Going To The Pool Rocks!

[picture: a pool]
A daytime shot of the pool at my apartment complex. Pardon the poor image quality — the photo was stolen from aptsonweb.com.
Tonight I headed down to the pool at 9:45pm after whipping up a quick peanut chicken stirfry. Met up with Cam, Melissa, Kari and Hugo. I brought my frisbee to toss around. Both Kari and Hugo showed remarkable improvements in their ability to throw and catch the disc in the short time they had it. Kari somehow managed to almost hit Melissa with the disc two throws in a row. That’s pretty incredible, but how she managed to warn Melissa that there was a disc hurtling toward her head after the throw BOTH times is beyond me. At one point Melissa returned the favour by nearly taking my head off with the thing.
We stayed there until roughly 11pm, at which point we were amazingly NOT kicked out by the pool gestapo! Ended up spending most of the next hour in the hot tub, and after a quick dip in the pool, we were all back home by about quarter past midnight. Yum. I smell like chlorine.
If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out cam’s blog for a rather embarassing shot of me, and Davin for Canadian Ice (you’ll need the free RealOne Player to watch)!

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Mac ‘N Cheese

[picture: leafy thing]
Well, it’s been a fun day so far! I’m blogging to you from home. I’d love to write some more, but I’ve got some lunch to finish, and then it’s back to work through the pouring rain (which, strangely enough, was no-where in sight when I stepped into my apartment 40 minutes ago). Hope your Monday treats you well! I promise to write some more later on today.

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Verona wins

[picture: two cupobucks]
So just as I was about to start my adventure seeking Verona, Cam called. He wanted to know if I would like to go to the beach. Being the adventurous sort, I said “Yes, of course! But we have to stop by a famous Seattle-based coffee chain first!”
And we did. They weren’t brewing Verona that day. They did, however, have decaffeinated Verona. And Sumatra was the coffee-of-the-day.
And what can I say? Jim‘s observations about Sumatra and Verona were dead on, even with decaf Verona. The Sumatra was coffee to be sure. Black, thick, burnt coffee. But definitely coffee. And the Verona? My lexicon is not well-infused with coffee colloquialisms, so instead I shall steal shamelessly from Jim: heavenly. Good stuff. Just the right amount of smokey. That’s it in the grande container on the right.
After that, it was off to bodysurf the biggest waves I’ve yet seen in Florida. Some were taller than me! Bodysurfing is superfun, except when you get going a little faster than you intended, get ahead of the wave, and then have it crest on top of your head. That isn’t so fun. But it is exhilarating! After that, I was a little more careful about the waves I chose to ride. Now I totally want a boogie board.

Sunny Sat — exploring time!

[picture: what am i?]
Well today, I’m off on an adventure to see if I can find a particular blend of coffee. Verona, in fact. I was inspired after reading a rather fantastic comparison of it to Sumatra written by Jim over at girlrepair.com (see the entry under “7 july 2003 – 11 :36am”).
Today’s picture is from early April. I quite like it. Can you guess what it is?

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Hoooly cow, I can’t believe the week is already over. That’s beauty of coming back to work mid-week. Try it some time, you’ll like it. 😀
I’ve been stuffed up all week. I’ve got a cold for certain; I think it’s on it’s way out, hooray! I predict I’ll be better by the end of the weekend.
I’m not sure what happened, but I’m now making a concerted effort to keep more up-to-date on world happenings. Are you? For example, did you know that Britney Spears has admitted she’s not a virgin? (Thanks Erik).
Okay. So it’s not all important stuff. But at least I’m wondering what’s going on now. I’m happy about this.

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Pics Up!

So I’m not a big fan of changing entries after I’ve posted them. I like to think of blogging as publishing, and you wouldn’t change a newspaper after someone’s read it.
But in this case, the pictures I’m posting could really use some context. And I’ve noted it by placing an “edit” message at the bottom of each entry I changed. So I think it’s okay.
So go check ’em out!

[edited Jul 10: Added note about “edit” notes] 😀

And Back

Got back safely from Miami yesterday ’round lunchtime. The short story? The Amerisuites’ Hotel restaurant guide could use some work. More tonight, as well as pictures from the last five days. 🙂

To Miami

Well, just a few more chores to do around Sarasota – hit an Indian food store, find a souvenir shop, confirm flight reservations – and then it’s a quick four hour hop down to Miami. I’m staying the night there to see Mom Dad & Neil off to Trinidad tomorrow morning. Hope your Monday is excellent!

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Venice Beach

Wow. So the trip to meet the Greenwell descendants went really well. They’re super-nice, down-to-earth and friendly people. And ice-cream maniacs! And guess what? They owned a 1978 Ford Van at one point, just like us! How weird is that? It got destroyed, though, many years back — when a gigantic flood took out not only the van, but a number of the tools that Doug (head of the household) uses for his livelihood – shipbuilding.
[picture: jul05-newbiginboat.jpg]

Saw a pretty incredible sunset on the way back from Stuart and was back home by 8:30.
[picture: jul05-sunset.jpg]

Thinking Cam and Melissa might be there, and because the night was still young, Mom, Dad, Neil and I jumped in the pool. We’re all such party animals, we got kicked out by a cop (it may have also had something to do with the pool closing for the night).
Today we headed down to Venice Beach with Cam & Melissa. Had my first experience wearing fins! I’m telling you, that’s gonna take some getting used to. I was flopping around like a fish out of water. Also, at one point, I flipped-out when I realized how far from the bottom I was (15 feet). I don’t fare so well in deep water. Getting better though! Using a mask and a snorkel can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Many thanks to Melissa and Cam for my family’s use of their gear. Mucho appreciated.
Venice Beach is well-known for having shark teeth wash up on its shores, so I spent a good deal of time searching for them. Cam bought a scoop from a local store to help sift through the shell-gravel. Found a tiny one using it. While we were onshore enjoying the sun, a diver emerged from the water and gave us a whole handful! Kinda took the fun out of the whole beachcombing thing! Heh. He told us there’s a guy who regularly brings back 30 pounds of them PER DAY! Nice.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-neil.jpg]
Neil in front of Venice beach.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-beachcombing.jpg]
That’s me wandering the shore in yellow and dark blue shorts. Come on shark teeth!
[picture: jul06venicebeach-cammebeachcombing.jpg]
Cam joins in on the fun.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-dadwater.jpg]
Dad: but a speck! The water’s 30 celcius.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-medadmelissa.jpg]
Me, Dad and Melissa scour the waterfront. Melissa’s using the scoop here.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-metowel.jpg]

So now, my back is burnt, Mom’s making dinner for us, and I’m relaxing, to a PvD mix after a cool shower. And I don’t go back to work until Wednesday! Ah, life is good.
[edit Jul 9: Added pictures and captions.]

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