to wait for tomorrow. 😉
Update (12:03am): Oh yeah, I’d also like to point out that I’m so sore right now, I can barely walk.

Made it!

*welp* God damn it’s early for a Satuday! Got to sleep without too much problem, but for some strange reason, my left hand hurts slightly. Hopefully it’s just because I might have slept on it, and not because of carpal tunnel or anything scary like that…

Going to bed early!

I had a good day at work today — made some good progress on my task list. Even got slightly ahead of schedule. That’s a good, though, since I’ve got a really busy week ahead of me.
I’m going to try my hardest to fall asleep quickly tonight. Big day tomorrow! Too bad these keystrokes I’m typing represent the sum total of my exercise for today!
Eric’s coming by to pick me up at 6:45 am.. so let’s see. I’ve got to pack, so that means i’ll need to get up by…5:20am at the latest. Ack! Where are those sleeping pills? (kidding of course)
When a ball dreams…

Icebergia, FL

What’s the deal with the weather here? Right now, at 8 in the morning, it’s 13 out. It was about 12 celcius all yesterday. What am I supposed to do, wear more than a t-shirt? Two days ago, it was in the mid-twenties at this time of the morning.
On the plus side, at least this means I get to wear my Gaia fleece that I bought from the Seattle ultimate league last summer! Cool.
This weekend I’m going up to Gainesville again, except this time it will be for ultimate, not football. I’m taking part in a hat tournament that’s going on there. A hat tournament is a tournament, where teams are determined at the start of the tournament by randomly drawing player’s names out of a hat. Since you really have no idea who you’re going to be playing with before you start, it can only end up being fun. And of course, after any ultimate tournament, there’s a party, so I’ll be staying in a hotel on Saturday night. 🙂

Can’t win ’em all

Well I was going to try and make it into work by 6am again, but that didn’t happen. 5am rolled around, the alarm went off, I hit snooze, and lo, next time I heard the alarm, it was 5:25am. Ah well. 6:30 it is!
Maybe it’s because I played Ultimate on *grass* (woohoo) last night from 4:30 to dark. I always sleep better after running.

Not as lazy Sunday

Did the mundane house maintenance stuff this morning — but man it felt good. Also tried to get a couple of coworkers to throw around the disc, but they were both busy. Pity, since it’s such a nice day out.
Diddled around online. Posted to dancingprimate, ravevictoria, and signed up for an account dancebbs.com. Get this, the owner — Jason — used to run a few BBSes back in the day. You know, the dial-in style. 3oo baud modems. Man. So anyway before you can post, not only do you have to create an account, but you have to “email this sysop” and tell him about yourself. Hahah. Anyway, I did. So we’ll see what happens.
And now that the housework is pretty much done, I think I’m going to treat myself to a steamed milk at starbucks and read some! 🙂

A lazy Saturday

My head has been so wrapped up with work recently, staying at home feels really really nice.
Went to bed at 3 this morning, got up at noon. Opened the bills, locked myself out of my own bedroom, fixed that, ate, irc’ed with the #rave.vic kru, msned with Jayne, icqed with Steph and Jim. Think I might go for a run or something, been indoors all day.