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[Note: I ran into Hilary on MSN Messenger this morning and asked if she’d like to do a guest entry on my blog. I’d barely finished asking my question before she’d said “Yes!”. Minor formatting changes but otherwise everything’s hers (including the photo)! — Krishen]

as i sit in the computer loft of my townhouse that i rent i see big white fluffy clouds, the sun and some great trees. it amazes me how beautiful the world can be.
for those of you that don’t know me – I’m Hilary -Krishen’s friend from a previous ultimate team in Victoria. I’m also a recent graduate of the University of Victoria with a BSc in Geography and a Minor in Environmental Studies. Aside from that I work as a supervisor at Zap! Copy in the Student Union Building. So that’s what i do and have done. The real me can be described by my name “Hilary- from the Latin hilarius meaning cheerful. Blessed with a willing and happy nature, one of life’s natural givers. A great planner & builder of dreams, purposeful & successful.” I also have a fabulous boyfriend -Brian Spahn -who makes me smile as much as possible. Everyone should have someone who can do that.
Today is an odd day for me as i’m working a short shift from 3-7pm. I’m normally an early bird so this is very odd and i don’t really know what to do with myself for the morning. I’ve prepared dinner – just needs cooking – oh yeah i love to cook. Aside from that it’s a beautiful day and i intend to enjoy it somehow.. maybe i’ll go read my book (Birds, Beasts and Relatives by Gerald Durrell) in the sun or something.
Now for some advice b/c i could really use some. My gripes in life right now are two not so nice co-workers.
They are very intelligent and always right, especially when you don’t want them to be. When they’re happy they’re great to be around. When they’re not or they have something against you for the moment- stay away. or so it seems. I’ve been trying to be nice and chatty and whatnot but no matter what i seem to do around them they still seem grumpy and give me this air of “go away loser”. I’ve finally come to terms with it and have decided that fine if they want to be that way so be it – i’ll just ignore them as they do to me. That is follow the rule: do to others as you’d have them do to you. So if you can offer any advice or experience post or pass to krishen who’ll pass it on to me.
Oops i kinda wrote a lot. Well i hope you’ve enjoyed meeting me or at least reading this little guest blog. Hope you have a great day, evening or whatever time of day it is.
now to end with a quote (from radio42.com) “Life on earth may be expensive but it does include an annual free trip around the sun!”
Update, 12:33pm: Hil wanted to put up a song with this post too — enjoy!


Guess what?!
No, I’m not coming over to give you cookies. Forget it!
I’m going to New Orleans at the end of April! Eric and Sonia and Gustafson invited me along. There’s supposed to be some kind of jazz fest thingy going on. Cool! But what I’m most excited about is just going there, seeing all the history and indulging in the food, which is supposed to be something else.
Anyone ever been?

Better days

Wow — I’ve definitely had better evenings. Spent tonight doing my US taxes and listening to the Canucks get slaughtered like so many cattle in Calgary: losing 4-0 and tying the series at 2-2. And I owe money!
Okay, I take that back; the evening wasn’t all bad — started off by having Ultimate practice with 11 other folks in super-windy conditions. It was a ton of fun, really tested one’s ability to handle the disc properly; loads of turnovers.
There’s even a shimmer of goodness about my US taxes — I filed AND completed them for free! This was made possible by TaxAct, a tax-software company which upsells their free customers while they’re doing their taxes to get them to buy their deluxe package. But that’s mostly useful if you’ve got a complicated tax situation, and I think I might possibly have the simplest return ever. Though I’ll have to increase my federal wage withholdings during 2004 — I can’t stand owing money at the end of the year. Federal because there’s no state income tax for Florida. Woot some more! 🙂
Today’s pic was taken at lunch while I was walking across the boardwalk to the apartment complex’s clubhouse. The turtles all-come-a-runnin whenever anyone steps on it — they know it’s very possible they’ll be getting fed. I don’t want to encourage this kind of behaviour, so I didn’t give them anything (I had nothing on me 😉

Happy Easter!

Pictures from last weekend are up! Click on the thumbnail to visit a brand-new, extensively commented gallery featuring 81 of the best shots from Hil and Bri’s short-but-sweet stay.
Had quite the long weekend — starting with disc golf in St Pete with Helen and her coworker Chris on Friday, followed by an evening of watching the Canucks play the Flames over at the Paddywagon with Cam and Darren. Had a lengthy chat with Jim after I got home, taking me right up until 4am. Spent Saturday morning sleeping in, then it was over to Darren’s to watch the last bit of Game 2 of the IslandersLightning series. Immediately after that, met up with Eric G and headed up to St. Pete for a great Easter BBQ at John and Ivee’s place. Cam wrote up a bit on the evening; I managed to get in a few shots before my battery ran out, too. It was a good time; we emptied a keg of Guinness! And I got to see a few faces I hadn’t seen for a good half year, as well a few I’d seen more recently. And today I posted photos from the Easter BBQ, took in a round of disc golf with Amy and Erik (which wasn’t without its drama: Amy nearly lost her sunglasses!), played Ultimate for a grueling three high-humidity hours (I went through an entire 1.5L bottle of Gatorade), and immediately went over to Jeff’s with Cam, Kemp and Kai for another installment of his now-famous BBQ cookouts. Good ol’ fashioned comfort food. After Jeff was finished (took repeated mentions of “I’m really full Jeff!”) I could barely move.
I had:
-500 ml bottle of gatorade ice
-corn chips and cheese dip
-shrimp and dip
-green salad and sesame oil/ginger dressing
-pep and cheese rip and dip
-two “dirty girl scouts” (mint-cream shots, Jeff’s creation I think)
-cheese brat and bun
-k&k brat and bun
We watched two movies — Swat (so-so) and The Rundown (fun!), starring The Rock — while we ate, which was really nice viewing on his new TV and still-great stereo. Thanks again Jeff for the great evening.
And with that, I’m hitting the hay — it’s waaaay past my bedtime.

Good Friday

Wow, it’s a new day here in Sarasota. Good Friday. I can tell you it’s definitely a good because I have the day off.
Plans: 1 pm, disc golf at Maximo Park, movie at Cam’s, then “dancing” or somesuch thing. 🙂 We’ll see. Last time I didn’t fare so well. 😀
I should be getting pictures from Hil and Bri’s trip up in the next day or two, watch this spot!

Well hullo there

So I dropped off Hil and Bri at the airport this morning (so they could rent a car to drive to Disneyworld); spending the weekend with them was superb. Judging by the massive sunburn on my back it kinda feels like I took a vacation with them. 🙂
For the record, we were rear-ended at a crosswalk on the way to the beach Saturday. Thankfully no-one was hurt, save my poor little Altima (which sustained major injuries to the rear bumper). This being the first accident I’ve been in where I actually owned the car, I’m learning a few things. Like (a) it would be handy to have a cell phone when you’re in an accident. Makes calling the cops easier. (b) Call the cops. Even though it didn’t seem to matter this time around, it’s a Really Good Idea, as my insurance agent pointed out to me. (c) Get the names and addresses & phone numbers of all witnesses. I got the name and phone # of the driver, but forgot to ask for the full contact info of the passenger. Worked out okay in the end, since I ended up calling the guy who hit me anyhow to ask him to confirm his insurance company (d) Be sure to ask for a rental car! If you don’t, they’re not going to offer you one, but you are entitled to it. So yeah. Now I’ve just got to find a State Farm authorized repair center, which according to the State Farm rep I spoke to should guarantee that I’ll get genuine Nissan “recycled parts”.
But I wasn’t about to let that ruin our day, so we ended up going to the beach after all. 🙂 For the weekend, we made it out to Myakka State Park, St. Armand’s Circle, Lido Key, Ken Thompson Park, Old Salty Dog, drove up Lido and Longboat keys, watched the sun set and saw the drum circle/fire dancers at Siesta Key, went to a housewarming party at Cam and Melissa’s new place (across the hall from their old), and got charred to a crisp while looking for shark’s teeth at the beach in Venice. Good times, good times 🙂
I’ve made progress on the San Antonio pics, but they’re not quite ready to post and it’s way past my bedtime, so it looks like they’ll have to wait a little bit longer. :/ Sleep tight!

I’m back

Just a quick post to let you know I made it back to Sarasota alive and well. The trip went well — I intend to get a post up about it in the next few days (I’ve got tons of pics!), but for the time being I’ve got guests in town. Tomorrow afternoon I’m meeting Hilary and Brian in Tampa. They just graduated from UVic, so they’ve come down to Florida to celebrate — and they’re stopping by my place. How cool is that?
Tonight I played Ultimate for the first time in 2.5 weeks (normally I play 3x/week) — and god was I ever a ton of bricks out there on the field. Got a couple good throws though, and we won, too (how about ‘dem apples?)
Anyhow tomorrow morning I shall be scrambling to make my hovel of an apartment presentable; it’s been a while since I last had anyone over. Now more than ever I’m noting how small my place is. Feels like I’m constantly without a place for things. Some of it’s easily fixable (e.g. buying more hangers for the closet); some of it not so much (finding a spot for the dinner table). Think I’ll be changing apartments come this June.
Hope you’ve had a good day!