2003 in Review

January: first trouble with the Altima, start drinking soy milk, impressed with myself for playing Ultimate for two hours in a row, discover chicken chili, Florida freezes.
February: speculate on tendonitis in my left index finger, carry two couches from Simon’s place to mine, hit page 157 in Fast Food Nation, learn how to use macro-zoom feature of my camera, interview Cam, sort out my Canadian tax situation, Cam gets the job, get in sh*t with my camera, HPSN.
March: Cam arrives, spring break, Simon leaves for Winterpeg, get bitten by a cougar, buy a snazzy new watch, ankle trouble.
April: US Navy tries to recruit me, first time in a kayak, break down, Microsoft screws me, spend a lot of time in the PaddyWagon watching Canucks games, see Paul van Dyk.
May: discover Coldplay, get a cable modem, weekend in Savannah.
June: go exploring, discover a nice cafe, renew my visa.
July: mom, dad and Neil arrive in Florida, find shark teeth on the beach, take a trip to east coast of Florida, meet long-lost Greenwell relatives, drive to Miami, family leaves for Trinidad, HeatStroke, family comes back from Trinidad, walk in a space shuttle, win the summer 2003 Ultimate league championship, breakfast by the pool.
August: play in the Hurricane Hat tournament, ice cream at Settimi’s, chair racing, get an iSight, new sun visors and wheel cover for the Altima.
September: see Hybrid in Ybor City, get linked by hybridized.org, lead a renewed push for Ultimate on the beach, get an early look at the Power Mac G5 (which would later became part of the 3rd-fastest super computer in the world), see Timo Maas.
October: Sue2 gets hitched, photogroffee001: grasscore! (also here), watch Buffy Season 4 with Cam and Melissa, chat with Jayne for the first time in a couple years, purchase first digital song (Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy), attend “Night of the Panther”, attend a crazy Hallowe’en party, volunteer at the 2003 UPA Club Ultimate Championships.
November: learn about a scientific alternative to the big bang theory, margaritas at Jeff’s, purchase Chicago and Bowling for Columbine, MJ leads drills at frisbee practice, Stan makes E.R., going-away party for MJ, Turkey Gobbler tournament in Bradenton, American Thanksgiving at John and Ivee’s, watch Russian play “The Competition”.
December: get to know Amy better, learn booking a field with Sarasota Parks and Rec is close to impossible, MJ leaves, trouble with my flatpanel, spend Christmas in Victoria.
Still not finished Fast Food Nation.
2003 wasn’t too bad… seems the older I get, the faster everything goes by. Having a blog sure helps bring back the memories. I hope each of you were blessed with a chance to spend time with your loved ones. May the new year bring you excitement, joy, passion and peace. And lots of it. 🙂

Almost there!

So tonight’s entry was going to be my trip to Victoria for Christmas, but during my post-Ultimate shower, I realized today (was) the 30th. And since tomorrow I wouldn’t have a lot of time to post about it, tonight’s post should be my year in review. Well, I’ve reviewed, and I’ve lots to say… But I’m jetlagged, sleep-deprived and I just finished running for two hours, so I think it’s time to hit the bed. More soon.. sleep (or for those of you in the UK… work?) well!
Update, 8:22am: Add “think I might be coming down with something” to that list.

Back Home

Just got back, shortly after 1:30pm today… the trip went really well, though it was much too short! Photos in the near future; right now, I’ve been invited over to Cam and Melissa‘s for dinner. 🙂
Best wishes to you and yours this fine holiday season.


For the record, the backlight is still dead (but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get it fixed under warranty). As for the warped rim — thank you to everyone for the advice, I’ll probably be getting someone to look at it when I get back. Now that it’s been a couple days, I can tell you there is a faint noise.
In just a few minutes I’ll be hopping in bed for about 4 hours. Almost not worth it, but not quite. Then I’m carpooling up with Tampa with Hugo to catch my 6:50am flight. Wish me luck!

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So my monitor backlight problem came back last night, just as I was sitting down to watch Bruce Almighty (starring Jim Carrey as god). The timing is particularly crummy because I don’t have enough time to drop it off for service before my flight to Victoria early Wednesday morning.
By the way, if you’ve tried to contact me via email in the past two weeks or so and I haven’t written you back, I’m sorry! I’ve been really swamped, I’m going to be trying to write everyone back tonight (but if I don’t, please drop me a line to remind me!). Also tonight: wrapping presents 🙂
Finally, yesterday, I bought my car a Christmas present — a new pair of shoes! The car feels more responsive now…. quieter too.

The sad part was that the mechanic told me my left rear rim is warped, so I’m going to have to get that replaced at some point. Question for my mechanically-inclined readers: the mechanic said it could have been caused by an improperly tightened lugnut, does that make sense?

Return of The King

So a quick update before I hit the ‘ol futon: last night watched Punch-Drunk Love, starring Adam Sandler. What can I say? I really liked this film. An unusual role for Adam Sandler, definitely expanded my view of him as an actor. How’s the film itself? In a word: uplifting. The progression of the story is subtle, not unlike that of a minimal techno track… slow but satisfying.
Saw LOTR: Return of The King tonight. Not having read the books, I can’t offer you any insight on the adaptation (for that, I recommend checking out Neil’s postSarah’s is good for a laugh, too) — but I can tell you it’s my favourite movie of the year. The sheer level of detail put into this film blows my mind. The action sequences were uncompromising. There were several scenes — in particular the boulder catapults — where I found myself cringing in my seat. Incredible stuff.
But it’s so much more than that. LOTR: Return of The King seems to possess a high degree of fidelity: internally consistent and rarely self-conscious. There’s a story to be told, and it will be — length and sore bums be damned. I like that.

Home for Lunch

It’s been a while since I’ve been out with my camera, hence the lack of pics as late. But it’s been so nice out today, it would be greedy for me to keep it all to myself. 😀

Apple and Extended Warranties in Florida

For the past two days, the top half of my 17″ Apple Studio Display has been about half as bright as the bottom.
This isn’t the first time this has happened. Except this time ’round I don’t have to go through the hassle of registering my AppleCare extended warranty — something particularly difficult if you’re an Apple user in Florida (also see here). Thankfully, the Apple phone rep I spoke with back in February was reasonable, and I was able to get the coverage (which I had purchased a year and a half earlier in Washington) activated.
Funnily enough, about 10 minutes ago — when I booted up my browser to post this entry — the display fixed itself. We’ll see how long that lasts… otherwise I’m probably gonna be paying Apple Store International Plaza a visit this weekend.
(Must… resist… iPod…) 🙂

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Pot burner

It’s incredibly windy today, following a pretty wet last night. Not sure what’s up with that.
In other news, I burnt my favorite pot! No, not that kind. Found out last night while on the phone with Jeff:
Living room: BEEP…. BEEP…
Me (on phone): WTF is that? *realizes it’s the smoke detector* Hold on a second.
Me (offscreen): Fcuk!
Suffice to say, dinner was a bit late. I’m so mad!
Plan for tonight: hit up LOTR: The Return of the King. Thanks to Julie for the preview (no spoilers, don’t worry!).

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