Review: Thievery Corporation – The Cosmic Game

Let’s start by, making it clear
Who is the enemy here
And we’ll show them
That it’s not them
Who is superior

From “Marching the Hate Machines Into the Sun”, the first track on Thievery Corporation’s newest album, “The Cosmic Game” (iTunes), which hit stores in the US on Feb 22nd.
Album reviews:

My take: the album is very well-produced and the multi-ethnic instrumentation gives it a global feel. “Marching” is definitely a standout track, and as the Christian Science Monitor remarks, “has the aural impact of a majestic sunrise”.
Listen to “Marching” [mp3, 6.2 mb, 4 mins, VBR]
“Holographic Universe” is another favorite, for its ability to combine a blissful melody with a funky beat and bassline. “Pela Janela” (featuring Gigi Rezende) also impresses with very groovable Latin rhythms. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be leaving my car’s CD player anytime soon — that is, unless I want to talk to anyone. It’s pretty bad background music.
(Thanks to ediblog for the heads up.)
Update, 7:12pm: Thought you might like to hear the track that immediately follows “Marching”; here’s the funky Warning Shots (featuring Sleepy Wonder And Gunjan) [mp3, 7.4 mb, 5 mins, VBR]. It’s a great track highlighting that world sound I spoke about — and through some weird crossing-over of the electronica musical universe, contains a sample contained in a track Hybrid played in their Amphitheatre set (download) [mp3, 100.7mb, 1:13:23, 192kbps] Skip forward to the 42:30 mark and you’ll hear it. Cool!


<a bunch of cursewords>
!$!@!%@# lowlifes! Hitting me while I’m asleep!! *shakes fist*
Click to see why I’m so mad
It’s not the first time this has happened… but cleaning up this mess just *isn’t* how I want to spend my Saturday morning!!!
Update, 12:16pm: Adam Kalsey has a good post about the increasing blogspam problem, and what you can do about it.

ebb, laze, tranquilize, modulate, mollify, abate, reduce, soothe

Saturday, Jeff had Cam, Melissa, Kemp, Kai and I over for a great post-conference celebration, complete with wonderful garlic-and-lime marinaded chicken and champagne in the most fantastic glasses. It was lovely, a great end to an exhausting but successful week. Thanks Jeff.
Sunday it poured, and I spent the morning enjoying a few cups of Caffè Verona and giving my website a design tweak. The previously grey-only “krishenblog” header now contains a photograph of a leaf from my parking lot; depending on your browser, the letters of “krishenblog”, as well as entry titles, may appear dropshadowed (also: here). If you’re using Safari 1.1 or greater and you don’t see it, hit reload; I’ve found Safari’s stylesheet caching can be quite aggressive. I don’t think Firefox 1.0 supports the CSS text-shadow property, so if you’re using that browser you might not see it.
I did end up getting outside. Around 4:30pm Darren, Cam, Melissa and I headed up the outlet mall, and while Melissa did some maternity shopping, Darren, Cam and I were suckered into buying spring rolls at the food court. But, they were so good! 🙂 From there, we went next door — to JP Igloo — for a little ice-rink action.
Now, being that this was probably the first time I’d put on a pair of skates in three years, let’s just say I wasn’t exactly… erm… stable. I maintain that it was the dull blades of the rentals. I fell. A few times. Luckily not on my camera. Hah. But I did get a few shots in:

Melissa watches in amusement while Cam races off to blow snow onto me

Darren, me, and my several chins
Cam’s got a few pics up from the night, too. By the end, I was finally getting good at right-over-left crossovers; I’m still trying to get the hang of the other way around. It was fun though. I discovered all kinds of new muscles! 🙂
Today I once again wrote a big check for my frisbee team’s registration — spring league starts this Thursday — which I just realized is the same day as my appointment to get the second half of my root canal done. Joy! (Incidentally, the molar in question no longer hurts, any sensation is more of a tickle than anything else). Got my fingers crossed that everything works out there.
And other than that, it’s been a relaxing time at work so far — cleaned up, got a few things organized, cleared the head. Yeah. Now if only every week could be like this.