Three songs

For some reason, I’ve had the following three songs stuck in my head the past couple days. Not sure what it means, but they’re all good. The links go to the iTunes Music Store, which’ll give you a 30-second clip for each track:

What songs are stuck in your head?

Fort Fiesta

L to R: Justin, Emily, me, Scott (white hat), Gustafson (black hat), Meehan, Lance, Brian.
So, yesterday’s hat tournament in Fort Myers — Fiesta in the Fort — was good. I was feeling a little, um, “under the weather” that morning, so I arrived about an hour late. But boy was that dumb. Apparently I missed out on Chick-Fil-A coming out to the fields and distributing lunch. Oh, and the on-site registered massage therapist, giving free massages during the game. Damn, you ain’t never seen anything like this at a hat tourney before. These guys got sponsors left, right and center. Very organized. They even had signs up at the bottom of the interstate exit off-ramp pointing the direction to the fields, a very nice touch for out-of-towners such as myself.
I managed to end up on the same team as Gustafson – light blue. We were the “Great White Sharks”. “But you weren’t white!”, you say? Yeah, but light blue is the colour of a Great White underwater, on the sneak-attack. Doncha know.
It was a beautiful day, and I had a blast playing with our team. We’d finish the day with a two-win and two-loss record, not bad at all for a group of people who had never played together before.
Without any more games, Gustafson and I went and got the lawn chairs and enjoyed the championships, which is where the majority of the pictures below came from. I was experimenting with the burst mode of my camera and captured this little sequence (opens in a new window). In one of these shots, an artifact of pointing the camera directly into the sun is visible as a green patch.
After the Yellow team (“Daisies”) defeated Orange (“Orange.. ss”) for the championship, Gustafson and I headed over to the Florida Gulf Coast University Student Union pub — Baldy’s — to grab a free dinner, courtesy of the tournament. Not too shabby!
All said, I had a great time, and I’m definitely heading back next year. Well done, Alpha Omega and Corkscrew Disc.

Spam spam spam wonderful…

It’s getting quite annoying lately, especially since, for some reason, it seems to be slipping right through the blacklist (which, strangely, catches it when I press the “despam” button, but for some reason can’t figure out that it’s not allowed at comment-post time).
Anyhoo last night was incredible and warm and muggy and rainy and thundery. Perfect weather for staying at home. So I went over to Cam and Melissa’s and stayed at their home. At least, for a few hours. We watched Deeply, starring Kirsten Dunst, a Canada-Germany co-production set in working-class fishing Nova Scotia in the 30s and 40s, as well as present day. It was excellent — everything about it reminded me of home: not just the beautiful coastal scenery, but the easy storytelling reminiscent of the Beachcombers. It was lovely.
Well, the sun has now risen to the point where it’s shining directly in my face, which means it’s time to get my duff off this chair and eat breakfast.