Tasty salad?

What can I say… that didn’t happen. But I did have a midnight snack instead 🙂
Roll over me toast! (script lifted from Davin)
In other news, I’m currently enjoying my 15 minutes! The Canadian Ultimate Players Association is using one of my photos on their front page! Heh. Yeah.
Speaking of 15 minutes… if you have a television, definitely check out E.R. tomorrow night. The primary product of the company I work for — a human patient simulator — is supposed to be featured in the episode! Check your local listings for show times.
Anyhow, it’s another late night/early morning combo night tonight — got home from work around 9pm; Cam and I are shooting to be back in by 7am tomorrow.

Mission accomplished!

Folks from Canada: Ever wonder what happens when you put a mainlander on Saltspring Island? Read about it over at Asiago (my friend James). Funny stuff.
Just got back from an awesometastic practice. First let me say that I’m very disappointed with Sarasota Parks and Rec — somehow they managed to lose our contract and double book our field at Bee Ridge Park, so we ended up without anywhere to play. Thankfully we didn’t pre-pay, so I’ve still got $5 from 13 people for the next time we practice. Supposedly we’re “penciled in” for next Tuesday, but I have my doubts. To that end I’ll be calling the 17th Street Park in the next day or so to find out what’s up. “But wait,” sez you, “I thought you said you just got back from a super-crazy great practice. But now you’re saying you had no field?”. Well, that’s true. We had no field. But that’s not gonna keep the Sarasota Slackers down! We ended up running drills on the grassy area just outside the double-booked field. And it actually worked out really well! Honestly, I don’t think we would have used all that much more field anyhow! Things accomplished: The “Come to” drill (with checks marking to both backhand and forehand sides), how to stack effectively (including the first defender cheating a little forward and to the force side), cutting sequentially from the stack, effective zone defense, as well as offense. In addition, we created what I believe to be the first entry in the Slacker playbook: the Slacky (whose secret cannot be disclosed here for reasons which are classified).
After all that, we all settled down to some fantastic carrot cake… thanks to our teammate MJ becoming engaged! Congrats MJ! Meanwhile, Scotty (yes, the same Scotty from the last entry) provided the team with a cooler full of beverage (wahoo!!) as well as fresh veggies he just picked off the organic farm he works at (you might recall he’s done this before). I picked up scallions, two heads of lettuce and an eggplant! Woot!
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
Handheld nightmode blurryness. Left to right: Cam, MJ, Karen, Darren, Amy, Tom, Rob, Alec and Scotty.
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
Darren looking epic, Tom explains how to catch a disc while holding a beverage, and Danny poses for the camera!
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
Alec, Scotty, Rob, Amy, Darren
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
Alec, Karen, Darren, Danny
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
Tom, MJ, Eric
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
From the cone’s perspective.
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
Alec forces Amy to throw down the sideline, while the rest of the team gets ready to set up into a stack.
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
What a beautiful eggplant! Amy models.
[picture: slackerpractice, nov 18]
“Would you like a piece?”
So definitely a fun night! Now it’s off to make a yummy salad. 🙂 How was your day?


I frequent a Macintosh computer-based IRC channel, #macdev on irc.freenode.net. People go there to get answers to Mac programming questions. While the majority of the (on average) 70 people in the channel are from the United States, it’s pretty global — with folks from Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austrailia, Iceland, Estonia and Belgium.
So on Saturday, when one person mentioned they were in Sarasota, it kinda blew my mind. Furthermore, not only was he in the same city as me, but he knew about the company I worked for and — get this — at his job he prints our user manuals.
Talk about your odd coincidences! So it was decided we’d go for beer. We exchanged photos. Still, I’ve never done anything quite like this — we hadn’t even really chatted before. All I knew was that I’d seen his nickname floating around the channel for a few months.
His name is Eric, and he’s pretty cool. As far as programming goes, his passion is realtime 3D graphics — he’s saving up for a Power Mac G5 to help with that. Longtime Mac users: Remember how MacAmp could basic visualizations? Eric wrote one of the first plugins.
And guess what else? He knows a friend of mine, Scotty. *cue twilight zone music*. Speaking of music, Eric’s pretty big into ambient IDM — Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, FSOL — so am I! And he invited me to a party his friends are performing the 28th. Note to self: get info from him about it.
So yeah… totally weird — but I’m glad I took the chance to go meet him. Seems like a really cool guy. Other than that, worked late Friday, and was in for half a day with Cam on Saturday too. Sunday Ultimate at G.T. Bray, last night Ultimate at USF, and tonight, Ultimate under the lights here in town (Bee Ridge Park). I’m in charge of getting the lights turned on. Never done that before, so it should be interesting. 🙂
And oh yeah — the second Hallowe’en gallery is up (including a trip to “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined” Hooters)! Enjoy!

Fear Factory

It’s late, so this is gonna be quick, but I wanted to say two things. The first is about the previously-viewed Bowling For Columbine DVD I bought two days ago from Blockbuster: tonight I watched both sides of it, and the scuffs I feared would cause a playback problem, didn’t.
The second thing is about the Bowling for Columbine DVD. If you watched this movie in theatres like I did, and haven’t seen the DVD yet, go rent it. The special features are great. Michael Moore returns to Denver/Littleton six months after the release of Bowling, and gave a great speech to a packed house of 6000 about the film, and the intent he had with it. And although the Academy wouldn’t give him the rights to show the footage from the 2002 Oscars, he describes the whole experience to DVD viewers in wonderful detail. In response to the criticism for his non-traditional (some say “inappropriate”) Oscar acceptance speech — where he publicly criticizes president George W. Bush — Michael Moore explains why he thinks his speech was entirely appropriate.
Oh, and there’s a bonus thing, and it’s something I haven’t fully explored yet: you know how DVDs usually have an audio commentary track you can lay over the film while it’s playing? And how those commentaries are typically done by the director, or an actor, or a costume designer, or someone like that? Well, on the DVD for Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore gets the folks on the lowest rungs of the ladder in the film production — the interns, the secretaries, the box-movers — to do the narration. I’ve only listened to about 20 minutes of it so far, but I’m really looking forward hearing the rest. I think a big reason I find the commentary so interesting is because these are people around my age, and — although this may be oversimplifying things — I think most people in my age group feel a degree of apathy about their ability to effect change. I know I’ve been there before. So I’m curious to see if there are hints of that in there. Are you twenty-something? Are you apathetic about politics? Is it just me? What causes violence in America?

Happy Thursday

I’m alive, not to worry! Though I have doubts that Hallowe’en gallery will get posted tonight. Ultimate tonight is versus my team’s arch-rivals, “Dos Manos” (who we beat last year to take the league championship).
Went to the video store last night. I’m kinda disappointed; it doesn’t look like it’ll be possible to catch up on the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer through rentals. Ah well…. I’ll probably end up buying the box sets anyway. 🙂
Also last night, I picked up previously-viewed copies of Bowling for Columbine and Chicago. $20! Hopefully they’re in good condition. I’ve only got 10 days to find out (Blockbuster’s return policy), so I’ll probably be watching them both again soon.
Now, Cam and I off to kick some frisbee butt (hopefully). Wish me luck!

Site Update

So, after a year and a half, I’ve finally put a form of navigation on my blog! See over on the right-hand column, the section labelled “Navigation”?
Well, in there are three fancy-schpants links:

Home takes you back to my main page, http://davin.ws/krishenblog (probably what you’re looking at now); Pictures takes you to my photo gallery, graciously hosted by Davin as a sub-album of his main gallery (hence the “Davin” banner across the top). I assure you though, all the photos there are mine. 🙂 And finally, Contact points you to a page with all sorts of ways to get a hold of me. Hopefully this will help some of you out there.
In other news: I got a new machine at work today, wewt!! Swapped my dual G4-800 for a dual G4-1GHz! I’ve only had a few minutes to play around on it, but it already feels much faster: there is no delay when minimizing large windows into the Dock with the Genie effect (unlike on my previous machine). Nice!
Anyhow, I’ve got a few pics from Hallowe’en night I’ve got to post yet; look for a new gallery in the next day or two 🙂

Review: Chicago and Weekend (Text)

Well just a quickie tonight — watched Chicago tonight at Cam and Melissa’s, what a blast. The plot outline (also from imdb): “Murderesses Velma Kelly (Who blanked out and killed her cheating husband) and Roxie Hart (Who killed her boyfriend in a jealous rage) strive for fame at any costs including scandal and lies in 1920s Chicago.”
Pretty amazing film really. Everything was totally larger-than-life; all the characters bold. Subtle like chainsaw!
Defintely worth the rental.
My weekend (in words):

  • With Darren, Cam, and Melissa, drove downtown to the Hollywood 20 movies theatre complex.
  • Because the box office had been closed for the past hour or so due to a faulty air-conditioner, there was a mad rush to buy tickets when it finally re-opened. In order to guarantee ourselves a spot, Jeff bought a block of tickets for the Matrix, and we paid him later. What did I think? By now, I’m sure you’ve all the reviews, and if you haven’t, let me summarize: most critics think the movie blows, leaving many questions unanswered and creating more of its own. I’m here to say that I think the movie probably *did* answer most of the questions. They’re just not handed to you on a silver platter. But that’s all I’m going to say on the topic for now, since (a) I’m still digesting it all and (b) I know not everyone has seen it.
  • Vodka Melon.
  • Chocolate
  • Choc-Marg-Choc-Jeff
  • Kemp
  • Cam in motion
  • Me
  • Jeff and Margarita
  • Melissa
  • Bailey’s and mint
  • Some sorta mixed-up Jeff margarita.
  • These used to be full
  • Got up, bought lunch and a pair of shorts for less than $10 total at a nearby Super Walmart, and proceeded to throw around a disc with Cam in high winds for extended periods of time.
  • Got home, all I wanted to do was relax — this is my Barq’s.

Pictures from the 2003 UPA Club Ultimate Championships

San Francisco’s Fury celebrates after winning the Women’s Division national championship
So I finally got through captioning all the pics from the 2003 UPA Club Ultimate Championships.. hope it was worth the wait!! I’ve picked out 159 of the best photos. There’s also 4 video clips in there. At this point I’d really like to thank Melissa and Cam for their help taking pics — if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have half the shots you see in the gallery. 🙂
View the 2003 UPA Club Championships Gallery