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Marketing copy from my bank in Seattle
Just a quick update to bring you up to speed.
Last night I watched (and quite enjoyed) Signs by M. Night Shyamalan, which I borrowed from JeffBuster (a.k.a. Jeff’s shelf) Saturday. It’s obvious Mr. Shyamalan puts quite a bit of thinking into his films before he does them. I was watching the “Making Of” portion of the DVD, and he said it started off small, and that now, before he can convince himself a script is worth considering for production, it has to meet 8 criteria. He didn’t list them all, but some of them include universality and suspense — two qualities which Signs definitely had. Signs was all about faith. And suspense. It had plenty of that. Night cites Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers among his influences. Lovely film. For what it’s worth, I got up from bed and made sure all the doors were locked halfway through. Recommended. With a friend.
Made it an early night after the movie ended — spent all of today (Tuesday) in representing the company by myself in Orlando. I was out of the house for the 2.5 hour drive by 7:20 and made it there with a few minutes to spare. After I got home, I found out there were some, er, differences in opinion about how things went. But I’m pretty happy gaining the experience nonetheless.
Also, tonight was supposed to be the night where we sorted out my Ultimate team’s admin issues, but only 7 (less than half) people showed up, so we couldn’t make any big decisions. This probably had something to do with the large quantities of rain, but so far as I know, no-one’s going to melt, so it’s not really a good excuse. So I’ve sent out the minutes to our email listserv, and stated we’ll take a vote on a few issues next week — attendance is mandatory!
And now, I eat.
Update, 1:09am: I am done eating! And I keep forgetting to do this, but I had better before it’s totally useless. Wondering what to get me for Christmas? Well, ponder no longer — check out my almost-all-new 2003 wishlist! It’s not finished yet, but if you’re looking for ideas, check it out. It’s all there, with representatives from all the price ranges… 😉

The Big Lemon

Tonight, I thought I’d share some of the more interesting pics from the past few days.
1. The Big Lemon

Cellophane box and nickel shown for scale. This giant lemon came from the back yard of John, our hardware test engineer. Made some damn good lemonade on Sunday. 🙂
2. Science is Culture

Remember me going on about String Theory? Remember how I participated in an online chat, after the TV show ended? Well, during that online chat, they were giving away a free issue of SEED magazine, covering string theory and other interesting developments in science. Arrived Saturday, can’t wait to read it. (Address modified to protect the innocent.)
3. Jeff Lights

Ho ho ho! Saturday night, lights at Jeff’s apartment complex.
4. Healthcare America

Like a mall, except, just for doctors. Probably pretty busy too, given the recent flu epidemic round here.
5. Quebec Caravan

The tourists are coming, the tourists are coming! Between December to April, car volume in Sarasota/Bradenton rises dramatically.
6. Barstools

Picked these guys up last night for my kitchen bar. Now, to get some of those /other/ bar necessities. 🙂

Update Your Bookmarks

Like some kind of phoenix, the old domain this blog used to be on, “davin.dhs.org”, has risen from the ashes. A note from Darryl (Dassa) Lynch (in charge of all dhs.org hostnames):
[11/12/2003 19:15 AuEST]
Due to my ill health, processing and reactivation of accounts with late payments was going slowly and we decided to reactivate all accounts until such time as the processing of the late payments can be caught up with. Account information displayed in the Members area will not show the correct renewal dates until such time as we have processed all the late payments. We apologise for the delays but it was beyond our control.

I know there are some of you out there still using the old address, SOooooooooooo…. one last time….. UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS!
My correct address is http://davin.ws/krishenblog.


Click for a bigger image.
So we lost on Thursday. 🙁 But, the game was good, I can say we definitely gave ‘er. Scoring went as follows: achieved an early 4-1 lead over the Ducks, but faltered and they scored 5 in a row, putting them into a 6-4 lead. We’d score to bring it within one, but the Ducks would score three more times, bringing us to an 8-5 halftime. Our second half is traditionally stronger when we play the Ducks, and after regrouping with a quiet cheer of “focus”, some stellar defensive plays brought us back into the game, tying it up at 10-10.

Amy guards against Molly. The Slackers wore dark blue, the Ducks, a bright, teal-y blue, though it’s hard to tell here.
The Ducks would score the next two points, after which we came back with two of our own. Tie game, 12-12.
But the Ducks would score the next three to finish up the game. It was all over in about 70 minutes — nowhere close to the 2-hour limit.
The game was not without its drama. Aside from the usual foul/contest, in a small number of cases, the Ducks showed poor spirit (for example, throwing the disc 100-feet straight up into the air and warping it by allowing it to land on its side). This was particularly ungood, since they were playing with my disc. I told them to not do that, and the response I got from one of the sidelined players for their team was “at least he didn’t spike it.” I hardly see the difference.
In another case, while on defense I nearly intercepted the disc, and although I had a much better position on the disc, the opposition got his hand in on the disc too. It was a tie, and in this case, the 10th edition rules state that possesion goes to the player on offense, so I gave up the disc. It wasn’t until after the next point I realized the other player’s nails must have clipped my wrist.
In any event, aside from these small incidents, the game was well played. Our short passes were connecting. The other team definitely recognized this. At one point about midway through the game, I overheard the Ducks strategizing, and their captain was expressing dismay at how many of the short passes we were completing. And I think our intensity on defense paid off: according to one of their players, by half-way through the game, they were scared we’d break their season-long undefeated streak.
So while I’m disappointed we didn’t win, all things consider I’m happy how it turned out. The Sarasota Slackers have some team issues to work out for next season, such as how to give a fair amount of play time to each player. This issue is complex because not everyone can commit the same amount of time toward the game, and there is a split on the team between wanting to play mostly for fun, or competitively (also fun, I should point out). We are going to try and sort through some of this at our next meeting on Tuesday. I’ve been in this boat before, so I will try and bring some of that experience with me.
Tonight, it’s off to Jeff’s with Cam, Melissa and Kai (the newest member of the software team at work) to check out his new 36″ Sony Wega! Should be nifty.
How’s your weekend been?


So the initial reviews are in, and it looks like the product Cam and I worked on over on the weekend is being met with positivity! Yeah! This is due in no small part due to Jeff, our all-star bug discoverer. At one point on Monday night, he unearthed an insane 10 bugs in the space of an hour. Very cool.
Our managers ordered all three of us to go home at 3pm yesterday. 🙂 Cam and I are also going to be getting two days off. This works out well, since I’m already using them to go to Victoria. 😉
Tomorrow night is the championship game for my Ultimate team, the Sarasota Slackers. We’re up for the season title against the undefeated “Ducks”. We’ve played them twice, and lost twice: one was a blowout, the other, not so much — but I still think we have a decent chance. The Ducks aren’t disciplined about their play. While I wouldn’t exactly call the Slackers disciplined either, we’ve certainly practiced a few times (according to my sources, the Ducks have never practiced, not even once.) Whereas the Ducks have a few great athletes, I think we’re a better team across the board — everyone has a good grasp of the core concepts of the game, including spirit.
Tomorrow night is also the company holiday party. It’s at the exact same time as the Ultimate finals. I went last year and it was a blast. Great food, free booze, good people. Plus, it was a rare opportunity to meet the family of the folk I worked with every day. All this, and there was a draw where one of my coworkers won an iPod. Not a bad deal. It’s also been said that the higher-ups take a mental note of who does and does not show up to these events.
There is no opportunity to attend both events, as they occur at pretty much the same time.
So what to do? What would you do?

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Long day #3

Whew, glad that’s over.
That was one freakin long day. Work from 8:30-noon, a working lunch from noon to 12:45pm, and back at work again from 12:45-2:15. And no break for dinner either. Yeah. I’ve worked 37 hours since Friday. Thankfully I wasn’t alone; both Jeff and Cam were along for the ride tonight, too.
A couple of unresolved questions remain, but I think *knock on wood* we’re almost done. Yeah!!

Coming Home

If the 16 of you who have hit this page in the last 24 hours are wondering what’s happened to me, well, yeah, good question. I think there’s some kind of blog flu going around these days, plenty contagious. 🙂 For me it’s been a combination of that, and well, getting really busy.
Lots of news since we last spoke. First the two big ‘uns:
(1) On Thursday, my Ultimate Frisbee team squeaked a narrow victory against Dos Manos (15-13) to advance to league finals! Woohoo! Here’s hoping we make it two in a row — “start a legacy” as Jeff puts it.
(2) I’m coming home for Christmas! I arrive in Victoria Wednesday, Dec 24th, around 4:30pm, and leave Sunday, Dec 28th at 7:30pm. I know it’s not very much time, but if you’re in Vic and would like to see me, please please get in touch. I want to see you (probably 🙂
Little stuff:
My server logs tell me that my previous entry, about Sarasota Parks and Rec messing up the field bookings, was emailed around the offices at Sarasota Parks and Rec. Hmm….
It’s been a movie-night kinda week. Wednesday, watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? at Amy’s place with Darren. I quite enjoyed it, well done. In particular, if the scoring of the movie is any indication (you never know these days) I bet the soundtrack is great. Friday, MJ, Melissa, Darren, and I watched the French thriller La Femme Nikita. It was okay, but at times the storytelling could really use some help. I can remember at least three separate instances in the film where rather than working it into the film somehow, the producers of the film chose to show the passage of time by having the characters ask really out-of-place questions, such as (in a scene immediately after we discover our protagonist has a boyfriend): “We’ve been dating six months now.”… “It’s my 23rd birthday coming up soon”, which following a scene where the protagonist tells us she’ll be turning 20 in a few days. And so forth. Now, to be fair, we were watching an old VHS copy which was not subtitled but dubbed, so something could have been lost in the translation. Still fun film, but The Professional is a much better offering from the same director. And last night it was a bit of The Princess Bride before I inconceivably had to run off.
Speaking of work, I logged 20 hours over the weekend. We’ve got a big deadline coming up in the next few days. Just a hunch right now, but I think this might be related (Thanks to Cam for pointing out the link.)
Somehow during this weekend I also managed to get in some disc golf with Amy, MJ and Melissa; we got through 6 holes before it got too dark to play. Highlights include Amy sinking a 100-ft putt in heavy wind, and getting given a disc golf driver and putter. Nice!
Last night was a lot of fun, because after an excellent meal at Cam and Melissa’s, I met up with a bunch of folks at the Cock & Bull Pub to help Alec celebrate his 24th birthday. I gave him the Farricker Spirit disc I picked up last year; I think he’s been an excellent role model for all of us on the Slackers — competitive and fair at the same time; a good teacher.
Last night was also sad, because it was the last time we’d get to hang out with MJ. I think everyone on the Slackers is going to miss her. Even though she was only with us for four short months, she was a unifying force, bringing us all back together as a team when we drifted apart, whatever the reason. And just a plain hell of a lot of fun to hang out with.

MJ, if you’re reading this, I hope the trip to Colorado went well. I have trouble driving the three hours it takes to get to Orlando, let alone 24 straight! Write soon!

Sarasota Parks and Rec Messes Up.. Again

I am royally peeved. Remember what happened three weeks ago, the last time I tried to book practice under the lights? That’s right… Sarasota Parks and Rec double-booked the field. Well guess what?
Somehow, between last night and this evening, they managed to find a way to do it again. After arriving at the fields at 6pm, I paid field-booking-guy Cliff for the time under the lights and went out to set up the field. After twenty minutes, a softball player arrived, and while there was a minor dispute in the office, Cliff assured me that we could go ahead and play on the field, since it was his belief that softball was there tonight in error. So I went back on the field, expecting it to start clearing out. Moments later, some of the softball players — who, until this point, had been milling around the dugouts — warned us to get off the field (which we’d already lined with cones), because they were “starting, like it or not.” Said one loud-mouthed brat: “We just don’t want you getting smacked in the face with a ball.”
Even though I had just paid for the fields, at this point Cliff walks out from the office and gives the fields away to the softball players because (and this is best explanation I could get from him) “they’re big bullies”.
Suffice to say, I got our money back. Problem is, the first game of our (single-elimination) playoffs is in two days, and because of this mismanagement, we haven’t been able to practice in three weeks. We really needed to practice tonight. In an attempt to make it up to us, Cliff offered us the remaining Tuesdays in December for free (though it remains to be seen if he can avoid scheduling someone else in our timeslot, or if he even had the authority to give us this offer in the first place). Extra sucky tidbit: MJ leaves us for Colorado on Dec 7th, :(… so she won’t even be around.
Now the plan is to show up an hour early on Thursday to get a little throwing in. Augh.. Oh well. We made the best of a crummy night tonight by going to Crusty’s, a pizza joint I’ve never been to. The pizza was okay (I’ve had better), but I’d definitely recommend against their nachos (which Alec had, and which were pretty impressively bad — a basket nearly filled with completely broken chips).
At least the company was good. 🙂

Alec and Me

Eric looking into space, Darren looking… well… I have no idea 🙂

Amy gets fresh!

Blah!! and Disc Golf

I just worked one of the most mentally tiring days ever. Documentation. All. Day. Long. Of the real hit-your-head-against-the-wall boring type. Someone shoot me! Please!
On the up side, the four day weekend just-ended was just-what-I-needed. Amy and I turned a failed practice into an opportunity to explore the nearby forest by playing our own version of disc golf.
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
Trying to sneak my disc around a tree.
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
Amy throws a blade (vertical throw)
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
Showing off her number-one fan
I decided to try out the “burst” mode of my camera, which allows me to hold down the shutter to take shots in rapid succession. I think it worked pretty well.
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
We threw the black disc to determine the target for each hole. Here, I’m about to throw a no-looker…. behind my back!
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
[picture: me and amy at disc golf, nov 29, 2003]
Amy got within a couple inches on her first shot!
We played for a good hour and a bit. Quite fun! If you’ve got a a forest, a friend, and three frisbees (of any type) lying around, I definitely recommend it.
Anyhow, off to make dinner — how was your Monday?