Five things

Shelf fungi found at Ithaca Falls. Click for a desktop picture-sized version.
(1) From the Utterly Depressing Dept: took my car to the autobody shop the big Nissan dealership recommends, and it will cost me more than half of what I paid for the car to get the front bumper cover painted and properly reattached. The guy there said his only recommendation was to take it somewhere that might put it on for cheaper, like Maaco. *sigh*
(2) Last Saturday I went to the annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament, “Fallout 2004”. This is the third year it’s been run; I skipped last year but went in 2002 (wow — these pictures were taken two months before I got my digital camera.. check out the quality.) Well, whaddya know, I had my camera with me. Haha. It’s a good thing too, because during the first game I injured my ankle to the point that it hurt to walk on it. Or, as we in the biz say, I “rolled” it. I’ve rolled it before. Suppose it’s getting to the point where I should get a brace. ActiveAnkle has some nice-looking products. Anyhow, have a look at the pictures (click twice for the super-huge versions).
(3) I am working on the Dani/Ithaca/NYC post! Soon.
(4) My friend Mavis (see her link over there on my right, in the sidebar?) is coming to visit me over Christmas! We’re going to see the Barenaked Ladies for New Year’s Eve. How freakin’ cool is that? So cool. (Thanks Davin and Julie, for unknowingly allowing me to rip off your expressions 😀 ).
(5) I’m going to Augusta, Georgia next week for work. A software upgrade for another customer. For a whole week! I gotta say, 2004 has been the year for work-travel for me. Though, this trip is going to be a little different, because it’s going to be the first where I’m truly off on my own. Even with San Diego I was there with one of our technicians. Love the extra responsibility, too bad I’m not going to having anyone else there with me to share the fun with. 🙂
Update, 8:00am Tues: Bonus point! Congratulations to Sarasota County, which just purchased two Toyota Priuses (boy that looks funny) for their fleet. Let’s hope the trend continues. Getting 60 city-miles-per-gallon, as opposed the current 20, replacing the entire fleet could go a ways toward reducing the city’s county’s ecological footprint.

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Rationalizing the tardy

Thought I’d drop you all a teaser, since you’ve been waiting so patiently. The fact that the write-up is taking so long is probably a good thing anyway — time is a filter; it’ll be more “big-picture” and less “excruciating details” (which I know I’m prone to from time-to-time).
krishenblog PSA: It’s the third of December. Have you paid rent?


As I speak there are 50 shots remaining to be downloaded from the over 430 I took on my trip. I spent a large portion of tonight trying to clear enough room for them on my HD.
I’ve been trying to get my vacation story written up, but time seems to be evading me. Yesterday I was sick the whole day, today I left work at 7pm and left my house pretty much immediately after I got there for a wonderful dinner at Cam and Melissa’s. Soon though. For now, it’s off to dreamland.
Cat allergies suck
My mattress has the dander
So I’m on the couch
And a contribution from my friend Aran:
Krishen is awake
He really should be in bed
Sleeping and Dreaming