The results!

Wahahaha…. thanks for all the great guesses everyone! and now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for… *drum roll noises* and the winner is…. Zameer! congratulations zameer, you’ve just won a fabulous postcard from New Orleans! I assume your mailing address is up to date?
By the way, you’re all entitled to a postcard — assuming you can get me your address in time (I leave in 4 hours); either leave it here, or send it along via email, and I’ll get a card to ya lickity split 😀
I get back Sunday noon — hopefully with a few more stories to tell. See you all soon, have a great weekend! 🙂

“Techno” night at local pub

Wow, what can I say? It’s a red letter day. I found a tiny little bar with a weekly “techno” night, just a few minutes from my house! Crazy! Sarasota has now officially graduated from “town” to “city”. In my head anyhow. It was Florida breakbeat with some regular breaks thrown in there for good measure. Not bad! According to the bar staff, the night has been going on for a month and a half, and has had moderate attendance. Woo! Hmm, it’s definitely not coming through in the writing, but just trust me when I say this makes me really happy. Yeah!

Place your bet

So yesterday I decided to run a little experiment. I all but cleared out Kash n Karry of their remaining iTunes-enabled Sierra Mist bottles.
As you can see, the odds of a winning bottle are one in three, and there are six bottles. I’ve opened four so far, and I should have them all opened by some point tomorrow.
My question to you: how many winning bottles do you think I’ll end up with? First person to nail it gets a prize (which I’m still thinking of).

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Earth Day 2004

Well, my adventure this morning was the result of a confluence of a few events. First, Adrian got me thinking (global impact), then Sarah set a good example (local action), then Julie kept me thinking (raising awareness). And then I heard about this (event) while listening to this (community radio) and that was that. I was in.
Cleaning up a beach is just a really, really good idea. We’re all on this chunk of rock together, right? Maybe it’s time we think about how to share it.
Stump Pass is about 40 minutes south of Sarasota, at the southern tip of Manasota Key. I arrived a few minutes after 9am, registered (wrote my name on a nametag), was handed a t-shirt, a pair of gloves, a garbage bag, a bottle of ice-water and shooed on my way. Had a great time walking the trails and wandering the brush — took me back to my ecology days at school. Met some very nice people too. And there was food afterwards, which I wasn’t expecting — courtesy the Englewood United Methodist Church. Definitely doing it again next year.
The stats: 1 mile of shore, ~30 volunteers, 3 hours, 200 pounds of beer bottles, pop cans, plastic and all sorts of other junk that has no place on a beach.
Guess what the most-common piece of trash was?


Made jerk-chicken fajitas tonight! Yay. Sooo good. And enough for lunch and dinner tomorrow, too. Now it’s to the shower to wash off the chlorine (it can’t be good for the skin.)
Ah, the trials and tribulations of hitting the hot tub. 😀


It’s Tuesday. Or it was, rather. Which means I should have had a lot of junkmail in my snailbox… but I didn’t. Could it be related to skipping Ultimate practice tonight with Darren and Cam to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Ottawa Senators in Game 7? (The Leafs walked all over the Sens.)
Tomorrow night will be the first in a week where I haven’t actually watched hockey. What to do!?

Vancouver eliminated

🙁 🙁 🙁
I can’t remember a more tense game. Such incredible highs and low lows — when Matt Cooke scored the tying goal for Vancouver with 5.7 seconds left in the 3rd period, I thought I was going to die. And when Martin Gelinas scored the winning goal for Calgary just 1:25 into overtime, it was like the world stopped rotating and I was watching everything slide by. Kinda like what I imagine being in a car-wreck feels like. Flip, flip, flip, except without a thud at the end. In its place, was a big nothing. I just stared at the screen, not believing what had just happened, even though I saw it perfectly well.
Ack. Don’t think the sleep thing is going to work very well tonight.

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Sunday, Sunday, Someday

Fun day today — got up around noon again, checked a few blogs, read some email, played Ultimate from 3-5:30pm (carpooled up with Darren and Cam), bought some housey supplies at Target and then it was over to Darren’s to watch the Leafs kick some Senator butt. Which didn’t happen (the Sens took the game 2-1 in double overtime), but the pizza and beer was good, as was the company of Greg, Cam and Lisa.
Now it’s to bed in an attempt to restore my sleep schedule to something sane. We’ll find out tomorrow morning I guess 😉

Hockey Night in Sarasota

Hooo-whee! What a nail biter!! “What’s that?”, you ask? Well, the Canucks-Flames game of course. For those who haven’t been keeping track, tonight was game six in the best-of-seven series, which the Flames were leading 3-2.
The game went like this*:
End of First Period: No score.
End Second: Canucks up 4-1.
End Third: Tie game, 4-4.
Into overtime we go!
End First Overtime: Tie game, 4-4.
And — you see — since this is playoff hockey, they just keep right on playing if it’s tied at the end of the first overtime. So, on we went to the second overtime:
End Second Overtime: Tie game, 4-4.
On started the third overtime. Finally, 2:28 into the period, Brendan Morrison scored a beautiful goal to win the game and force the series back to Vancouver for what will unquestionably be a stressful final game Monday night.
I had the most spectacularly lazy day today. Part of this was propagated by going out to the Daiquiri Deck last night with Cam, Darren and Lisa. Lisa works for the newspaper that ran the article on Ultimate Frisbee a couple months back. She came out with the article writer and has recently regained interested in the sport; she came out Sunday, Tuesday and as well to our game on Thursday, too. There were people within +/-10 years of my age at the ‘Deck, which was good (a nice change of pace from the other two bars we thought of going to: “The Tasting Room” and “The Five O’Clock Club”, both of which appear to cater to the 40-50 year-old crowd.) Expensive drinks though — my tiny plastic-cup Electric Lemonade was $6.50. We drank slowly.
Before going to bed I made grand plans to clean up the house this morning. Of course that didn’t happen… entirely, anyhow. Instead, I slept until noon, and used a large chunk of the afternoon to create a hockey CD:
1 – Molson Hockey Night in Canada – CBC – 0:33
2 – ‘O Canada – Celine Dion – 1:32
3 – The Hockey Song – Molson Canadian – 0:50
4 – Good ol Hockey Game – Stompin’ Tom Connors – 2:11
5 – Hockey Song – Unknown – 0:38
6 – I Play Hockey – Don Cherry – 3:29
7 – Hockey Rap – Barenaked Ladies – 1:20
8 – Easy Chair Hockey Love – Mitch Hedberg – 0:59
9 – Hockey Editorial – Bob and Doug McKenzie – 2:28
10 – Song Two – Blur – 2:01
11 – Match De Hockey – Francois Perusse – 1:25
12 – Hit Somebody – Warren Zevon – 5:27
13 – I Am From Saskatchewan – Unknown – 1:43
14 – National Hockey Night Theme – ESPN – 1:00
15 – I Am Torontonian – Unknown – 1:08
16 – Me Like Hockey – Arrogant Worms – 1:59
17 – I am not Canadian (Quebecois rant) – Unknown – 1:40
18 – Coach’s Corner – CBC – 0:25
19 – Rock’em Sock’em Techno – Don Cherry & BKS – 2:42
20 – Hockey Song – Tragically Hip – 3:54
21 – Oilers Theme Song – Edmonton Oilers – 1:40
22 – Hockey Dad (Red Wings) – Esham – 2:23
23 – The Cup Will Never Go To Ottawa – Team 1200 – 2:43
24 – Joe Bowen Rap (Maple Leafs) – Young Offender – 2:51
25 – It’s Called The Todd Bertuzzi – Unknown – 2:42
26 – Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team – 4:56
27 – Danielle (She Don’t Care About Hockey) – Hanson Brothers – 3:22
28 – The Chance May Never Come Again – Playoff Music – CBC – 1:47
29 – I Wanna Drive the Zamboni – Gear Daddies – 2:38
30 – Old Canucks Advert – Vancouver Canucks – 0:40
31 – Change The World With My Hockey Stick – The Vandals – 2:23
32 – Homer’s Beer Song – The Simpsons – 0:33
33 – We Will Rock You – Queen – 2:18
34 – Bure Game 7 Winner – CBC – 0:36
35 – Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey – Steam – 4:12
36 – Hockey Night in Canada (Original) – CBC – 0:33
73 minutes of puck-shootin’ bliss! Seek these gems out on your local filesharing service. I’m really looking foward to the next few days; talk about your hockey hysteria. Tomorrow, it’s Toronto Maple Leafs-Ottawa Senators in Game 6 (the Leafs lead the series 3-2); Monday, the final Canucks-Flames game; then Tuesday Game 7 of Leafs-Senators. Hopefully no more of them go into a sixth period like tonight — I’m not sure my stomach can handle the drama.
* I’m kinda tired, large salt grain recommended