More than skin deep

[picture: pink sun]

Weekend Update

Whoa, it’s been one kuh-razy long week. 65 hours. Phew… glad that’s done with — ’cause I’m just about to start another and I don’t want them overlapping. I’m putting my foot down. No overlap!

On Work, Disc, & Developers

[picture: tree!]
The last few days have been spent mostly at work — we are steadily progressing toward our next release. As they are wont to, deadlines loom. Looks as though Cam and I may be in on Saturday to put on the finishing touches. We’ll see.
Ultimate was a lot of fun tonight. We returned to our previous field over at Philippe Creek Mansion. Man, that’s one un-even field. But the team seems to like it, so that’s good. One thing it does have going for it is that it’s in a fairly visible location. This visibility lead to a second visit from the Red Bull boys. They drove up in their Red Bull truck (with a giant inflatable version of their product tied to the roof) and gave us 10 or 15 cans. Second time this has happened. Red Bull has a pretty harshly medicinal taste — I’m not really a fan. But who am I to turn to a free energy drink? In other news I think my toe may finally be on the road to recovery, yeah! I have most of my normal walking ability back, and tonight was the first night I’d stuck my toe in cleats since I sprained it 11 days ago.
After Ultimate I sucker-punched Cam into going to ‘Bucks. It’s a cool thing that we did — we ran into a fellow Mac user because I was wearing my Apple Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers shirt. Heh. It figures: I just recently took my business cards out of my wallet… so, instead, I wrote my contact info on some random bit of paper. Great. Anyway we told him about Ultimate and he might just come out! 🙂
I am SOOO ready for bed. Gonna try and get into work early tomorrow morning. Have a fabulous night!

Weekend of Beaches

So yeah: Saturday was definitely not the monsoon I was expecting. Ambled outta the house around 2pm, had Subway for breakfast/lunch, and made a plan. I’d go from the top end of the Keys — Anna Maria Island — down to Lido Key, then hit Siesta Beach. But an interstate on-ramp outsmarted me and I was heading South instead of North, so I went to Siesta first. Probably all for the best anyway, the lighting was near perfect for the “beach ultimate” promotional shots I wanted to take.
[picture: disc and cone, sk beach ulti promo]
Beach disc anyone?
[picture: bbq anyone?]
Guess it wasn’t all dry out.
[picture: beach gravel at ken thompson]
Moving North from Siesta Beach, this beauty comes from the shores of Ken Thompson park.
[picture: me @ k.t. park]
It was frickin bright out. Notice the tree behind my left shoulder….
[picture: tree leaves]
[picture: sign]
“The Ken Thompson Park Preserve Habitat Restoration Project, completed in February 2002, included the construction of tidal lagoons, removal of exotic vegetation such as Brazilian Pepper and Australian Pines, and planting of native vegetation. This will create nursery and foraging habitat for fish and birds native to Sarasota Bay. The boardwalk provides a rare opportunity to view a mangrove forest from inside.”
[picture: entrance to mangrove forest]
It was pretty cool! Noisy, even — lots of chirping inside.
[picture: at the end of the line]
The end of the boardwalk goes out over the water a little ways. See that patch of ground just behind my left shoulder? The next photo shows a closeup of it.
[picture: crabs]
Hundreds of tiny crabs! The kind with one big pincer arm. They all moved and stood still at the same time, so cool to watch.
[picture: beach this way]
Moving further north on the keys, I hit Bradenton Beach.
[picture: hmmm]
[picture: dune sign]
A patch of what simply looked like grass between the road and the beach was roped off, and this sign was in the middle. I guess they’re having trouble getting anything to grow there — perhaps high foot traffic is eradicating the natural vegetation? Course I couldn’t help but think of this when I saw it.
[picture: erosion control structure]
So yeah, the big concrete thing two shots up isn’t a pier at all — it’s designed to keep the beach from washing away.
[picture: long]
Here’s another shot..
[picture: not so long]
A closer look.
[picture: corroded concrete]
Still closer. Doesn’t this remind you of that candy bar Richard Moll used to advertise on TV? Golden honeycomb surrounded by chocolate. Anyone know its name? Arrr!
[picture: ruined coastline]
An eyesore, but gets the job done I guess. That’s the Gulf of Mexico.
[picture: rainy road]
So the rain did end up falling after all. Most of this was offroad.
[picture: sunshine skyway from State Road 70]
A little difficult to see, but the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which runs from Manatee County to the St. Pete area, spans the entire horizon here. Shortly after this, I headed home. Five hours driving, it was definitely a long day. But it wasn’t over!
Got home, immediately took off to Jeff’s, where we ordered pizza, drank beer, talked music (resolution: find out when and where The Crystal Method and Orbital plays next) — and I learned a thing or two about Madden NFL 2004 on the Playstation 2. It was a lot of fun — they make it easy for someone who knows very little about football to get into it. There’s a full set of tutorials where they give you a demonstration of how different plays should go, and walk you through it. Turned out I was much better at completing long-bomb type passes rather than the brute-force “run through a crowd of linebackers for 3 yards” type plays. I can honestly say I think learning how to read cuts in Ultimate helped with that. We must have started Madden around 2am, and the next time I looked at the clock it was ticking past half of 5. Yikes.
Rolled into the world of the living around noon on Sunday, wrote up a post, and headed up to Lakewood Ranch to watch the Ultimate game.
Now I had no intention of playing because of my hurt toe — in fact, I drove up without my cleats — but after about 45 minutes of watching I was going nuts! Ended up playing barefoot for a good 30 minutes or so. So far, it doesn’t look like that affected it adversely. I’m still a little ginger on it.
[picture: rex and paul]
Rex and Paul square off.
[picture: ryan exhausted]
Sometimes we all need a break. Ryan flops over on the sideline. The heat was killer.
[picture: the pull!]
Left to right: Jay, Ross, Paul, Ernie, Daniel, David. David throws a high, curving backhand for the pull. Met most of these very cool people in the past two weeks while coming out to pickup games.
[picture: big jump]
David goes for the disc, Matrix style.
[picture: daniel, hammer catch]
Daniel catches his first hammer (upside down) throw ever!
Stayed up pretty late (again) last night, got a lot of the little things done — filed stuff away, scheduled bills for payment, put away the laundry, got the dishes done. My place is abnormally clean. I barely recognize it! All it cost was sleep!
Attended the Manatee county Ultimate league organizational meeting after work tonight with a tired and sick Cam. The rules this season are pretty much going to be the same as last year. The only concern I have is that we’ll be playing smack in the middle of Bradenton — an even further drive away than last summer. I think they’re doing it to prevent Sarasota (my team) from showing up and winning their championship two times in a row. 🙂
Hope sleep visits you quickly tonight.
Listening: Seal – Get it Together (Peter Rauhoffer Mix)

No Rain

It was shockingly dry yesterday, and adventure was had. Pictures to come. Got a game of my favorite sport to attend — though I probably won’t play much. The toe I stubbed on Monday is still bothering me. 🙁

It’s a little moist

[picture: trees]
The south side of my apartment building, about an hour and a half ago.
Someone designed the day wrong. There aren’t enough hours.
No, work hasn’t been overly stressful recently, but the hours have been long. Got home just a few minutes ago. Work bought us lunch today — or, well, rather, it’s more like Jeff bought lunch for Cam, Hugo and I, and he’s going to try and expense it. I sure hope they let him — the total was only $11 or something.
I was reading Julie’s entry last night about all the fires in BC, and I’ve come up with a theory. Florida has stolen Western Canada’s water. While BC is having the driest summer on record, Florida’s having one of the wettest. Tropical storm Henri is just hours from touching down over the Tampa Bay area, and further East Fabian, a much bigger storm, is currently ripping Bermuda to shreds. Tampa Bay is just a 45 minute drive from here. The water levels in the pond beside work are already close to the “stupidly high” mark. More and we’ll be swimming to our cars.
Looking forward to doing some exploring tomorrow. With luck I won’t need a canoe.

An “early” night

[picture: hydrants off fruitville]
Felt a little sick this morning at work, upset tummy. Talked to Davin briefly on the phone last night, Mom today. Also spoke to a CCRA agent at lunch. Don’t know what is? Lucky you! Let’s just say tomorrow I hope to clear out some tax issues that have been “on the table” (read: plaguing my existence) for some time. Hoooray!
Now it’s off to bed — it’s been calling me for the past two hours. Hope the rest of your evening/morning is pleasant!
Listening: Amanda Ghost – Filthy Mind (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix)


[picture: road signs
Saw these signs appear a couple weeks ago on the road I drive home on. A third sign, which read “Think for yourself”, has gone missing in the past few days. There’s no attribution on them anywhere. Brilliant though, eh? I had just had to get a snap of them before they all disappeared.
In other news, I’m now hobbling about everywhere. I stubbed my middle toe on my right foot pretty badly at the first beach ultimate game of the year.
Had a quick dip down at the pool tonight, now it’s time for bed. I’m exhausted.

Hybrid at the Amphitheatre – Ybor City

So Hybrid was fantastic! They friggin 0wned the joint! I took over 260 shots; the best 19 are here. 🙂
The night started out by leaving work in a mad rush, picking up Cam and bootin’ a 1/2 hour north to pick up Jeff. We got to Ybor City a little after 9pm.
Ybor City itself was a sight to behold. The roads were closed off to vehicles, lights were overhead, and there were party people everywhere. Within the first two minutes of arriving, an obviously drunk girl — dressed for clubland — approached Cam and said “Hey baby, I lost my number, can I have yours?” Cam was taken a little off guard and just smiled, haha…
[picture: the central strip of ybor]
We found the Amphitheatre, got our tickets. I asked for normal admission, and got (and paid for) VIP. I thought about saying something, but then decided “screw it. It’s only $5 more. The view from the second floor will be nice”. (And it sure was!) The sign outside the entrance read “Guys: 21 and up. Girls: 18 and up.” Hahah… you’ll never see anything like that in Victoria…