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Well well well… here’s something I don’t post very often: a list of things I’m looking forward to. This list was actually started before the my blog took its unplanned vacation, so a couple of these things have already come and gone. Anyway, here we go:
Mar 25 – Hockey night in Fort Myers
Mar 26 – BAU Fundraiser in Tampa/Mankow Easter dinner
Mar 27 – Mankow breakfast
Apr 4 – St. Pete Ultimate Rock climbing social
Apr 9 – Fiesta in the Fort
Apr 16 – Manatee County Hat
Apr 22 – Earth Day
Apr 29 – Cam and Melissa’s due date; Hitchhiker’s Guide released (trailers: 2, 3)
May 3 – Release of “With Teeth” by NiN
May 9 – Sarah McLachlan at St Pete Times Forum
Jun 14 – 54*40 releases new album “Yes To Everything”
Aug 24 – my birthday
Aug 25 – Cam’s birthday
Oct 27 – Start of UPA Championships
Nov 16 – U2 at St Pete Times Forum
Dec 22 – Fly home for Christmas/New Year’s
And I’m sure this list will be added to over the next few weeks, but yeah! Lots coming up that I’m happy about. 🙂

Battle on The Beach 6

[picture: 01-mewaitingcurbside.jpg]
[picture: 02-fieldview.jpg]
[picture: 03-bryan-sasha.jpg]
[picture: 04-keepoffdunes.jpg]
[picture: 05-nunontherun.jpg]
[picture: 06-cam-darren.jpg]
[picture: 07-melissa.jpg]
[picture: 08-sheikmonica.jpg]
[picture: 09-chicagoline.jpg]
[picture: 10-markymark.jpg]
[picture: 11-kerry.jpg]
[picture: 12-womenmark.jpg]
[picture: 13-sidelines.jpg]
[picture: 14-mesquinty.jpg]
[picture: 15-jump.jpg]
[picture: 16-endzonecorner.jpg]
[picture: 17-air.jpg]
Ooh, and the best part… a few video clips of the festivities:

  • MVI_0997.AVI — from the A-pool final between Chicago Scrappy and Miami Sunburnt (7.6 mb)
  • MVI_0985.AVI — Chicago Scrappy and I believe one of the Darthmouth teams — a great series of passes leading to a double-layout score (8.4 mb)
  • MVI_0979.AVI — One of Dartmouth’s many cheers (3.1 mb)


Sensitive plant Mimosa pudica
Sorry for the lack of updates; in the last couple of days I’ve been totally burnt out. To wit: I bought The Incredibles on DVD last night, and halfway through, at 11pm, I had to turn it off and go to bed. Mostly because of this past weekend, which was great fun, but totally draining. More on that to come.

Road Trip! Battle on The Beach 6

I’m going south to Palm Beach this weekend with Cam, Melissa, Darren, and Monica — for a beach ultimate tournament called Battle on The Beach; we’re playing with a group Monica knows who is flying in from Chicago. It’s gonna be two days of fun in the sun (hopefully). We’ve rented a house with about 16 other people (!) — hope there’s enough room for everyone.
Well, this is a short entry because I have to get back to work. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Praise the lord, etc. It’s Spring Break. Tonight, at the grocery store, I saw no fewer than six women who appeared to be within four years of my age (28). That is — for those keeping score at home — exactly six more than usual. Of course, I had the guts to speak with exactly none of them; all had guys hanging off them, except one, with whom I exchanged a smile, twice even. The irony is that today was where I decided, fcuk it, I’m not shaving and I’m not putting any product in my hair. I couldn’t have cared less about my appearance, and look what happens. What the heck’s up with that?

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More photos from downtown

Here’s a few other shots from yesterday. Descriptions are beneath each photo.

I’m waiting for the day someone sticks pwned on their minivan.

This just struck me as weird. A bench facing the sidewalk, not the road, a couple feet from the street. I guess the only time I usually see benches on city streets, they’re for the bus.

The local paper‘s new building looks like it’s nearing completion.

And if you smoke, that really is what you’re telling people.

The purity of the white in this building strikes me every time I see it. At least they won’t have a problem with bird poop!

I wonder if this store still operates. This has been messed up for as long as I can remember. Clearly there’s no such thing as the red squiggly lines for signage. Not nearly as subtle as the misspelling Jim found.

A rather epic building just North of Burns’ Court. Click here for a desktop-sized version.

Root Canal, Part 2

So. You might remember I had my first root canal in the not-so-distant past. If you don’t, it went something like this: get hit by stupidly large waves of pain two weeks before the biggest tradeshow of the year; ask for recommendations for, make appointment with, and see dentist on the same day; get antibiotic and prescription painkiller vicodin, which I can take every four hours and makes things better for about an hour and takes an hour to work; after pleading with dentist get appointment moved up three weeks and get first half of root canal done: much pain relief — and only $37.
And so, on Thursday when I went to see my dentist for the second-half of my root canal, I expected (a) to pay a little more, since the procedure would be completed, and (b) to get all patched up with a permanent filling.
Well, I did get to pay more, but guess what? No permanent filling. No, instead, Mister Dentist discovers I have another nerve canal in my tooth — which explains why I could still feel a mild discomfort. So, he spends some time removing the pulp from that canal (breaking a few files in the process). No fewer than three x-rays were taken. He finishes up, and puts in a temporary filling. The next appointment, he says, we’ll be shaping the tooth to put a crown on. Okay, so I am getting a crown on the tooth after all. It’s a good thing, by my estimation, anyway, since the tooth surface doesn’t look all that stable.
So, we go to make the next appointment. Except, there are no open blocks of 1.5 hours until the end of March! So, now I’ve got my tooth-shaping appointment at the end of March. Fine, right? You’d be right, except, while I’m paying my $118 bill, I feel this PANG in my tooth. The one that was just drilled. This isn’t a particularly moment for me, as it was my understanding that the dentist had removed the last of the nerve tissue from my tooth. So then, why does it hurt? I tell the receptionist, who lets me know they have 600mg tablets of ibuprofen on-site, if I’d like one. I tell her (while signing the credit card slip) I’ll wait a minute and see what happens. It subsides, slightly, and I decide to see what happens. The receptionist reassures me I can take ibuprofen for the pain.
So I leave. But what I didn’t realize at the time was that I’d be back in four days. Sunday night, right before bed, I discovered that the temporary filling material that they put in my molar was, well… how can I say this… missing. Looking in the mirror, I could see right into my tooth. That would explain the headache. Needless to say, this was disturbing, considering I’d just finished eating a big meal a couple hours previous. Hmmm. Seeing into my tooth. Can you say potential bacterial badness? Then it struck me, Listerine is antibacterial — so I gargled. And tried to go to sleep. I Listerined again in the morning, and called the dentist’s office at 8:00am on the dot. To my surprise the same receptionist who offered me the 600 mg ibuprofen answered, and she remembered me. I explained what had happened, and she asked me when my next appointment was. March 31st, says I, “a ways off”. She explained that “To be honest, if it weren’t filled between now and then it would make very little difference, it would just be annoying because food would get stuck in it.” “Wouldn’t it be kind of unhealthy?” Apparently not. But she went on to explain that I could drop by the office at any time without an appointment and they’d fill it in. Which I took them up on and got it filled at 11:30 that morning. The receptionist — who also happens to be a dental assistant — does the work. She explains that the substance they’re putting in my mouth can actually be purchased at the drug store, and that I could actually do the procedure myself if I were so inclined. Interesting. I ask again about the health hazard of the of the tooth getting food stuck inside. She explained that three weeks wasn’t nearly enough time for anything like that to develop. If it were 6 months, it’d be a different story, but three weeks is nothing. I return to work. The dentist drops by to see how I’m doing. I explain that the tooth is still exhibiting a bit of pain. He tells me I can take ibuprofen for it. I left, feeling satisfied my tooth was once again in a satisfactory condition, with a plan for dealing with the existing pain.
What I didn’t count on was that the pressure of my upper molar pressing on my now-once-again-temporarily-filled-molar during a regular chewing motion is starting to cause pain. This is, yet again, somewhat disturbing, as I thought the previous appointment had taken care of this. I’m currently taking a wait-and-see approach, but I’m losing my patience by the hour — although it’s not nearly the same level yet, the type of pain is very similar to what I experienced before I had the root canal done. Loverly. I am a little worried.