A win for Canada; new Apple displays; and toiny-mint in Joh-jah

It’s a dark and stormy night tonight in Sarasota.
Just got back from Darren’s place, where Darren, Cam, Melissa and I watched Canada play the US in one of the first games at the World Cup of Hockey 2004. The game started off looking like Canada was going to really going to blowout the US by a wide margin (the scoring chances were something like 19-2 in favor of Canada after the opening 20), but the second period would see a reversal of momentum, and the Canada would go on to eek out a 2-1 victory.
In other news Apple released a new generation of their LCD displays today. These ones happen to have an invisible G5 processor attached and are called iMacs! Heh. See bahanclan.com for a more in-depth discussion of the iMac G5, with some prognostication thrown in for good measure.
I wanted to get some pictures up for you from the weekend, but with the troubles I’ve been having it’s been difficult to click on the menu bar, let alone download things from my camera. But before it slips too far into the distant past, I do want to say that the Savannah tournament I went to this past Saturday and Sunday — Toss in The Moss 15 — was the most fun I’ve had at a tournament in a long time. From the totally wacky parade and torch-lighting at the opening ceremonies, to playing your hardest against your opponents and having them come up to you afterwards and thank you for being an excellent opponent, to sipping Coronas in the shade, to the comraderie of playing with a team you know you’ll be seeing again, to the Saturday night party and watching first-class Women’s Ultimate (via the Huckaneers)… I really had a blast. Very glad I went.

Computer problems

Oh man, the video on my computer is so totally fux0red, I’m amazed I’m able to write this at all. I’m still havig those redraw-pause glitches I mentioned about a week back. More updates as info rolls in. I’ll try and do an update from work tomorrow, including a detailed list of what I’ve tried in case you reached here via Google and want to know what I’ve done.


..off to play a 7pm game up in Bradenton. We’re playing the whippersnapper kids just out of highschool again! Wish me luck!
PS – a couple of nifty pics coming for you later tonight 🙂

28! and big news from C & M

At the Indian Restaurant Sunday evening
Oh yeah, while it’s still the 24th, I should probably mention — it’s my birthday today!! 😀 It was a good day — first me and the crew from work went out for lunch at Pad Thai (I had Duck Red Curry, mmm, soo good) — Jeff’s treat — and then, this evening, upon discovering Sarasota Country had YET AGAIN screwed up the field bookings (so we didn’t have lights to practice by), went to Applebee’s where I was treated to a couple 23 oz Fosters AND received six very nice beer glasses (which I so desperately needed!). Thanks Cam and Melissa!
In other news, looks like Cam’s going to be a Dad soon 🙂 Congratulations you two, I’m so excited for the both of you. 😀

Charley, housewarmings, and Garden State

So the weekend was much fun. Three things.
The first is about what Hurricane Charley foisted upon Port Charlotte and the surrounding area. The second is about my Saturday night housewarming. The third is about Garden State, a movie I saw on Sunday.
Charley. Boy, it really hit Port Charlotte hard. I went with Cam, Melissa, Ron and a handful of others to help Elba (another coworker) clean up her yard. She was luckier than her neighbour (whose roof came apart). Elba only had a tree fall on her house. And her boat.
Driving into the area gave me the feeling of those shots some of you might have seen a few months back about driving through the remains of Chernobyl. First, I saw a few branches on the ground. Then, bent trees. Then street signs bent over. Then an upside-down tool shed (on the tip of its A-frame). Then blown-out billboards, with their signs dangling towards the ground. Then gas stations without numbers for gas prices. Or fluorescent bulbs for that matter. Finally there were buildings you could see right through. Cam’s got pictures up (look for the “catalog” link at the end of his entry).
On the positive side, there were power trucks everywhere I looked, so hopefully people there will be getting their power back soon. I know Elba didn’t have it when we got there.
That night I had my housewarming/Greg’s going-away party. The house was indeed warmed. Note for next time: don’t leave the TV on, it will become the focal point of the room (especially if the Olympics are on). Much fun, think it went quite well, very relaxing.
Sunday I went to see the movie Garden State, which I very much enjoyed. I’d describe it as a complicated, 20-something coming-of-age story. Folks in their 20s and 30s will get much fun out of this film — there are loads of pop culture references going on. It stars Zach Braff (of TV’s “Scrubs”), who also wrote and directed the movie. The soundtrack is great too, including Frou Frou‘s track “Let Go”. (Frou Frou is amazing by the way, but that’s another post).
Update, 12:08pm: Zach Braff has a blog! Nifty. (via NSLog)


Whoa whoa, before we get any further… yesterday was krishenblog’s second birthday! I had two goals when I got started: (1) to bring people back home a better understanding of what Florida is like, since none of them had ever spent any time here, and (2) to record life’s findings. I hope I’ve succeeded with goal (1), with the pictures I’ve been posting from around the area. I took quite a few photos before I got my G3, but having a digital camera kept it fun, allowing me to improve more quickly (no development) and more cheaply, too (no development). As for goal number 2, well, I don’t think that’s gone quite as well. I really do want to share my findings, but that takes, well, a bit of reflection, which I don’t think I’ve spent enough time doing. Lots of present-coasting. But that’ll change soon — in fact, I think it’s starting to already.
Tonight I try madly to clean things up in preparation for the housewarming tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading down to Port Charlotte with a group from work to help clean up the yard of a coworker who was hit badly by Hurricane Charley. We’ll have a Cat bulldozer and guys with chainsaws! Heavy machinery to the rescue. 🙂

Big ‘ol updatey goodness

Molly and Helen at tonight’s game
So it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve last talked, and well, that’s because it has. Sorry I haven’t updated more — this week has been uberbusy. Ultimate has been the big killer (2.5 hrs running each time, Tues, Wed & tonight, with 80, 30, and 90 minute roundtrip commutes respectively) has been sucking away my time. But, you’ve got a buffer, healthier Krishen now 🙂 I’ve done three nights in a row before, but unlike those times tonight I wasn’t dead in the middle of the game. Yeah!!! (Of course we won’t mention the two weeks off I had before that. …Oops, so much for that.) Oh and just so it’s recorded — tonight I got the first Callahan in my illustrious 4 year Ultimate career!! What’s a Callahan? Well, let me try a football analogy — if you’re on defense, it’s kinda like intercepting the ball in the other team’s endzone. I know, I know, that probably didn’t help anyone. Just know that it’s cool. 🙂 (See, I’m not the only one who gets excited about this kind o stuff. And she even links to the official defintion!)
I absolutely can’t wait to see all my Vic buds again! Just 15 more sleeps! Let’s just say there might just be a special event on the evening of Wed Sept 8th … keep your calendars clear 🙂
Have I ever mentioned Florida has the coolest clouds? They move so quickly, it really feels like they’re alive sometimes. Have a look, these are some shots I took at Tuesday practice:

By the way, if you don’t like technical jargon, skip the next paragraph.
Here’s another one of those “for the record” notes — I’m posting it here just in case anyone else happens to Google for it. Lately I’ve been having a wee bit of trouble with my computer — the video subsystem is leaving artifacts all over the screen. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the use of Quartz Extreme functions on my card. What happens most frequently is that when I’m dragging a window around the screen, the contents replaced with some repeated pattern (usually from whatever is on the screen nearby). It’s entirely cosmetic though; if I drag the window offscreen and back the contents are usually back to where they were. Additionally, I’m also having trouble viewing the menus of DVDs in my system — the video itself is fine, so long as I don’t try to show the controller. If I do, the entire system can freeze up for 10-20 seconds at a time. I think it’s related to this drawing bug, since they both appeared around the same time — roughly 3 weeks ago. The system specs: a Quicksilver (July 2001) G4/733 with stock video card (GeForce2 MX), 640mb ram, stock 40gb drive (95% full) , 17″ Apple Studio Display LCD, Mac OS X 10.3.5. The plan of attack, should it come to it (and it’s looking that way): downgrade to 10.3.0 and see if the problem goes away; perhaps some video drivers were replaced which weren’t fully compatible? Other possibilities: I might be too low on disk space. I have 1.74gb free on my boot drive. Anyhow, here’s a couple screenshots: Finder; iPhoto.
Guess what? I’m having a housewarming party this Saturday! This’ll be fun… and another first for me here. I’m using it as an opportunity to buy a whole bunch of stuff. Like… bookshelves. Pictures? A proper TV and DVD player maybe? More places to sit? Not sure what’s on and off the list just yet. The washer and dryer is getting delivered that day too, hopefully it’ll all be taken care of before we start 😀
You’re all invited by the way — here’s the email I sent out yesterday:

Cleanliness: next to godliness (and config control)

Stopped by the Fruitville Starbucks Sunday. This time my cup-name was “Christian”. Guess I’d better start repenting!! 802.11-anything wasn’t set up there either… as it turns out it’s not one of the wireless locations (though given the number of tech employees within a 2 mile radius would be silly not to become one).
Worked late today. Right as I was I was about to leave, talk of a small change ballooned into something much bigger, a topic I guess I’m kinda passionate about these days, config control. Ended up with a few more questions than answers, but at least it’s being thought about.
Tonight I’m doing laundry over at Cam and Melissa‘s because, in addition to all those mobile homes, Hurricane Charley also knocked out the Saturday delivery of my new washer and dryer. Home Depot is still trying to get me a time for the new delivery. Cam, Melissa, thanks a bunch, I’d be pretty stuck without you.