Back from Savannah

Hey… just wanted to let you all know I made it back, safe and sound. Write-up to follow, just as soon as I get everything off the memory cards. Let’s just say I’m having trouble walking (nothing too serious, not to worry 🙂


So Cam and I are now officially on the “confirmed” list, whew, that’s a load off my shoulders.
Here’s a high level overview of what the drive tomorrow (er, technically, this) evening and the morning after will look like:

I’m thinking we’ll be splitting the trip into two segments and staying the night in Jacksonville. Still have to find a place, but Jax is a big enough city… shouldn’t be too hard.
Got my hair chopped today, woohoo 🙂 It’s a good thing too, because the forecast calls for 95 and 93 degrees on Sat and Sun respectively. Ack!!


Had the most unusual morning today. I went to bed just before midnight last night… right after my post, actually (that’s early for me; usually I’m in bed no sooner than 12:30/1) — and in the morning, two odd things happened:

  1. I was facing the opposite direction from normal.
  2. It was 5:30, and I felt incredibly well-rested. But I went back to sleep, because, geez, even /if/ I’m well-rested, it doesn’t mean I should be awake. So back to sleep I went. And woke up at what I thought was 6:45 — because, well, it must be… I felt even better rested than before — but it was only 6:15. And so this cycle continued until it was 6:40, at which point I got up.
I honestly have no idea why I was the opposite direction from normal. That baffles me. I have a futon. It’s not exactly as though I could have rotated. Which leaves sleepwalking as a possibility, I suppose.
But if I were sleepwalking, I’m not sure I would have felt so well-rested. The well-rested bit, I have a theory about that. Any day I go running (or play Ultimate, which is essentially fun running), I always sleep soundly. Thing is, it’s usually so soundly I sleep right through my alarm. But not this morning, where I woke up a good three or four times before it went off at 7 (by which point I’d already showered and shaved).
In any case, I took advantage of the situation and had a good breakfast, washed some dishes, and even had some of the tea Hilary and Brian brought for me from Victoria when they came to visit. Mmmmm.

I am sure you are all wondering how that epic bug battle is going. Well, I was up to a few other things too today, but let’s just say the root cause may be quite a bit deeper than any of us thought. So yeah, the bug is still at large, and there’s a couple new ones that have cropped up in the meantime. Great.
Ah well! You all remember I’m going to Savannah this weekend, right? That’s kinda exciting. I still have to confirm that my registration actually got there intact (I’m really hoping the postal worker sealed the envelope for me). That’ll be an email I’ll have to send tomorrow I guess! Also tomorrow: figure out a place to stay in Jacksonville Friday night, print maps etc. This is gonna be fun 🙂
Now… if you’ve got some extra time: how many petals are around the rose?


Ultimate practice (or shall I say “pickup”?) was good tonight — cut it a half-hour short to watch Calgary-Tampa Game 1. I predicted Calgary would win 4-3; they ended up handily taking it 4-1, so I was half right! 😀
Oh to be in Calgary right now (17th street in particular). Seriously though, it’s almost like the C on the Flames jersey stands for Canada, what with it being 10-ish years since a Canadian team last made it to the cup finals. The ESPN commentator tonight even said there were Oilers fans cheering on Calgary. Crazy.
Got in a massive fight with a (code) bug today. I thought I had quashed it, but it reared its big ugly head just when I went to demo my fix to Cam at 2pm. Spent the rest of the day trying to isolate the problem, didn’t have it working by the end of the day. Guh. Tomorrow!
How was every-yalls Tuesday?

Ale House Rock

Florida grass
Ah yes, the weekend. Well, Tampa-Philly was one helluva game. Respect to all the Philly fans out there. There was a bit of a mixup on the venue that night; Cam, Ron and Melissa ended up at the Ale House; myself, Eric J, Sonia, Greg, and Jeff also ended up at the Ale House. Except we couldn’t find each other, because, well… we were in different cities. Cam and crew ended up driving up to meet us during the second period, which was super cool. Next time, we should specify the city, how ’bout that? 🙂
Sunday was good, though I ended up waking around noon! I had a late night chatting with Dad and a couple friends, guess sleep deprivation finally caught me.. Then Cam and I carpooled the 20 miles to GT Bray for the usual 3pm pickup Ultimate game. We were joined by some kids who play at Lakewood Ranch — can they ever run and jump!
Anyhow, my eyelids seem to be getting very very very heavy. Ack.

Still possible to redeem iTunes-Pepsi promotion credits?

Well, I was going to tell you about my weekend, but I just received a very unusual email from Apple.
For those of you in the US: did the deadline for redeeming credits from the Pepsi-iTunes promotion get extended or something? I just received a receipt for three songs I bought on a whim last night (for the curious: Ween – Zoloft, Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It, Information Society – Tell Me What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)) — and I fully expected a receipt for $2.97. Instead, I got this. Only the last track there — the one labelled “$0.00” — was part of the “free-song-of-the-week” promotion which is currently running. The ones labelled “Free”? They’re definitely not listed free in the iTunes Music Store. Not that I’m complaining or anything. 🙂

Cited for using a DJ

From this morning’s paper. Residents who live near a Siesta Key nightclub say the establishment and its patrons are making too much noise. According to the bar owner, the sound level hasn’t changed much at all recently, so what’s with the charges all of a sudden? According to officials, the rules have been there for at least a year, but they hadn’t enforced them until now. Well that’s just great. I’m very curious to see how this plays out. There seems to be a vendetta in this city against live music. As soon as something interesting comes along, it’s quashed. No wonder so few young people stick around.
So I took the car into the shop this morning for a plain old tune-up, and well, guess what? My front brakes were down to metal on metal. This is somewhat infuriating, since the last time I went in to this same place to get the oil changed, I asked about my brakes and was told they were fine. Apparently not! Anyhow, because of the seriousness of the problem, I got the extra work done there on the spot. Two new rotors and brake pads to go with them. Ack. That was a little more than I was expecting to spend. Methinks I’ll be looking for a new auto shop soon.
Ah well. On the plus side the acceleration is smoother, quieter and more powerful than I can ever remember it being — perhaps it’s the new GTK plugs? 🙂
The plan tonight is to watch Game 7 of the Philly-Tampa hockey series — the winner goes on to play Calgary in the Stanley Cup, woot. Should be fun, a big group of us are planning to be at a local pub at 6:45 so we’re on time to catch the 7pm puck drop. A bit of drama: Cam’s wife Melissa is a big Calgary fan and pretty clearly most people here are rooting for Tampa. So it’s gonna be mighty interesting around here if Tampa wins. I’m just happy there’s a Canadian team in contention for the cup! How long has it been? 10 years? Something ridiculous like that.
Following Davin’s post about massive airlines… it’s time to visit the DOCTA! (the last track on Freaky Flow and MC Flipside’s great drum and bass album, Keep it Live, recorded, well — live — in Toronto).

Hello weekend!

9am Sat: take the Altima in for a tune up
noon-midnight: no plans
9am-3pm Sun: no plans
3pm-6pm: Ultimate
6pm-midnight: no plans
Woot! A weekend ripe for planning! I’m going to see if I can meet up with Amy — seems like every time we try something comes up.
As for now, it’s over to The Old Salty Dog on Lido Key to have a bite, drink and watch the sun go down on the water with Cam, Melissa, Kai, Kemp and Ron.
Have a great weekend! 🙂


Was quite the grump yesterday, not sure why. Usually I get like this when I fall behind on housework, but that wasn’t it. The shirts were all folded, socked paired and put away, dishes done. Probably work stress. Which is also weird, because I usually thrive on that sort of thing. Gah.
Anyhow I’m feeling better today. Last night was our first practice at the new fields. A local high-school is letting us use them. They’re pretty hard and uneven, but you can’t beat the price (free). Bunch of new faces showed up too, which was neat. Outnumbered the regulars even, which was a bit unnerving but fun nonetheless. I know I learned a couple things I wouldn’t have had they not shown up. Like, I could definitely be in better shape. Heh.
I’m getting kinda excited about the Savannah tournament at the end of the month. Some of you might recall I went last year. I’d provide a direct link to the pictures and writeup, but for some reason the link to the individual entry isn’t working, so instead, scroll down to about halfway in June 2003 (look for the post on June 1). Cam and Melissa are coming with me too, which is extra cool. We’ll be slumming it in the condo.
That’s all for me for tonight, the yawns are coming fast and furious now. See you tomorrow.