Big Fajita Debugger

sez the aligator: 'you don-a-wanna mess with me'
Cam and I watched The Big Lebowsky last night. I’d already seen the last half of it because Mum taped it and made me sit and watch. At the time was shocked by how much swearing there was in it. “Mom still scolds us all when we swear: how could she be enjoying it?”, I thought. Fun film, good times. Now that I’ve seen the first half, the story makes a little more sense too. Man.
Made my signature carribean jerk-chicken fajitas last night. You must all come down here immediately so I can make you some!
Work’s kept me pretty busy in the past few days; debugging someone else’s stuff is always a fun time. ‘Specially when it’s not documented.

Pressing Reset

she doesn't like the water much
Well, I just finished writing a big post, but closed it by mistake. And now it’s much too late to re-write it. The short (but sweet) version? I had a relaxing, mentally refreshing weekend. I really need to do this more often. I feel so much more focused. Hope your weekend was everything you hoped for. 😀


Well, headed down around 10pm to Cam and my’s favorite haunt, The Paddywagon. Long story short? The Canucks won 2-1! Yeah! That’s two more goals than last time!
Ah well. Hope to have some pics up for you tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂

Home again, home again

Well, I finished redoing that file. Would you believe the same thing happened again, right when I was finishing up? This time, though, I didn’t lose all my work. Thank god.
Unsane pr0ps to all my Vic kru heading to Kube tonight! If you love it, show you support it by spending your hard-earned cash-money bling bling.
Ahem. So happy to be home! Straight to bed now. I’ve got a lot of nothing to do tomorrow.

Curse Word!

Word ate my report! Just as I was finishing it, a dialog box popped up saying either my disk was full, or locked, or that memory was too low to autosave. Those conditions are all patently false. I’ve got 12 GB free on this drive. And I sure didn’t “lock” my hard drive. And with Mac OS X, applications should never “run out of memory” — they should just request more from the OS. Which has plenty free. So I don’t get it.
So I tried the trusty “Save As…RTF” trick that I learned while working at the UVic computer lab. No dice. Same message. No luck with “Save as HTML” either. This thing didn’t want to save!
So then I copied it, made a new document, and tried to paste it.
Problem is, when I tried to paste it, nothing appeared, and instead, it told me that it is “Out of Memory” and that I should “Save Now”.
No other applications recognized there was anything in the clipboard. The Finder’s “View Clipboard” command said the clipboard contained “Unknown”. Killing all Microsoft processes and restarting Word made no difference.
Even tried starting a different copy of Word (the one on Cam’s computer, in fact). No luck there.
Argh. Anyway, I’m re-doing it right now. That was three hours of work.
On the bright side, at least the outline is still clear in my head. And work just bought pizza for me and a few other late-working engineers. 😀


I’ve decided. I’m taking this weekend “off” to spend some quality time with myself. These past few weeks have been go-go-go and I need a rest. I need to get my life in order. A nice tea, a book, that’s it.

St Pete Fun

I arrived to a lake which had little bits of solid ground, every now and then. After we started playing, it started to rain — and then the wind started blowing too. All we needed was for a tornado to touch down on the field and we’d be eating the disaster special.
No funnel clouds ever touched down. Thunder though! Turned out to be just an empty threat because although it did start raining harder, but only for about 10 minutes. But the wind took its place, at times suspending the disc in the air for three or four seconds longer than normal.
Had Alec and Danny in the car to keep me company for the drive there and back, which was nice. Listened to ariz0na‘s force of nature mix there and back. Almost played the entire 94 mile round-trip!
Oh yes, before I forget — Cam got dial-up internet access tonight, so he should be updating a little more frequently now. Go take a look!
Alright night night — may you have an ubergood sleep.

Action Jackson

Geez. Well, just the highlights since it’s getting late and I need to eat something.
Went kayaking Sunday!! Finally! Attempted to learn how to roll, with Eric J as my teacher. No whitewater involved; just a nice day at Siesta Key with minimal waves.
The roll is a two-step process: first you capsize, then while you’re upside-down and drowning, you move your paddle (which is parallel to the surface of the water) to a 90 degree angle from the length of the boat and pull toward you, while twisting your hips to rotate the kayak. Your head ends up being the last thing to come out of the water.
[picture] eric and krishen in the gulf of mexico
Eric demonstrates his cross-checking technique. Photo by Cam
Although it didn’t keep me from sucking, I’d like to point out that Eric’s a great teacher: he was very patient and enthusiastic about the whole process. Cam was also a great spotter.
You see, sometimes, after you capsize, you can’t get your paddle in the right position. You’re basically being left to swim with the fishes (and there are lots of them, you wouldn’t be lonely!). Great. That’s where the spotters come in, flip the kayak and save your life. 🙂
Quite possibly the hardest part of the whole experience was capsizing the kayak for the first time. I had to build up my courage for several minutes with Eric just standing there waiting for me to go under. I’m telling you, it’s just not natural.
After 12 near-perfect capsizions (hmm, don’t think that’s a word) — Eric calls it “going turtle” — and 12, um, not-so-perfect rightings, the salt water sorta gets to you. More specifically, in your eyes, down your throat, and in your ears. And it burns. Anyone ever tried to learn how to roll a kayak before? How long did it take? I still can’t roll correctly (but I’m much less afraid of capsizing).
Speaking of burns, my back is on fire. I didn’t realize it until I woke up on Monday morning, but man. It huuuuuuuurts. I think my scalp may be burnt too. This wouldn’t be the first time. Funny thing is it didn’t seem like burning weather. Ah well.
Yesterday was the first work day after the time change. And wouldn’t you know it, I had a ton to work on, and hardly any time to get it done in. On top of that, I was attempting to solve a problem which has no linear progression, so estimating the amount of time required was a difficult task. So I worked from 8-5:30, got groceries with Cam, dropped them off at our respective houses, went to a fast-food restaurant, ate a grilled-chicken burger and got back to work at 7:40. And stayed until quarter past midnight. Skipped the Quake game that my coworkers were playing in. Too much to do. Anyways, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. This morning I was totally dead to the world. I’m not sure how, but somehow I managed to remain kinda productive. Didn’t get me much closer to the “big” solution, but discovered (and resolved!) a few others.
Kicked a soccer ball around tonight with Hugo and Cam (Hugo’s idea). That was lots of fun. I learned that I am very uncoordinated with my feet. And as a goalie? Well I learned that I am nailed to the ground. And the goal is gigantic!!! Not sure how anyone stops anything (though Hugo suggests there’s quite a bit of psychology going on between the shooter and the goalie, as far as the side the shooter is going to shoot at. I’m not so convinced. Seems to me it’s more like, the shooter shoots and I miss).
In any case definitely a good warmup for tomorrow — I’ll be making the trip up to St. Pete again. 🙂