Saturday Night Update

Sorry about that. It’s getting to crunch time at work, so I’ve been working late (I was there 7.5 hours today); I’m also playing Ultimate a lot these days, which means, twice a week, I’m home for 1/2 an hour on the PM-side of the clock.
I do have some good news to report, though. The new hard drive is installed, and holy crap, it’s like I have a brand new computer. I had no idea so many things depended on the speed of my drive. Things I’ve noticed are faster: scrolling in; scrolling in iPhoto; creating a new Finder window; pressing the back button in Safari. Just to give you an idea on speed of the drive, I was able to copy my … well, it’s late, and I’m tired, just know that it was *fast* 🙂 I didn’t realize it before, but I think my slow computer was limiting my creativity. If that makes any sense.
But what good would good news be without a little bad? Remember those minute-long lockups? Well, they’re fewer, but they still happen. I think it’s my optical drive (DVD-CD-RW) which is causing the problem. The only time I experience problems, I’ve got a DVD in the drive. Plus, it’s making funny sounds. Guess it’s time for a replacement! I’ve already taken a peek around.
Finished Season 5 of Buffy last night. They wrapped the season up so nicely I’m surprised they didn’t include a big bow on the box. I’ve got no idea where they’re going to go in Season 6, but I’m intensely curious. I’ve already looked up the prices on the DVD set — $44 at both Target and Amazon. Hmm. Wonder if I can get it cheaper anywhere else…
Tomorrow I’m heading to dim sum in the morning with Leonard, Eric and Sonia up in Tampa, then it’s down to the Rose Center to watch the Uberbowl. I think that’s what it’s called. Anyhow, the commercials should be excellent.
And, oh yeah! Pictures from last weekend’s drunken romp are now up.
Have a good weekend!

As seen in my apartment complex

Lots of pictures soon. I’m having technical difficulties (well, okay, given my readership I can probably just say: my computer locks up for minutes at a time these days, and I’m fairly certain that — since it only occurs during certain moments when I want to access the filesystem — it’s because of either (a) a bad chunk of my hard drive, or (b) because I have so little space free, my computer doesn’t have enough room to write the swapfile. I’m leaning towards the latter). So yeah.
But help is on the way. I have a 250 GB Serial ATA hard drive in the mail for me as we speak (this one, in fact), so hopefully I’ll be able kick a little zip back into my computer starting tomorrow… I hope. There it goes, locking up again.
PS: Oh, and while we’re talking tech, I might as well mention, I got mentioned on my favorite daily, computer-related online melodrama, As The Apple Turns! Fo shizzle! Check it out.