Time keeps on slipping…

Well, it would seem that wading through 266 photos took a while longer than I previously estimated. So the big post will have to wait a little bit, but the tough stuff is done anyhow! I leave you with this gem, for tonight anyway. That’s Helen on the left, Heike on the right — we’re in downtown Savannah here.
[picture: helen and heike hold up their denny's bill]
You’d probably have a wacky grin on your face too

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“I can’t get no sleep…”

[picture: me in front of the Wafflehouse]
Saturday morning, 8:21am. 2.5 hours left to get to Savannah, Georgia. In front of the Great American Breakfast Establishment, just outside of Jax (AKA Jacksonville), Florida
The last couple of days have been, without question, my most physically trying in 2003. I’ve been working my arse off physically, and when I get home, I’m completely exhausted. But I’ll be posting a little later on tonight, just as soon as I get the dishes warshed. 🙂

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I’m back!

The trip to Savannah was fantastic! I won’t be posting anything about it until later tonight at the earliest, but i just wanted to pop by and say hello. 🙂
[Update, 11:50pm]: Looks like I’m not going to be able to stay awake long enough to post tonight. As it is, right now I’m struggling to type this. It’s hard to heit the eight keys. Errr… “hit” and “rihgt”. Right. Goodnight!

Leaving for Savannah

Hey folks! Just a quick note before I take off: I’m going to be at an Ultimate Frisbee “hat” tournament in Savannah, Georgia until Monday evening. Have a wonderful weekend! 😀 😀

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Work, Savannah

[picture: contrails in the sunset]
Loooong day at work yesterday. Walked in at 8:05am, 12:45pm lunch with my supervisor and co-workers, 1:45pm back to work. Left at 11:30pm. No dinner. Jeff stayed late to help me out, which was unnecessary but highly appreciated. I was Cam‘s ride today, so he was involuntarily my captive. He said he got lots of productive work done, though, so I’m planning on believing him. >:)
My ride to Savannah, Georgia for the Ultimate hat-tournament this weekend disappeared late Tuesday night, so between compiles I sent grovelly emails to fellow Tampa-Bay area Ultimate players in a mad attempt to carpool. Savannah is a six-hour drive from here according to MapQuest (though I’ve been told it takes a little longer in practice), so, worst comes to worst, the Altima could probably make it the trip. Got a few leads on a ride, though, so hopefully it won’t come down to it. 😀

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Tripod of Greatness

Cam and Melissa gave me a tripod last night! I still don’t fully know why, but I’m grateful! Melissa said something about wanting to thank me for putting up (with) Cam at my place for three weeks.
Cam was a wonderful guest (I never saw a dish in the sink, ever!), and he wrote me a cheque to help out with the rent and miscellaneous expenses.
So yeah. I don’t totally get it. But I can’t wait to try it out! 😀

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The kite

[picture:  kite on Siesta Key beach]
Cam (10:25:25 PM): so … how was your Sunday
(10:25:46 PM)pretty good! updated the blog
(10:25:49 PM):)
Cam (10:26:00 PM): cool 🙂 … Let me go check it out
(10:26:04 PM)k
Cam (10:28:42 PM): Kite picture not turn out ?
(10:29:23 PM)heh….it did, just didn’t get around to posting it
(10:29:26 PM)maybe i’ll do that now
Cam (10:29:55 PM): Melissa was asking where it was 🙂
Cam (10:30:05 PM): apparently she is desperate
(10:30:08 PM)bootin up the iPhoto
(10:30:16 PM)in what sense? 🙂
Cam (10:30:32 PM): to see the picture of course 🙂

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Easy does it

[picture: Pimped-out Ford Escort]
Spotted while waiting for for Cam to get money out of the ATM last night. The bumper is almost as badass as the cellophane bullet holes!
My shoulders are peeling!
Just got back from ultimate. Didn’t play a full game; we only had six out today. Played “snot box”, which is essentially half-court ultimate with a tiny scoring zone attached to one side. Not sure where the name came from. Played to three points. That took about about 40 minutes, during which time I downed nearly 1.5L of Gatorade. Nearly got heatstroke. The various weather services (intellicast, yahoo, cnn, weather.com) can’t seem to agree on what the high is, but it averages out to around 29 celcius with 66% humidity. It’s definitely getting warmer around here.
Think I was also kind of out of shape from missing this past Thursday’s game (at The Matrix: Reloaded) and the Sunday pickup before that (was in All-Faiths recovery mode). I feel fantastic and tired right now. It’s a good feeling — I’m going to have no trouble getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

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Good morning!

[picture: sunset on siesta key, may 17th]
It’s a beautiful morning here in Sarasota! For some crazy reason, my body thought it was a work day and woke up within 5 minutes of my normal waking time — even though I went to bed about 2 hours later than normal. Weird eh?
Comcast hooked me up TeH BROaDBANDz0rs yesterday. I’m pretty happy so far! Comcast rates the connection as 1500/256, and at about 2:30pm yesterday, I scored 1484/243 with dslreports.com’s speed test from New Jersey to here. Woot! I shall test my connection again to figure out if this was a fluke.
I gave the cable modem guy a tutorial on how to hook up to a Mac OS X machine. He was afraid when I told him it was a Power Mac G4. I told him not to worry, that it was easy. And proceeded to give him lessons on how to set up DHCP networking, showed him how to find the Applications folder on the hard drive, explained Apple released an application called “Safari” which competes with Internet Explorer and that many Mac users he’ll run into could be using it; showed him how to add an account to “Mail” — the standard email program that ships with Mac OS X (he expected me to be using Outlook Express, bleh!), how to colourize messages based on various criteria, and explained Mail’s “Junk Mail” filtering options (after setting up my Comcast email account, Mail automatically put the Comcast “Welcome” message into my Junk folder, haha..).
So yeah! I’ve got broadband baby, like I’ve never seen before! My machine is totally exposed to the world now — I’m no longer behind any firewall, except for my own — which I can control. What does this mean for you? Nothing much, except now, I can send you files using programs in which I could only receive before, like Snak (an irc program) and MSN Messenger. And the cool part is with both of these, I can drag a picture right out of my photo management software, and drop it onto a chat window, and both Snak and Messenger know what to do with it. Now that’s integration. I didn’t even have to know where the original file was located on my drive. Now that’s cool.
[picture: Cam looking epic]
Ed Norton, er, I mean, Cam, watching the sun set at Siesta Key
Cam, Melissa and I hit the beach yesterday! Throwing a frisbee in salty waist-level water is much harder than you think. Catching it is even harder. But like the warriors that we are, Cam and I kept at it for a good hour. Waits for applause to die down. Pretty amazing, I know. We returned to our chairs to have iced-refreshments. After watching the sun set, we all had a much-too-expensive but still really good dinner at the Sarasota Ale House.
Today is gonna be fun — gonna go play Ulti with the New College crew for the first time in a couple weeks. 🙂

A quick hallo

hey folks… yes, i am alive — and i’ll be writing a little more later today, if i get up in time before ultimate. 🙂
music: fatboy slim – “sunset (bird of prey)” [track 5 on disc 2 of gu021: deep dish moscow]