Bed, Beds and Beyond

In other news, last night I was in bed by 9:40pm. Something I’ve needed since I got back. Was up at 6:20 this morning, not tired at all. And not only did I have time for a proper breakfast, but I also got to read a few blogs too, a tradition which used to start my morning but got shifted to the evening as I started getting up later.
And when I say “in bed”, I actually mean it. Cam and Melissa got a new one and were nice enough to donate their previous one to me.
I was somewhat reluctant to take it, because I was planning on buying one for myself — but I’m glad I did, because I’ve been saying I was going to buy a bed since before August and somehow it still hasn’t materialized. I’m still planning on buying one, but this definitely beats the couch for the time being. Thanks guys. 🙂
I’m hoping to be able to walk after tonight — I play that chase-the-flying-plastic-disc game I love so much… for the first time in two weeks. I know, I know, that doesn’t sound like too long, but you’d be amazed how much your body can get out of shape in that time. I’m almost certain I’ll be feeling it into the weekend.
Speaking of the weekend, there’s a chance I’ll be going across to the east-coast of Florida this coming Saturday/Sunday for what they term sectionals — sort of a “finals” to determine who will represent Florida in the South Regionals (the winner of that goes on to the Club Championship for the United States (and, well, Canada too — Vancouver won it last year!). All the details are still fuzzy, so there is a chance it may not happen. I’ll keep you posted.

The rest of my Labour Daybor VicTrip

So here it is, the all-time monster of all monster posts. Consider this fair warning: the photographs in this entry (121 in total) weigh in at 10.6mb, so if you’re on a slow connection, be prepared for a bit of a wait. Heck, if you’re on a fast connection, be prepared to sit a bit. So click that “MORE…” link, go get yourself a tea, relax, and enjoy the show. 🙂 Note — this entry continues where the last megapost left off. If you haven’t done so yet, go have a look.
PS — My ‘groffee pics are coming! Look for them to go up tomorrow sometime 🙂
Off we go!

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DK: Househunt

Well it would appear the big chunk of my vacation is over. It’s been a blast, a whirlwind tour. Today I: met Erica and Craig for lunch, threw the disc around with Neil, chatted with Sean H, went for dinner with Sudie, went to an exhibit of Monday Magazine’s photography contest entries, and saw the movie Collateral (some great cinematography, but the story was kinda weak).
Never seems like there’s enough time. Tomorrow morning (err… guess technically today) I’m up early — catching the 7am ferry to Vancouver to help Davin look for a place to hang his MDR-700s. I’m returning to Victoria on the early Sat afternoon ferry, with a goal of being back in Victoria by 7pm. Then (weather permitting) I’m on a plane at 7am Sunday morning, to arrive in Tampa at 10:15 pm, after which I have a 1 hour drive back to my place. Gack.
Who needs sleep? Ya, yer never gonna get it. Who needs sleep? Tell me what’s that for.

Trying to move my flight forward

As sent via an support form on the web a few minutes ago..

Hi there… my name is Krishen Greenwell, phone number 941-xxx-xxxx, and I have a flight out of Tampa, FL (TPA) at 7:02am Saturday morning, and want to know if it (and the connecting flights) can be moved up to Friday afternoon/evening due to Hurricane Frances. I’ve tried the website without luck, and I’ve also tried calling Orbitz customer support, but because of “unusually high call volume” the phone-menu system disconnected me.
Here’s the details of the flights:


So… this afternoon, as I was checking what the weather would be like in Victoria for next Wednesday evening’s special event (more info soon!), Carlos happened by my cube and asked if I was checking what the path of Hurricane Frances. For those that don’t know, it’s looking like Florida is going to get hit by another hurricane, even though we’re still recovering from Charley. Come on, I know Charley was because of the botched election, but what’s this one supposed to be for?
I hadn’t even been thinking about it yet, Frances wasn’t supposed to make landfall until a few days after the beginning of Sept. Oh, wait, never mind. Carlos went on to say the airport is probably going to be closed… I can forget about my flight home.
No!!! That’s my vacation we’re talking about here!
My flight is supposed to leave Tampa shortly after 7am Saturday. Looks like there’s hope yet, though. According to the most-recent data has (this afternoon), it looks like I might just squeeze that flight in after all. Here’s Frances’ projected path:

So far I’ve read that this data is still pretty shaky, so I’ll be keeping you all up-to-date on the status of things. As for my apartment… well, I’ll be ready with the masking tape.

Video problem followup

Ooof. Thunder just set off a car alarm in the parking lot.
On the topic of my badly-behaving computer, as I mentioned I was going to do, I replaced the 10.3 GeForce driver with one from 10.2, but to no avail. Same behaviour — windows drag their outlines without their contents coming with them… or sometimes the outlines don’t move either. I have since discovered that running the Apple Developer tool Quartz Debug and choosing Tools -> Disable Quartz Extreme can alleviate the problem, though not completely — the windows redraw their content, but miss a bit here and there sometimes. And of course, without Quartz Extreme my computer is compositing the graphics, rather than my video card, so everything is a little slower. The Quartz Debug application is available on your computer at /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools/Quartz Debug if you’ve got the Developer tools installed, or, if you’re like me and have reinstalled your OS, have a look in /Previous Systems/Previous System 1/Developer/Applications/Performance Tools/Quartz Debug. If you don’t have the Developer (Xcode) Tools, you can download them (you’ll need an ADC account; if you haven’t got one, you can sign up for a free online one).
My most recent finding is that if I boot in Safe Mode, while the graphics on my system become pre-Quartz Extreme speed (and various other core functions, such as the audio on my computer, become disabled) — the redraw glitches are non-existent. My guess is that unlike disabling Quartz Extreme from within the Quartz Debug application, booting in Safe Mode really does disable Quartz Extreme, instead of just taking out its knees with a bat. Finally, over iChat today, Davin said he’d lend me his old GeForce2 MX when I got back — which should be identical to mine. If it works, I’ll know I have a problem with my card. Which would be just my luck, considering my 3-year AppleCare warranty coverage ran out at the end of July. Haha.
It’s about time I upgraded anyway 🙂