Ultimate, NASA Pics & Mom, Dad, Neil Victoria-bound

[picture: me with championship plaque
Well, just got back from dropping Mom, Dad & Neil off at the airport!
Whew, what a week! Here’s the executive summary:
Thursday (a week ago), the Ultimate Frisbee team I play on won the championship in the finals! I won an ultrasnazzy visor! Now I can go to raves! Hehe.. Jeff, Cam, Melissa, Mom, Dad and Neil all came to watch! Have a look-see in the gallery. Friday night, Jeff and Ron from work hung out with Cam, Melissa and I poolside. We drank, ate pizza and generally stayed up way too late. Which made getting up in time to leave for the Kennedy Space Center kinda difficult. But we definitely made it! I snapped a few pics, I think you like ’em. KSC was practically our entire Saturday. In fact, I was so tired when we got back home, I fell asleep with all my clothes on, and it was only 11pm.
But hitting the hay early would make it easier to get up in time for the apartment-complex-sponsored social, “Breakfast by the Pool”. It was very cool — they made omlettes to order, had tea, juice and sweets, and set up a volleyball net across the pool, which Dad, Neil, Cam, Melissa and I prompted started using. Two lessons learned that day: (1) it’s much easier to see underwater during the day, and (2) just because you’re not at the beach doesn’t mean you won’t burn! Dad probably took it the hardest – he burned already burnt skin! Ah, the joys of being partially non-caucasian. 🙂 Watched the sunset that night down at Lido Key on a tip from Cam and Melissa. Hope to have something up from that for you guys soon, it was pretty incredible.
Monday and Tuesday were movie nights, and we watched two Wes Anderson films, The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore respectively. This was the second time around for Rushmore, and I’ve gotta say, I like it more now than when I first saw it. Royal…, whose tagline is “‘Family’ isn’t a word…. it’s a sentence” remains as quirky as ever. But I like it. Although the actual events of the movie are pretty far-fetched, the underlying message of the movie — love your family — is a good one. And while they’re both laugh-out-loud funny at times, Rushmore is definitely the more accessible of the two.
And finally, last night, we all hit the pool one last time and capped the night off with a most pleasant banana-split at Cam & Melissa’s (thanks guys!).
My apartment lease expires today. I’ve been trying to get a hold of my landlord for the past three days to re-sign it, but each time I call she’s been too busy to talk. Today I found out why — they’ve got 17 move-in’s tomorrow! My concerns about being in the apartment without a lease were kind of put to ease. I asked “So, it’s okay for me to be in the apartment without a lease?” “Yes, it’s our fault, don’t worry about it.” Me: “Okay.” Not sure what kind of rights I have, though, if any. Or if I should even pay rent tomorrow, for that matter. Hmmm!
Anyhow, it’s been a real busy, but fun, week. Looking forward to getting some more of these pics up for ya. 🙂
And now, we dance!
mp3 [4:17, 128kbps, 3.9 mb]
[picture: rear of shuttle discovery

Update on the Updating

Thanks for putting up with my lack of posts as of late. My schedule will probably continue to be irregular until after Thursday, when my family flies back to Victoria. Happy hump day!


[picture: kennedy space center sign]
I had high hopes for posting a bunch of pics today, but too much happened outside! Hope this teaser can hold ya over. 🙂

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T-30 minutes

Remember your downtime hitting zero, rock-bottom? It’s not bad feeling, really, but it doesn’t leave you much time to reflect. Right now, it’s barely 7am on a Saturday and we’re all getting ready to leave the house. We’re going to visit the Kennedy Space Center on the opposite coast! I’ll most likely be getting home pretty late tonight, so look for updates tomorrow. Hope your weekend treats you well. 🙂

Family arrives

[picture: mom dad and neil getting off the greyhound bus]
So Mom Dad and Neil arrived from Miami tonight! After picking them up at the Greyhound Station (and by total coincidence, running into my boss picking up his Mom from the same bus my family was on), we ordered pizza for dinner from Cafe Italia. After picking it up, we were greeted by Cam at my door, inviting us to join him and Melissa down at the pool! We said we’d join them after doing a number on the pizza. Guess we weren’t quite quick enough though, since when Neil, Dad and I got there 30 mins later, the pool was bare! Hehe, oh well. We practiced swimming underwater. I’m getting better! By the way, Cam, I can now glide the short length of the pool!! Yay me! Hehe.
In other news, Davin made it back safely from a two week trip to You-Kay! I bet he had a right proper good time. I’m soo looking forward to seeing his undoubtedly awesome pics!
Now it’s to bed — the championship game for Manatee/Bradenton Ultimate League is tomorrow and I must be ready. Must… sleep… now! Okay bye. 🙂

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I’m working on it

[picture: david and me in a restaurant]
Me and David in Chopsticks restaurant in Gainesville Saturday. It’s kinda hard to tell, but David didn’t really want to kill the photographer. Honest. A rare shot of me donning a hat.
So the last couple of days have been good to me. After getting back home from Gainesville around 3pm on Sunday, I spent a good chunk of time getting the images you saw in my last entry ready for posting to the local Ultimate Frisbee discussion board.
Got to chat with Tex last night! Well, technically, I guess it was this morning. Tex is a good friend of mine that works for a certain large software company based out of Redmond, Washington. We bitched about bad user-interface design, in particular, the design of the latest edition of MSN Messenger for Windows. Did you know you can browse the web inside your contact list? Why god, why?
Ended up getting pretty early, or, as Mom likes to put it, “burning the candle at both ends of the stick”. That has got to stop. That and a whole bunch of other things. So this morning I made a list, a whole bunch of ideas/priniciples/resolutions which I’m going to try and satisfy. Among them: go to bed by midnight at latest during weeknight, have a tea in the morning, to eat a proper breakfast (this has been suffering as of late), to arrive at work by 8, to figure out a proper budget (not just the intuitive one I’ve been using), pay off the money I owe Mom & Dad, pay off my Canadian taxes, pay off the remainder of my provincial and federal student loans and not to let the heap of laundry in my room grow so big.
These things are all fixable. Some of these things weren’t problems until recently.
For example, I didn’t owe Mom & Dad money until I fell asleep at the wheel of their car two days before last Christmas and side-swiped a parked ’94 Nissan Micra on the other side of the road. Thankfully it was 7am on a Sunday and I was the only person on the road.
Guess that was lack of sleep. You see? It all ties together nicely. Heh.
And for some reason, lately — in the past two weeks or so — I haven’t been able to keep up with either my dirty clothes or my dishes. They just sort of fall by the wayside on my list of things to do. I can feel my standards slipping!
Do you live by yourself? How do you motivate Mister/Miss Clean?

Happiness is a b**r

Oh my god. I haven’t been this happy in a looong long time.
Tonight, the Ultimate team I play on — the Sarasota Slackers — beat top-ranked “Hungry Hungry Humans” to advance to the finals!
The playoffs are single elimination, and thankfully, all four league teams qualified for first-round play. I say “are” because the finals are next week. I say “thankfully” because our win/loss record for the season was 1 win and 7 losses. For the semi-finals, games were seeded in such a way that the team with the best regular season record played against the team with the worst, and the two middle teams played each other.
Take one guess at the record of our opponents tonight. That’s right. 8-0. Undefeated.
And it wasn’t just some sort of fluke, come-from-behind kind of thing for us. (We saw that a lot during the regular season. We’d start a point-rally when we were down 12-5, bring the score back to around 13-10, and then proceed to get crushed by sloppy mistakes). At no point tonight did the Humans take the lead. We started off well, getting ahead 3-0, and although the Humans managed to tie the game at six, we took the halftime with a score of 8-6. After that, our opponents just played catch-up.
Games in our league are played to 15 points and have a time cap of 90 minutes. And this one came right down to the wire. With less than two minutes left, Alec made a spectacular layout catch in the endzone, just inches above the ground, to win the game. Final score: 15-13.
After cheering the other team for an excellent game, we enjoyed a cooler of a dozen Corona I purchased for the team (it was my turn this week) and watched the middle-ranked teams go at it. I didn’t have much ice in the fridge, so I brought along a pack of freezies to help out in that department. I managed to give away all three dozen of ’em! It was 31C in the shade tonight, so I think that had something to do with it. 🙂
Anyhow, here’s a picture of us after we won! Have you ever seen a happier bunch?
[picture: team picture at semis!]

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