Movie: Mr Deeds

I was in a non-thinking mood when I got home today (I did far too much of that all this week at work), so when I hit the video rental place, I just wanted something funny. Mr. Deeds, starring Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder was more entertaining than a moose chasing a man. Adam Sandler plays a small-town guy who gets very rich very fast and has to deal with city-slickers. The tag-line cracked me up (“Don’t be fooled by the fancy clothes”), so I had to get it. Mr Sandler is, as usual, funny as hell. Ms Ryder ain’t half bad either.
The film is a rework of Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, from 1936, so the humor is often nuanced and subtle. And often involves punching people’s lights out.
The director’s commentary in the special features section of the DVD is particularly good at lending insight into the film’s origin, which was an expected, nice touch for a lighthearted comedy.

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