Big Time Sensuality

Spent this morning doing laundry and researching Björk. After reading a few reviews of Vespertine, and listening to some of the previews, I really want to pick it up.
Even though I only own her latest album, Medulla, my fascination with Björk goes way back. The first song of hers I ever heard was in 1993: “Big Time Sensuality”, from her album from the same year, Debut:

i can sense it
something important
is about to happen
it’s coming up
it takes courage to enjoy it
the hardcore & the gentle
we just met
and i know i’m a bit too intimate
but something huge is coming up
and we’re both included
it takes courage to enjoy it
the hardcore & the gentle
i don’t know my future after this weekend
– and i don’t want to!
it takes courage to enjoy it
the hardcore & the gentle

You can imagine my delight when I discovered she set the video (Small | Medium) to the Fluke Magimix remix — the same version I heard at my first rave. Update, 2:43pm: In case the previous two links are going slowly, I’ve mirrored the medium version of B.T.S. here.
Sure, she’s a little offbeat, but I’m awestruck by her creativity. She obviously loves life and nature, but isn’t afraid of technology (at least, she makes good use of it on her website), and that’s thrilling and inspiring at the same time.

A walk home

Whew — wow, what a week. I’d definitely rate the conference a success. Bigger and badder than ever before. And, so far as I can tell, most people fell in love with the baby, too 🙂
To bring a long week to a close, I decided to walk home today. Something I think I’ve done maybe once before. It was raining, but who’s afraid of getting a little wet? You were born that way. I hope.
[picture: IMG_0691.jpg]

Beauty in the Breakdown

Time keeps on slipping, slipping… into the future…
I think I’ve been going slightly batty trying to get everything ready for next week’s big brouhaha in Tampa. Cam, too. Worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday — there before 9am and not back home before 10:30pm. We all really pulled together for this one. It wasn’t just the worker bees doing their thing, either — a couple levels of management were there as well, working right alongside us.
I feel so out of it — I haven’t had a chance to keep up with anyone’s blog in the past week, let alone my own, so if you notice me commenting a bunch in the local blogosphere over the next day or two, it’s because we just met a major milestone and I’m trying to catch up 🙂
On the tooth front, the molar is mildly sensitive, but it’s more of a tickle than anything I’d classify as pain. I am a little alarmed at how much lower it is in height than the others; I wonder if it was necessary to grind the tooth down a little bit so it could be worked on… or if it was just naturally ground down: when I opened my mouth for the first time for the dental assistant, Jennifer, she said, “wow, you sure grind your teeth a lot”, to which I replied “Oh, I’ve heard that before — I don’t do it consciously”. So I guess I grind my teeth! Ack. Need to stop that, I really need all the tooth enamel I can get. I wonder if it’s a plot so that I have to get a crown. Hmm.
I rented Garden State last night, thanks to Zameer reminding me about it over MSN Messenger. That was the second time I’d seen it; it didn’t have quite the same effect as it did the first time. I’m sure that was part me having already seen it (no surprises), part watching it by myself (vs. with my peers), part watching it on my computer (rather than at the theatre), and part starting the film at 11pm. But by the end, it really recaptured me and god I can’t get over how beautiful and perfect the Frou Frou track at the end is. There are two commentaries from Zach Braff included on the disc; I’m going to return the DVD without listening to them and simply go BUY the film instead.
That’s all for now.

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Root Canal, Part 1

So at lunch today I got, um, debrided. Not as fun as it sounds. (Definitions: pulp, debride) Basically, it’s the first half of a root canal: they drilled through the tooth enamel and basically took out the top of the old, decaying nerve. Apart from a mild discomfort in my jaw, pretty much all the pain is gone 🙂 I haven’t even taken any painkillers since I got back from the dentist. Hooray! Thanks go to Mom and Mavis, both of whom pushed me to get it treated sooner rather than later. The second half of the treatment will take place on March 3rd (my originally scheduled appointment), where they’ll drill out the remaining bits of dead nerve.
Considering I’ve already eaten on the tooth (by mistake, mind you) and it didn’t hurt, I’d say that was $37 well spent. Can I just leave it at that? Ha, ha. Yeah. I’m likely going to need a crown on the tooth too. I was researching prices on these things today; root canals on rear molars generally cost more than those on frontal teeth because of their increased complexity: there are usually three nerves (canals) in lower molars and four in the upper ones, compared to a single in a frontal tooth. Depending on the dentist, a root canal for a rear molar can run between $550 to $860; root canals on rear teeth are typically followed by the placement of a crown (cap), since the resulting tooth is structurally weaker; these typically cost between $600 to $1050, depending on whether you get porcelain or gold. You might be surprised to learn gold has a benefit over porcelain besides attracting the bling set: gold apparently wears at the same rate as tooth enamel, unlike porcelain (which is much harder). Who knew?
Since you’ve put up with my less-than-easy-reading for the last three posts, here’s something you might enjoy which you may not have seen: a half-hour interview with Clerks/Chasing Amy/Dogma creator/director Kevin Smith discussing his connection to that enduring Canadian melodrama Degrassi:


Update on tooth situation

So, a few things I didn’t mention yet. It’s looking like a root canal. The next possible appointment is March 3rd. Tomorrow, if the antibiotic hasn’t helped more, I’ll be finding a new dentist. At Jeff’s BBQ tonight — which was awesome, by the way, thank you Jeff — Kemp said he’d find out the name of the dentist which his coworkers use and recommend.
Also noteworthy: the pain peaked Friday — with me calling Cam and Melissa at 11pm because I was feeling lightheaded. I got some food in me and that helped a lot; because of the pain my meal preparation activities had gone by the wayside and I had neglected to make dinner. Eating’s pretty necessary.
Saturday the pain was much less, and I felt much more optimistic. It now only hurt when I touched the molar, or consumed something that was a different temperature than my mouth. Because our HPSNMETI‘s major tradeshow — is coming up, I spent the majority of Saturday at work. I managed to get away with taking just two Vicodin that day, compared to five the day before.
Today was similar to yesterday, in that it’s just temperature and pressure that cause pain — no more waves of pain like on Thursday and Friday. I’m hoping that’s the antibiotic kicking in. Anyhow, just a quick update. Gotta get to sleep before the drugs wear off, y’know.
PS: My longtime-friend Tex just got hisself a blog. Check it out.


Looking down from the lookout tower at Myakka River State Park
Warning: the following post contains graphic depictions of pain. If that kind of thing doesn’t sit well with you, you might consider skipping this post.
For the past two days I have had a serious toothache. The tooth in question is the furthest-back molar on the left side of my lower jaw. Yesterday I located a dentist, made an appointment and now have the prescription painkiller vicodin, which doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything.
At times the pain can be much less local than that molar, extending to all the teeth on the left side of my lower jaw, to my left ear and even an inch or two of the scalp behind my ear. When it does this, the center of the pain is still my teeth; my ear stings like it’s frostbitten; and my scalp is just numb.
The pain comes in waves; I liken the sensation to the time I got hit across the face by someone winding up to throw a backhand with a frisbee (think: a fully-extended forearm across the jaw). This occurs every 30 minutes or so, sometimes twice within 10 minutes.
The dentist also prescribed an antibiotic, amoxicillin, a type of penicillin. I don’t think I’m allergic, but my [snip… this was written at 8:25am… continuing now, 3:27pm]
Actually, I’ve now taken two doses of amoxicillin without ill side-effect, so I’m pretty certain now that I’m not allergic. Additionally, you know how I was saying the vicodin was having no effect? Well, something I hadn’t mentioned yet was that drinking water relieved the pain somewhat. When I came back from work at lunch (I’m going to be home the rest of the afternoon), I had a thought — what if I’m drinking so much water that the painkiller was in and out of my bloodstream before it got a chance to bind with the appropriate nerves? And before you think that’s a ridiculous notion, you should know that, until about 1pm today, I was emptying my bladder every 15 minutes. Well, I called my dentist to ask about this, but his office is closed on Fridays. So I called the pharmacy, and they said it was unlikely, and that I should simply take another dose. (a) I didn’t buy his explanation that it was unlikely (I didn’t explain how often I’d been going to the bathroom — only that I’d been drinking a lot of water), and (b) I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of doubling up my dose. I still had another hour to go before it was time to take another vicodin (I’m supposed to take one every 4-6 hours), but at this point the pain was making being conscious pretty unbearable, so I took one, and specifically did NOT drink any more water than was necessary to swallow the pill. So far, it’s been working pretty well (*crosses fingers*).
Think it’s time for a nap.

Palm Silo

2/7/2005, 11:19pm
Today’s picture was inspired by Jim, who discusses colour and contrast in his most-recent entry. This is from just in front of the leasing office. The yellow tint is from the sodium lights used around the apartment complex.
Dim sum on Sunday was excellent; apparently at this particular restaurant (T. C. Choy’s Asian Bistro, 301 S. Howard Avenue, Tampa), dim sum means “mostly shrimp prepared in various ways”. But I shouldn’t pooh-pooh, it was actually quite tasty. And they had sticky rice! I would have had no idea what it was, had Kai not shown it to me at one of Jeff’s BBQs a couple months before.
And my 2004 taxes are now filed — as in, completely gone — I did a 100% paperless e-file this time around, via Tax Act. This is the second year in a row that I’ve used them, and I gotta say, given how simple my tax situation is, it wasn’t really worth the $9.95 I paid. But, it certainly does a good job of hand-holding for someone who isn’t used to the tax system. I got hooked on them last year, because with it you can file for free (the catch is, with the free version, you have to print out and file by postal mail). Sadly, I owe a chunk of money again this; guess it’s time to file an updated Form W-4 with the boss.

My Superbowl commercial rankings

So.. the Superbowl game was actually close. 24-21, New England Patriots over the Philadephia Eagles. Not being a fan of either team, at least that made the night interesting.
But the commercials — oh the commercials. IFILM has ’em.
Let me rank my favorites — the ones I think are most memorable. Now, we’ve already talked about them at work, so I can’t claim the order I list is completely unbiased… Out of all the commercials I saw last night (and without visiting the IFILM page to jog my memory), these were my favorites:

  • Guy jumping out of plane after beer (Miller lite?) [as it turns out, this was a Bud, not Miller ad: “Bud Light: Parachuting”]
  • Career (“Sir, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to name a product ‘The Titantic'”) [ Kissing Monkey Butt]
  • Cat Killer [Ameriquest: Cat Killer]
  • Chevrolet design studio [apparently, this wasn’t even a Superbowl ad — not sure it’s Chevy, but it’s the one where a guy in a design studio throws out drawings of prototyped cars, and the ad cuts to a field where half-designed cars are plummeting out of the sky]
  • Toyota Hybrids [Toyota Hybrid: Get Moving]

Okay, now that I’ve gone back to find the real names for each of these, the IFILM pages has jogged my memory some.. here’s a few more that were great:
  • Ford Mustang – Frozen in Fargo
  • Strapless
  • Michelob: Rich and Smooth

Update, 1:22pm: Here’s another link to the commercials, if the first one doesn’t work for you.
Update, 12:40am 2/9: Here’s a few shots of the party, courtesy Darren’s Dad:
The kick is good!

Food coma: