Fahrenheit 9/11

Watched Fahrenheit 9/11 today. I think everyone should see this movie. As has been suggested elsewhere, it is not kind to George W, but I think it does a good job of telling a side of the story that simply has not been told — that the emperor is wearing no clothes.. and this movie is the little kid who screams it out. Moore plays a much more diminished role in this film than he did in Bowling, instead using video clips — such as a tape from the elementary school where George W. was reading to kids in Florida at the time the second plane hit on Sept 11 — to tell the story. It’s a stunning piece of video, and I’m amazed that it had not been aired until this point.
The film is getting good press from unlikely sources, too. Check out this writeup on Fox News.
A few pics from the event — this was the lineup to get tickets when we arrived (thankfully we had bought ours the night before and walked right in):

The movie was playing on both of the main screens inside Burns Court, alongside SuperSize Me.

After we got out, tons of people were waiting in line for the 3pm showing:

Turning 180-degrees:

While we were leaving, one lady was handing out flyers for a houseparty where people will be watching Moore speak (7pm EST tomorrow night via streaming video at moveon.org). I won’t be attending, but I will probably be watching from home.
Speaking of home viewing.. I checked the mail today, and what did I find?

Oh, nothing but Buffy seasons 1, 2, 3, and 5 🙂 Since the US Postal Service doesn’t deliver today, that means it must have come in on Saturday. I placed my order late Tuesday night meaning… it took four days to get to my house. Not bad for free shipping! Gonna settle down with an episode or two of Season One after Ultimate methinks. 😀

Khrome Krazy

The sky had a life all its own last night
Khrome nightclub turned out to be pretty cool. High ceilings, red floodlights, a giant wide-screen projection tv showing movies (Pulp Fiction and later, 3d visuals) and plenty of chrome (including the motorcycle from Easy Rider) hanging from the ceiling.

And house. They had a local house DJ come spin. Not a bad thing at all. Tracks I recognized: Diamond Life by Louie Vega & Jay Sealle (feat. Julie McKnight) [as featured on Deep Dish’s recent Global Underground 025], as well as the Sander Kleinenberg remix of Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body [which can be heard in DJ Sonix’s latest mix, “This is My Haus” — use the username “downloader”, password “download” to grab it]. The motorcycles were pretty much just props; I didn’t need to fight off any biker gangs. Though the waitresses were in leather. Being there on opening night was fun… everything was still very new. The bouncers were figuring out how to lock the side doors. And the glassware situation wasn’t sorted out yet either:

Anyway — the plan for tonight was to go to one of the showings of Fahrenheit 9/11 with Cam and crew, but since all but the lateshow is sold out, we figured we’d go to a 12:30 mantinee tomorrow instead. Looks like opening night had a big turnout here.
So, instead Cam, Melissa and I headed north and hung out with Erik and Amy, which was really cool ‘cuz I haven’t seen them in ages. We played Taboo. So much fun. If you’re not familiar with Taboo, here’s how it works. The idea is that you’re trying to get your teammate to guess a word you’re describing. You’re not allowed to use “sounds like”, or “rhymes with”, use acronyms, or make gestures of any kinds. So far, so good, right? Except there’s a list of “taboo” words you’re not allowed to say. If you say one of them, a member of the other team (who can also see the word you’re trying to describe and the list of banned words which go with it) gets to use a buzzer on you. Bzzzzzt! No good! You’re also battling it out against the clock — you have one minute to get through as many cards as you can. My record was three; out of the group, Erik handily won, burning through six cards inside the time limit. Incredible! I think I might pick it up. Definitely encourages lateral thinking.
Time to hit the hay, I gotta go food shopping tomorrow morning. Hope the rest of your weekend is extra special (SPECial too!). 🙂


It’s been a long week
Since we last spoke, I’ve:
-kept an erratic sleep schedule
-videochatted with Davin
-rallied the troops for the (hopefully) upcoming summer Ultimate league, scheduled to start July 1st.
On the topic of that last point — I’m fronting the $25 registration fee for seven people. I’m really hoping we have a season this summer; things aren’t looking that good, numberwise. The season is starting over a month later than last year, and because of that we’ll be losing a large number of players to school, which, for most college kids, starts back up at the beginning of August. Last year, the season (which runs 8 weeks) was finished by the 22nd of July. We have two teams for certain — the one I’m with (UPS) and the one my partner in crime, Rex (of the team “Airborne”, formerly “Dos Manos”) plays on. Apart from that, things are kinda uncertain. There’s also a distinct possibility of a third team, but nothing’s solid just yet.
File this in the “Things You’d Probably Never See in Victoria” department: there’s a new cleaning service advertising near the mailboxes of my apartment complex:

Hope they don’t fight over it
Plans for the weekend — tonight, drive up to Bradenton to drop off team fees, then come on back for the opening of a new club in town, named “Khrome”. It’s a crazy looking place from the flyer — custom motorcycles and choppers hanging from the ceiling, a restaurant area and supposedly they play “house and vocal music” (sic). Should be interesting at the very least. Then, depending how that goes, I may be off to a house party. We shall see. Tomorrow night I’ve got tentative plans to see Fahrenheit 9/11. Hopefully I’ll be able to get tickets — there’s only one theatre in town playing it.

The Italian Mulholland Kemp Set BBQ

Ed Norton’s character “Steve” takes aim in The Italian Job
Did anyone download the track from yesterday? I’m really curious to know if you can hear it.
Not a lot going on in Krishenland. The BBQ was a quiet but yummy affair; we watched The Italian Job as Jeff us served beer, fine margaritas, and a thing or two from the grill. Afterwards he put on the best-possible finishing touch, with oven-fresh cookies (and even brewed coffee to go along with it).
He also had a puzzle which we spent some time pondering over; it was a Rubik’s Cube-style game, except, instead this was more of a Rubik’s Pyramid, the goal being to make each face of a three-sided pyramid a unique colour by re-arranging clumps of four smaller pyramids held together by small plastic joiner bits. Kai solved it handily by breaking down the individual pieces into their respective colour-classes and reassembling (she didn’t know about the 4-clump rule at the time). I tried for a little bit but didn’t get very far.
It did, however, remind me of another game which I discovered while at interning at that giant software company based out of Redmond, Wa — Set. It’s lots of fun; it’s about quick pattern recognition and uses visual variables — things your brain will pick out automagically without processing, such as pattern, shape, colour, size, and orientation — as its key ingredient. I’m going to have to see if I can track it down here.
Out of the blue Melissa asked if anyone had seen Mulholland Drive. She and Cam and had seen it a couple of nights ago and were wondering if anyone could lend any insight. Yes, here! But I advised they let it settle in for a couple days and watch it a second time — I know it became a lot clearer for me after I did. This unprompted interest in one of my favorite movies got me kind of excited; I forwarded them a discussion a few of us had after watching it at Cinecenta. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll send it along to you; be forewarned it contains spoilers. Alternatively, you may want to check out some of the 893 reviews on Amazon.com. Incidentally Mulholland Drive is on my wishlist. I’ve kinda been holding out for an edition with better special features, but maybe it’s time I just go and buy the thing (same goes for Buffy).
In other news, Kemp turned 39 last week and didn’t tell anyone! We’re all still trying to figure out why (though I have a sneaking suspicion a girl is involved… 😉

Mega mega white thing

It’s a beautiful weekend here. And from everything I’ve read (Davin, Jim, Devon, Julie) — everyone’s having gorgeous time up in Vic/Van, too. Think this calls for a little afternoon exploring before heading up to Jeff’s BBQ. The camera shall accompany, of course.
For now I leave you with a remix of an old classic [lyrics] (thanks Jeff). It’s encoded in AAC format (aka Advanced Audio Coding, aka MPEG-4 Audio, aka .m4a — sounds better than mp3 at the same filesize/bitrate); Windows users in particular, let me know how it goes, esp. if you have problems. I’d have converted it to an MP3, but, it would seem that, along with support for the vericool new AirTunes tech — Apple has removed the ability to convert between audio formats in latest revision to iTunes (4.6). Grr. [/rant]
Update, 6/21, 9:46am: Well, it seems my rant was premature — Cam is still able to convert between formats (specifically from AAC->MP3) in iTunes 4.6 without problems. Now, I know you’re not allowed to convert songs you’ve downloaded from the iTunes Music Store to other formats, but the song in question was ripped from CD, so there shouldn’t have been a problem! Hummpfh.

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Good morning

Let’s see… what happened of note in the past little bit? Well, I rented the DVD of 50 First Dates, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, directed by Peter Segal. And, well…. I liked it! The basic premise is very simple: guy falls in love with girl; girl has partial amnesia due to car crash and forgets the previous day every morning. Guy discovers amnesia but refuses to give up. Hilarity ensues. No, really. Found myself asking “What would I do?” in several scenes — and this film did not flinch in answering them. High praise for that. Additionally, like Punch Drunk Love, this movie showed the less abrasive side of Sandler, which was a pleasant change of pace. Traditional Sandler fans, not to worry… Rob Schneider gracelessly makes up for it 🙂
Last night I had Korean food! Went up to a restaurant in Tampa called Sa Ri One with Eric J, Sonia, Leonard (one of the Ultimate players in St. Pete) and his girlfriend Susan. I had no idea Koreans ate so much or so healthily. Most of the dishes were very small, but spicy, tasty vegetable-based ones. Leonard, who is Korean, tells me that only about 10% of the food in most meals is meat, so it’s very healthy. “The Atkins people would probably scream.”
Today’s picture is from about 10 am this morning. I wanted to show off what a beautiful day it is — which makes going to beach this afternoon with Amy, Erik, Cam and Melissa that much more fun. 🙂
How was your Friday night?