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ankle bones
Image yoinked from
So yesterday I nearly sprained my ankle. Twice.
You’d think almost spraining it once would be enough. Instead, I said, “Nah, I’m fine. I’ll just take it easy.”
And of course I didn’t. And of course it happened again. GUH!!!!!!
Anyhow, I’m glad I didn’t seriously sprain it. Two things lead up to this: (1) lack of proper stretching before playing (2) poor ankle support in my cleats.
My excuses:
For (1): I was late, so when I arrived, the game had already started. And it was cold out, so I didn’t want to just stand around on the sideline reaching for my toes. I’d freeze!
For (2): They’ve worked so far!
As you can see, they’re both pretty lame.
(1) is fixable with a little planning and some extra clothing; (2) is totally fixable — pretty much any shoe would have better ankle support than my blue pair of Adidas soccer cleats; on the flip side any other shoe would also be heavier. I’m currently eyeing these beauties as replacements.
Anyways I just finished a 13 hour workday. It was a lot of banging a head against a figurative wall. Ick. But I had Cam there to keep me company! Heh heh heh.. I leave you with some reading. Good night, sleep well!

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Ying and Yang

taking a six second exposure by accident
It’s been a couple of days since I’ve updated, for a couple of reasons: (a) I’m actually spending some time away from a computer, and (b) my ‘net connection from home continues to suck (but also continues to be free).
Let me describe the trouble I had at work on Friday. I’m going to get technical here for just a bit; take a deep breath and read on.
In order to better allow for future growth, three weeks ago we refactored our code base, which is a fancy way of saying “moved stuff around”. As with real life, if you change something that is relied upon — be it a process, theory or expectation — you’re gonna have some talkin’ to do. In this case, the refactoring broke the automated C++/java/Obj-C build and assembly system I implemented back in January. Because we had just finished a release, until a few days ago we hadn’t been doing regular builds, so this hadn’t been a problem.
In addition to shuffling stuff around, we were simultaneously attempting to integrate the merge of two independent-yet-similar-in-goal cross-platform libraries. Fixing the build and assembly system was easy enough. The trick was that, after all was said and done, things no longer worked. Which meant the problem either lied in our refactoring (unlikely), or in the newly merged libraries. The implementation of these libraries was fundamental: greater than 90% of our work depends on them.
A closer look at the refactored code revealed a nightmare. Turns out that when we refactored, we had done so on an old code base! Entire files were missing! So we re-refactored. The second time around, this process was much faster, taking a little over an hour instead of a day. Now we have to figure out what was developed on the old code base and integrate it back into the re-refactored code.
So yeah. Work is tricky. Thankfully tricky work like this is always accompanied by that which is considerably less so. Such as this conversion process:
not so hard

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“Gimme a Sil-ver-wing Holiday!”

corridor to the washrooms at the International Plaza mall in Tampa
There’s nothing more dangerous to my health than a drinking Grande Americano from Starbucks. Nothing more dangerous than drinking a Grande Americano while attempting to drive. Stick. Let’s just say I spilt it on myself three times in 15 minutes. Think I’ve discovered my metric for smooth shifting.
The girl at the drivethrough asked if I’d like room in my cup. I said yes. Seconds later she came back and asked, “room in it for cream? or just room?” “room for cream, please.” Room for nothing? What a silly question! Who would just want room?
Haha… well, at least it didn’t burn too badly. The drink that was trying to escape my cardboard cup was part of my post-ultimate ritual of getting high off caffeine. The game was lots of fun tonight! Attendance was lower than usual tonight — around 16 showed instead of the usual 20-25 — most likely because of a freak raining that occurred sometime between lunch and when I left work. About midway-through a dozen or so girls stopped by to take a look. We were playing shirts vs. skins. It’s pretty clear to me why they were stopping by. *grin* Does it matter that they were all only 14? Kidding, geez.
They were probably watching Joey, Kyle and the rest of the nearly half-dozen 13-year olds we were playing with tonight. They’ve been coming for the past couple of weeks. Sure, they slow the game down a bit, but with my left knee hurting a little bit still when I play, maybe that’s a good thing. I still haven’t “selected a doctor” yet on my health plan (I’m supposed to pick a doctor within a doctor referral network and stick with him or her). Maybe it’s time.
I checked my balance today, and for the first time, ever, I feel like I’m making money. As a student I was never able to break above a certain amount. I think that might have been largely psychological — if I ever got close to the magical limit, I’d just spend until I was no longer close. Think it’s time to start doing something smart with my money. Not sure what yet, though. But it’s kind of exciting! 🙂
Fun time at work today too! What I intended as a 45 minute presentation ballooned into double that. But I guess that’s what you get with 15 people and four different departments present. There were a couple of snags, but overall I think it went well! Some questions came out of it, and I’ve followed up on 14 of them; there’s one more I’ll be following up on tomorrow when my coworker gets back from vacation.
Speaking of which, I’m sort of overdue by a day on giving management my preliminary vacation dates for the rest of 2003. I’ve got two weeks to distribute; so far I’m thinking of a week in August. Y’all ’round then? Not sure when I’ll use the rest of my time… sometime in the fall?

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Wahoo!!! Taxy schtuff

I got my 2001 US income tax refund back in the mail today! Yay! It’s nice to get a bit of closure on that one. Let’s just say it’ll come in handy when the “dust settles” on my 2001 Canadian income tax return and I know how much I actually owe. In other taxy news, since I now know how much tax I actually paid in the states, I can mail the documentation into the CCRA. And I did just that this morning.
Now, to get onto 2002….

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It’s alive!

Please eat yourself
Not the most welcoming sign for a restaurant
I hope your weekend treated you well! Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been trying, though! Work’s been superbusy over the past two days and well, frankly, connectivity at home has been less than ideal.
I spent the most of (the) Saturday helping Cam move stuff into his new apartment! Thus concluding three weeks of hell. Can you imagine not doing the dishes for three weeks? Or the laundry? I know what you’re saying — “Krishen, I don’t know what I’d do!” Yeah. It was the terrible. Never again.
That night saw Cam, Kim and me at Siesta Key for drinks. We ended up at the Siesta Key Oyster Bar, aka SKOB. Fun little place, totally open air — as are most of the little restaurants in the village — but unlike most, not rammed with people. The Daquiri Deck, two doors down, was particularly stuffed that night. We were going to try and get a table there — it looked like a nice place to eat — brightly lit, lots of tables and the food looked good. But the estimated two-hour wait caused us to reconsider.
Before heading home, we all agreed that Sunday seemed like the perfect day for a road trip to Tampa. Cam wanted to see Apple Store International Plaza, and I wanted to buy a watch! Perfect!
So of course, Sunday it rained like it was God’s mission to flood the Bay Area region. I was driving, and at times I had to slow down to under 30 km/hr on roads that had speed limits of 115, mostly because my wipers couldn’t wipe fast enough (and well, because of that hydrofoiling thing, too. I hear that’s not much fun).
We made it to Tampa in one piece. We made a mad dash from the car to the mall doors in vain attempt to dodge the typhoon rains that were still pouring. It didn’t really work; we were all still soaked.
International Plaza is a pretty upscale place. The numbers for the random-pieces-of-art-sprinkled-in-the-mall department are pretty telltale. That, and well, all the stores with names I couldn’t pronounce.
facing the fountain at International Plaza
Facing the two main elevators on the ground floor of International Plaza.
facing away from the fountain at International Plaza
The opposite direction.
So after wondering around the mall for a bit, we stopped in at Fossil and I picked out my new watch! Fossil makes very good quality watches; every one comes with an 11-year waranty on the mechanism, and I can have the band, enclosure and face-plate completely replaced at a later date for only $25. Ubercool.
watch front
fossil clasp of watch
Bummed around with Cam in the Apple Store for a little while after that. I had my black WWDC 2002 student t-shirt on (“Developers! Developers! Developers!”) and got mistaken for an Apple employee. The conversation went something like this:
Him: Can I ask you a question? You work here, right?
Me: Uh, no, but ask anyway!
His question was about whether the new, faster, 54-mbps Airport Extreme wireless basestations would be work with his existing wireless network. “Yep,” I told him. “The new basestations are based on a standard that can ‘throttle-down’ and work with the older hardware”. I think Cam had fun. It was his first time in an Apple Store. He’s written about the whole experience here.
After getting back from Tampa, we watched 40 Days and 40 Nights. I was expecting it to be pretty dumb — and, well, okay, it was — but it also turned out to be kinda fun and less predictable than, um, predicted. Paulo Costanzo had some funny lines, and Shannyn Sossamon ain’t half bad looking, either. And that’s all there is to say about that.
Monday morning, I got metapackages working with Apple’s free installer product, PackageMaker! I’m going to post a webpage on the topic when I get the chance. There’s not much out there on PackageMaker to start with, and what little information I could find about the metapackage feature of the program was pretty doom-and-gloom — you know, an oops-i-accidentally-blew-away-your-hard-drive kind of thing. Don’t believe the hype! It can be done!
Hmmm, according to my ultrasnazzy new watch, it was my bedtime an hour ago. Guess some things never change. 😀

Lions, Wiggers and Cougar, oh my

Me and Cam
Me and Cam
After going for drinks and dinner with a bunch of people for work, Cam, Kim and I were restless, so we went downtown to a club. But not just any club. The Gator Club.
Oh my god. I have never seen so many 35+ year olds snogging to white guys playing black pop in my life!
The live band playing was named Chameleon, and they’re an all-cover act. Imagine, if you will, five pasty guys in tight shirts singing the Nelly classic Ride wit me.
The place was so packed it was hard to move. One of the lead singers kept trying to inconspiciously snap photos with a digicam during the more epic parts of the tracks. It was totally cheesy. 🙂
So the band took a break, and they were playing canned music — I think it was the DJ Sammy cover of “Boys of Summer” that I like — and I made eye contact with this woman across the dancefloor who seemed to be enjoying the song too.
I walked over and yelled “hello” (the music was so loud it was hurting my ears). Boy, was that ever the wrong thing to do. She BIT me!! On the neck!!! And half a second later on the side of my stomach! What is it with the crazy people down here? Kim figures she was a vampire, but she didn’t have the fangs so I’m discounting that theory. I swear this woman was high on something. Two seconds later that she pulled my arms over her shoulders and held them there. Just a wacko nutcase. Shortly thereafter I managed to make my escape to meet up with Cam and Kim. Geeez.
vampire work?
The cougar at the Gator Club bite!
Anyhow I’m off to play around on the beach, that is, if the weather clears up at all. Well, actually, might head down there anyway since it is saturday and it IS spring break and all, *laughs*.
mp3 [4:51, 192kbps, 6.7mb]


Have a good weekend everyone! Can’t believe it’s 5pm already! (though I guess it could have something to do with the 3hr lunch i took). 🙂

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What is it good for?

Well, over the past couple of days ‘net access at home has been flakey at best. I think it’s a sign from the broadband god. “BUY YOUR ACCESS”, booms His voice. “But this is free!” “YOU’LL BE ABLE TO SEND FILES VIA IRC AND INSTANT MESSAGING PROGRAMS, IT’LL BE GOOD.” “Keep trying.”
pic of simon's overloaded subaru impreza
Sunday Simon saddled up the Subaru and sped out of Sarasota
Simon’s fiance, Janice, flew down to help him pack and keep him company on the way back up to Winterpeg. And to take a little 1000-mile detour to Houston to visit her family.
simon, janice, and mattress
Simon and Janice hang out with their last piece of furniture (which is, incidentally, now in my couch)
Everything was in that little car. Let me tell you, an Econoline 150 it ain’t. Things were packed in there so tight the windows were popping out of place.
bits and pieces from simon
Well, almost everything. Some stuff ended up back at my place.
Simon and Janice left in a hurry because they were late, and ended up arriving at their destination early. Figures! As I was doing a final check of the place before handing in the keys on their behalf, I discovered a whole bunch of dishes still in the washer. I offered to mail them to him, but he said Cam and I should split ’em up. Fine by me!
Ended up working pretty late tonight — till 7:30 actually — so I missed 1.5 hrs of Ultimate. Good thing we usually play for three. 🙂
George Acosta: Touched
George Acosta’s 5th mixed album on Ultra, ‘Touched’
Jeff lent me a double-disc mix set he picked up while in Boston last week — George Acosta’s Touched — and oh my god is it ever good. I just about went deaf in the car tonight. Even though I knew it probably wasn’t good for my ears, I just kept turning it up. I couldn’t help myself. It’s sooooooo good.
A while back my friend Scott in Regina sent me a burnt copy of one of George’s previous albums — I can’t recall the title of it right now, but I do remember it was trying to do the megamix thing — 22 tracks in 74 minutes or something like that. I wasn’t very impressed. It was a gazillion tiny little slices uber-trance, just enough time to get the taste of a song, but never enough time to actually enjoy it.
But “Touched” is completely different. Each CD contains just 12 tracks; the first disc is called “Epic Side”, and that’s completely what it is. It’s the one I had cranked in the car. In particular the first real track (Track 1 is a 40 second intro) is an absolute killer: Armin Van Buuren Featuring Ray Wilson “Yet Another Day” (Riva Remix). I’ve had this song stuck in my head all night. My other favorites include Driftwood’s “Freeloader” (Green Martian Remix) and (of course) Gouryella’s “Ligaya”. The second disc — labelled “Darc [sic] Side” — I can’t recommend it, but not because it isn’t good. It may well be better than the first disc. Problem is, I haven’t heard it cause I keep on playing disc one over and over again.
Anyway, buy it if you see it! It’ll make you tingly all over!

It’s all in the Post-processing

Went to Siesta Key beach on Saturday! Took my camera with me, too, of course.
But because Cam beat me to posting the pictures, I thought I’d try something a little different for this post. You know, crop here, zoom there. Change things up a bit. Add a bit of a “non-married” touch. Think I succeeded? 😉
girls girls girls!
In other news, my friend Sue put up a blog! See on the sidebar, under “Pages I visit”? There’s a link called “Sue”. Click it!
Sue’s a great person who can sew like a mofo, doesn’t take crap from anybody, and can make the steak sauce they serve at the Japanese Village. She’s also a recovering STSer (something her, davin, devon, renee, the other sue and I have in common). Go check out her page, all sorts of fun bits there!


Man. My face and hands smell like chlorine — I jumped in the pool at my apartment complex last night, and afterwards felt so refreshed I didn’t bother taking a shower. Oops. 🙂
I’m getting additional responsibility at work, but I’ve got it all under control — being organized helps a lot, as does having the ability to see what I’m doing in light of the bigger picture.
I think it also helps a lot that the current project I’m on is wide in scope, meaning I don’t have to track of my time on such a micro-level like I was doing before. God that can be stressful. Try switching tasks 10 or 15 times in the morning, and then remembering how long you did each for. It’s fun!

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