And I just can’t hide it

[picture: amphitheatre ybor hybrid flyer]
It’s kinda hard to put into words how excited I am right now. Hybrid. Live. Tomorrow night. Woooooo!!!
For those who aren’t acquainted with Hybrid, go check out and some of the dozens of sets available for download and/or streaming. In particular, have a listen to the latest one — Hybrid – Maida Vale Live Session On One World — fantastic!
Gonna have to go buy Wider Angle tomorrow afternoon methinks. 🙂

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Close the door behind you

[picture: the lovebug]
If you’re from Florida, you know what this is.
They appeared outside my door five days ago, and now they’re everywhere I look.
It’s the so-called Love Bug. What you don’t see here is the reason for their name. This insect is attached to another, around the other side of the post (I had to give them *some* modesty).
The story goes that a few years ago, a University of South Florida genetics grad-student was experimenting with breeding techniques and accidentally left the door to the lab open. Whoops!

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Sleep Theory

[picture: granite slab at the end of the Casey Key fishing pier]
Observation: Getting lots of sleep does not eliminate desire for coffee.

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It works!

[picture: flower]
It is with great pleasure that I can report: Sleep is an effective antidote to exhaustion! 😀 I feel fantastic.


[picture: folks fishing the length of the waterway]
Guh… I don’t think I’ve been this tired in a long, long time. Tired == not effective, so tonight I’m going to set a record of sorts and be in bed by 10pm. Can’t remember the last time that happened.
Now, all bets are off as to when I actually get to sleep…

Weekend of Birthdays

Wow… so what can I say? It’s been a crazy four days since our last encounter.
To kick things off: Friday, I got a chance to listen to a new mix by Braeden (a dj in Victoria). Clocking in around an hour, the mix — “LP.021” as Braeden has dubbed it — surrounds you with lush, atmospheric sounds effortlessly interwoven with the 4/4 drive of the best kind of progressive house: melodic and hard.
Also Friday: Got shipped the wrong SightClip (a holder for my newly obtained webcam). (I get to keep it though, and they’re shipping me the right one.)
Saturday, I resolved to go exploring in Venice. Took Interstate 75 south 10 miles and just exited where I thought would be a good place to exit. And it’s funny — though it was only 10 miles south, I had no clue where anything was.
Ended up exploring a small island just off the mainland called Casey Key. Found the beach almost immediately after arriving.
[picture: sign about nesting turtles].
[picture: hot hot hot!]
[picture: the shoreline at the main beach on Casey Key].
If you squint really hard at the photo above, you might be able to make out a little black line on the horizon. Well I made it a point to find out what it was. So I chanced it and headed down a street labeled “No Exit”, which looked to be heading in the right direction.
And man, I didn’t expect what I found. The black line turned out to be one side of a channel, with a constant exit/entry of high-speed boats and jet skies traveling down it.
And lining this waterway? Tons of people fishing.
[picture: fishing folk having a grand 'ol time]
Further away from the water you could find folks playing leisurely games of horseshoes. People drinking Bud, generally having a good time. Further in the distance, a smoker (think large round barrel tipped on its side) puffed away busily BBQing for a family get-together of 80.
Kids snorkeled just offshore, in the beach water beside the pier. I found this pretty weird, since the water was pretty distinctly orange, not and kind of water I’d like to be snorkeling in. Anyone know what causes orange water?
Saturday night I watched Office Space over at Jeff’s place with Cam, Kemp and Ron. I think Ron outdrank us all. Also watched The Whole Nine Yards (finally!). A funny, if somewhat less-than-deep look at the career occupation of serial killing. As Jeff pointed out today, The Whole Nine starred that chick from Species — whom I don’t think I recognized because she had clothes on. It also starred Amanda Peet (recently appearing in the excellent Igby Goes Down), whose clothes came decidedly off.
Sunday started off by receiving a phone call from Simon wishing me a happy birthday! Shortly thereafter Mom called. 🙂 Cam wished me happy birthday via phone, Ron wished me happy birthday via iChat, Neil, Hilary, Mavis and Sean wished me happy birthday via MSN Messenger, Davin wished me happy birthday via his blog, and Sarah sent me an iCard. Cooool!
“I need Starb*ck’s most expensive coffee,” I reasoned. “It’s my birthday.”
So I picked up Cam and we went for coffee. Didn’t end up getting the most expensive coffee ($4.20 — can anyone guess what it is?) — instead got a grande white chocolate mocha (just $2.85). Mmmmmm. Yummy stuff.
[picture: starb*cks.]
[picture: cam and I enjoy the outdoors]
We chatted on all manner of topics, including the viability of having internet for free in a coffee house, work, and life goals and where we were in relation to these things. It’s a tough topic, for sure. About mid-way through my drink I looked up and saw this:
[picture: a plane flies overhead with a banner]
[picture: a plane flies overhead with a banner]
Yeah, you read right. There’s a restaurant called “Chubbys”. Well, no-one ever accused Americans of being indirect.
Eric and Sonia wished me a belated happy birthday today by email, and Eric G had the entire pickup ultimate frisbee group (1/2 of whom I’d just met) sing me happy birthday after the game last night! Eric G paid for my beer at the Bradenton Ale House (where a foosball machine ate my quarters, but not before I kicked Eric’s arse)! How totally cool is that?
[picture: bradenton ale house sign]
Finally, tonight, Kemp, Jeff, Cam, Ron and I went out to the Outback Steakhouse to celebrate Cam’s birthday. Had the best Bloomin’ Onion I think I’ve ever had, and got very full off of some great food. And when it came time to pay? Ron footed the bill — for both Cam /and/ me! That was an nice unexpected surprise.
[picture: cheers!  the group down at the outback Aussie-styled steakhouse]
Hugo was representing on the other end of Ron’s cell. It was his birthday on Sunday too! Crazyness.
Phew!! Congrats if you made it this far. Hope you had a good weekend.

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k-Rad 7337!

[picture: 36-o'clock shadow]
So pickup was a blast tonight. Didn’t end up laying out, but I did manage a couple of nice point-scoring hucks. I’m very pleased with one particular moment tonight — I read the disc better than my opponent, waiting a fraction of a second longer to jump. And while he jumped and whiffed at nothing, I made the grab and scored a point. Woohoo!
The highlight of the night, though, had to be Cam getting flattened by Molly. Both players went up for the disc, and their hands collided in what looked like an over-extended high-five. Molly slowed down to a stop — on her feet. Cam (somehow) ended up on his butt. Molly helped Cam up off the ground. Both parties were unscathed, thankfully.
Heh heh. Ah well. It was pretty wet out tonight, that probably had something to do with it. Next pickup game is this Sunday at GT Bray Park (20 miles away). I’m looking forward to it.
By the way, thank you all for the car advice a couple of entries ago. I think I may have done some serious damage to my tires by having them under-inflated. I plan to buy a pressure gauge so I can keep better track.
Tonight’s photo is to make up for the somewhat less than fantastic photo in my last entry. Hope you like! I call it “33-o’clock shadow”.

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Going horizontal

[picture: new duds 2]
Well, someone has it out for me. Last night, whilst typing up my entry in a text editor, the text editor crashed. WTF. When was the last time you had a text editor crash?
It’s drizzlin’ out, and imma off to Ultimate! Should be fun — they say the best time to learn how to layout is when it’s raining.

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W32-So…. SUCK!

[picture: mail i never sent!]
Click to expand.

See that? It’s part of an email I received yesterday afternoon. It’s part of a bounced message I apparently sent. Except I did not.
See the To: address? That UBC address? I don’t know who that is. See the line highlighted in blue? “” is an ISP in the UK. When I first saw this note I though, gee, whoever sent this message — pretending to be me — was on a different continent. That’s pretty weak!”
Then, five minutes later, I got another message, similar to this one. Three minutes after that, another.
Alright, fine. After examining the contents of a few of the notes, I googled for a bit and discovered it was the “W32-Sobig” virus. No, not this one (or even this crazy thing), but similar. A combination of W32-Sobig variants E and F@mm, from what I can tell.
It’s particularly nasty because it causes two-way congestion — not only by sending itself to everyone in the infected computer’s email addressbook, but also setting the “From:” field in the emails it sends to people from the infected-computer’s addressbook. When the email gets blocked by all those smart, virus-flitering ISPs, those ISPs send a message back to the (in this case, spoofed) originator telling him or her his or her message was blocked.
A real life analogy: stealing someone’s addressbook (you know, with street addresses and what-not), taking two addresses out, writing one as the recipient, one as the return, putting a big note inside the envelope which says “I am a Really Bad Thing”, sealing it, and dropping it in a postal drop box. And when the mailman goes to drop it in the recipients mailbox, the mailbox snarls at the postman and says “Geez, dumb postman*, can’t you see this is a Really Bad Thing you’re trying to deliver?” at which point the postman takes back the envelope, and returns it to the address marked on the envelope — which was, of course, selected at random by a third party and not really the point of origin at all.
What a mess!
The thing that pisses me off in this situation is that it now it looks like I’m sending viruses all over the place. I couldn’t spread it even if i wanted to. I’d need Windows for that.
Update, 4:20pm: Mac OS X Hints this morning published a hint about how to filter at least some of this spam. (Probably doesn’t help much with the bounce messages, though.)
Update, 8/21, 12:31pm: Anti-virus company Sophos has written up an article about the effects of w32.sobigf on Mac users. The “bounce” messages seem to have calmed down for me, at last. Phew.

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Fixin the Altima

[picture: sunset at siesta key]
Typically, the pictures posted on my blog are recent: you’ll see them up here within a day or two from when they were taken. However, I haven’t gone photohunting lately, so today’s image comes to you from all the way back to mid-May.
Mom and Dad did the “Which Movie do You Belong In” test tonight over iChatAV. Mom got Tarzan, Dad got the Power Rangers movie. Hee hee! (Incidentally they accused me of swearing a lot on my blog. Does that make any fcuking sense to you? I mean WTF!?)
For lunch today, I ordered one overhead light lense, two sun visors and one wheel cover. It wasn’t very tasty! Should make my car a little nicer to ride in though.
So I explained to the guy at the Gettel Nissan parts department that I needed new hubcab. “Okay,” he said, “I think we might even have one in stock. Just show me which car is yours so I can confirm I’ve got the right kind.” And I did. And he came back to his catalog. Looked through it for about 10 minutes, flip flip flip. Nothing. Finally he got a screw driver and popped off one of my three wheel covers so he could get at the model number. Turns out they’re 240SX wheel covers! Hahah…. so I’ve now got a 240SX wheel cover on special-order. $31. Not bad — a replacement for a single Altima-style wheel cover is 52!
Altogether, a $119 day. I needed most of this stuff when I bought the car a year ago. Item left on my relatively immediate to-do list: fix the driver’s side lock. Every time I use the car, I’ve got unlock the passenger side door, get in, reach across and unlock the driver’s side, back out of the passenger side of the car and walk back around. The whole procedure is starting to get a little “long in the tooth”, if that’s the expression. I’m on a roll now (Rush fans: or is it a slide) — I think I’m going to see how much it will cost to get fixed some time in the next week or so! Woot.

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