O Canada

[picture: canadian flag, glowing on the wall]
Just finished a very interesting listen, a radio show produced by the CBC called “The Current”. It was split up into two parts: “Embedded Canadians” discussed Canadians working and living abroad, and featured interviews with Canadians of very kinds working and living in the States. “Canadian ‘Identity Crisis'” interviewed Canadians in California (home to the largest body of Canadians be found outside of Canada itself) and also took Canada to the shrink for a little psycho-analysis. It’s quite funny; I just about fell off bed listening to the second segment. Go listen.
I’m glad the CBC took the time to put this up. The search for identity is such a Canadian trait, just hearing about it makes me feel all patriotic. 🙂

All-Faiths and Camera Goodies

[picture: Breen, forehand past a laying out defender]Breen smokes one past a Red defender
Just had the best weekend in recent memory. I’d forgotten how much fun hat tournaments really are. Five games in six hours, with 10 minute breaks in between games to rehydrate and eat oranges, cookies, bananas, cheese crackers, and all the slices of bread and chunky peanut butter you can cram your mouth.
The team I was on — Team Grey (a.k.a “Smoke”) — made it to the finals! We played our collective arses off — layout D everywhere, but it wasn’t enough. We ended up losing to the Black team 7-11. I caught the last point our team scored! 🙂 Post-game saw us getting our BEvERages on, which worked out well considering we were getting our brat-and/or-veggie-dog on at the same time. 😀
In retrospect it would have been wise to have spent my breaks reapplying sunscreen. I thoroughly drenched myself in SPF 30 an hour before starting the day, but it wasn’t enough:
[picture: my back, burnt to a crisp in the shape of a tank top]
Amazingly, my ears and nose seem fine.
Turns out mom was right, too — my skin breaks out when I get burnt. I think “sun rosacea” is the name she gave it. Funny, I would have thought being compatible with the sun was in my genes, what with mom being from the West Indies and all. Guess I lost the meiosis lotto…
Bought two Viking 256mb compact flash cards via Amazon today. $36+tax each after a $20 mail-in rebate. Also bought a kick-butt high-current, second Li-Ion battery. All part of my preparation for the May 23rd weekend (Memorial Day, same weekend as Victoria Day). I’m heading up to Savannah, Georgia to take part in what I’ve been told is going to be a fantastic three-day hat tourney. This time I might actually have a hat. *grin*

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[picture of me, cam, and melissa holding our drinks]
cam and melissa. awww, they’re so cute! 🙂
Wow! Well, really, I’m just posting because I wanted to share these pictures with you. 🙂 The first one is with Cam and Melissa (his wife; she just arrived in Sarasota late Wednesday night). Here, we were all at the Paddywagon watching Game 7 of the Canucks final.
In just a few minutes I’ll be heading out the door to drive an hour and a half to an ultimate hat tournament. It’s a silly tournament where the teams are made up by drawing names out of a hat. Also, at hat tournaments, it’s tradition to wear a silly hat when you play. Since I don’t actually own a hat, I’m gonna have to get a little creative… heehee.
[picture of scotty throwing a forehand at phillipe creek park]
all eyes on scotty! (he’s about to throw a forehand in this shot)


Sorry about the lack of updates lately folks, I’ve been really busy lately getting my haus in order. Dialup internet is such a PITA. I hate thinking I’m missing calls when I’m only trying to stay up to date on the news. Comcast (the cable internet folks) said they’d call me back when their computer systems came back online, but that was a week and a half ago, so it looks like it’s time to call them back and kick some hiney.
Also, found a new radio station/organization I like to listen to while at work, HBR1.com. Check it out. In particular, check out, “DreamFactory”, their ambient trance stream. I’ve heard lots of good music while tuned into it, in particular, a set called “BOMBLE drugged onions”. Keep an eye out, it’s a good one. Next time I hear it, I’m gonna be ready. (The set playing right now — “Morlack – Babylon – 04 03 03” — is pretty great too.).

It’s a beautiful Day

So wow, did the Canucks ever not win the series last night. Oh well.
Onto more exciting topics, I’m making good progress at work on a problem that’s been a bit of a brick wall to me for the past two weeks! Yay me!
In other news Davin just did an interview with prolific breaks producers/remixers Hybrid. Holy cow! Go check it out.
One thing I’ve noticed recently is that I really like being awake in the morning at least an hour before leaving for work. Time to shower, shave, get dressed, eat, and relax before heading off to work. Work can be extremely hectic; why invite that atmosphere into your house? I find that without an hour, I’m quite a bit more on-edge when something unexpected happens (which, somewhat ironically, happens fairly regularly). How about you?

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On Smoke, Oil, Furniture and Sequels

[picture: chicken chili in my 12
My lunch for the past two days. Oh, yeah, life is rough.
Went out to the Paddywagon last night with Cam, Kim, Jeff and Ron. We were there to witness the Canucks win in overtime to take a decisive lead in their series against the Minnesota (the ‘nucks are now up 3 games to 1). Too soon to celebrate, though. I think we’ve seen something like this before.
Note to self: after a night out, always take a shower before bed. This morning I reeked of the cigarette smoke. God it was awful.
Got the oil changed in the Altima today. Went to Jiffy Lube.
[picture: altima in jiffy lube's garage]
Been a long time in the coming — this is the first oil change the Altima has had since I became its owner in August. Bad, I know. On the other hand, in that time I’ve only driven it 4000 miles. So not so bad. Anyway, glad to have at least done it once now. Also learned where a few bits and pieces of are located under the hood.
Took Cam around computer desk shopping today. It is practically impossible to find cheap used furniture in Sarasota. Practically every used-furniture store we found was selling furniture that was previously located in some sort of mansion. $300 for 2×2′ wooden table? The majority of advice givers recommended we check out the big department stores, Walmart, Office Depot, Sam’s Club. Bleh.
In just a moment I’ll be off to pick up Cam and meet Jeff down at the Hollywood 20. It’s X2 time! Have a vunderbar Saturday night!

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God Put a Smile upon Your Face

Okay, so two morning thoughts.
After Ultimate last night, went out and got food, and afterwards hit the Paddywagon. There I met a very fine pool shark by the name of Carolina. Dark hair, thin, attractive, very precise with her balls. She asked if the beer I was drinking was New Castle Brown Ale. Indeed it was. She told me normally she’d be drinking it too, but she had a bit of a cold. And with that took a sip of red wine.
Anyone ever heard of this before? Is it that beer isn’t good for you, that (red) wine is good for you, or some combination thereof?
I have another a question: how long is a loaf of bread supposed to last? My last loaf went weeks without going moldy. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it go bad. Wonder if I’ll live longer with all the preservatives……