New Cube and Firefly

Decided to have a bit of fun with Photoshop tonight. Hope you like. ๐Ÿ™‚
Moved into a new cube at work today, woo! It’s a little smaller, but it’s configured better: now I can see people walking up to me. The entrance is also no longer beside a main department walkway. Yippee! On the downside, I’m neighbours with Cam so I get stuff thrown into my workspace on a random basis.
Watched my first episode of Firefly tonight. First impressions? I like it. The video was a little dark (or maybe my TV is burning out), and it took about half an hour to finally understand Capt. Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds’ speech — he talks really fast — but the show is amazing. It’s a western in space. There are guns. Standoffs. And special effects. And the characters are endearing. Mal is one complicated guy. It’s a really unique combination, and a very cool one at that. I’m looking forward to the rest of the box set. ๐Ÿ™‚

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US Supreme Court: Filesharing services may be sued

I can’t really say I’m too surprised. The way some of these filesharing services operate, it’s clear they’re being two-faced. Their suggestion is that people use filesharing services for finding free music and government filings. Free music? Okay, maaaybe. Government filings? That’s just a dumb. At least claim people are using your product for something useful. Like, say, consumer price protection.
If the filesharing services DO end up getting sued, it’s going to be interesting to see how the RIAA/MPAA judge their losses. Although popular services such as the iTunes Music Store set a precident for the value of individual songs, just because someone downloads a song or movie off a filesharing service, doesn’t mean they’d actually be interested in purchasing it.

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Amy and Erik

Today I went down to Lido Beach with Cam and Melissa and Amy and Erik and the two little ones, Joseph and Maddy. Family photo time! Erik worked out the shots on paper beforehand, so it all went very quickly — which was good, since none of us had sunscreen on. The pics are transferring from Cam’s laptop to my desktop computer right now so I don’t have any to show you, but maybe I will tomorrow. For now let’s just say there were many very cute photos taken.
The beach was followed by dinner back and Cam and Melissa’s: Erik’s chicken chili recipe, as prepared by Melissa. It was fantastic… mmmmmmmm. Thank-you Melissa ๐Ÿ™‚ Afterwards we had orange and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce, followed by coffee and Uno. I love that game. I think I unintentionally redeemed my karma for the year, because I won four games in a row. I swear I wasn’t doing anything special. Toward the end of the night Erik complained about not having won yet, and lo-and-behold, that round, he won! Erik, I swear we didn’t lose on purpose. ๐Ÿ™‚
A fun, joking night was coloured with a tinge of sadness, because it’s likely going to be the last time I see Amy and Erik before they leave for Nashville, for good. But it was a wonderful day — I got loads of playtime in with Maddy (I think I may have even gotten over my fear of breaking her) — and I’m heartened by the fact that they’re only a 10-hour drive away. As Cam suggested, maybe we can make use of one of those three day weekends we get during the summer to go visit.
Update: Cam’s got some photos up — check ’em out.
Update #2:

em space sarasota

The em space kru in front of Metro Cafe & Wine
So the meetup was a lot of fun tonight. I think the seating — more random than last time — made it a little more formal than before, but that wore off quickly. Metro has some good beer on tap: the “Indica” pale ale I had tasted very fresh. Seems like cool little place to hang out; we sat outside, but when I popped in to use the washroom, there was a young woman about my age playing acoustic guitar. Neat. ๐Ÿ™‚

Aimee: The tea is good!

Volvo XC90, panometrical, em space sarasota

Three things that have/are making me happy in the past couple days:
(1) Recognizing a song on a Volvo commercial: I was watching Comedy Central last night, and they must have played the commercial three times in one hour — it’s an ad for one of Volvo’s SUVs, the XC90. I was like — “Hey… I know this song!” Turns out I heard it on Hybrid’s remix album, “Remix and additional production by…” — the song is “Glorious” by Andreas Johnson — who, as I found out after looking it up on the iTunes Music Store, is signed to WM Sweden. Sweden, of course, being the home of the Volvo. A bit of Googling later I found a thread which discusses Volvo’s relationship with Swedish artists.
(2) Jim featured my submission for his panoramic homework!
(3) Tonight’s em space sarasota Meetup is at a brand new coffee shop, which of course I always like to discover. ๐Ÿ™‚

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Asteraceae Rudbeckia hirta, AKA “Black-eyed Susan”, native to the United States. Click to view the gallery in a new window.
So I went to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens on Saturday. That was fun. It’s filled with all sorts of flowers, plants and trees of the tropical variety. Much more biodiversity than I’m used to seeing along Fruitville Road. I’ve posted 75 pictures from the trip, including captions where I thought I could add something — but the vast majority speak for themselves. Have a look in the latest krishenblog gallery.


UPS won on Thursday night’s game, giving us not only the title but I think also our first undefeated season: 10-0! Wahoo! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was just 8 of us in the finals, giving us one sub. Monica delayed her trip up North so she could make the game, which was awesome. She brought people from her running club to watch, too, which was ++awesome and she even baked the whole team brownies! +++Awesome!

Monica’s running club buddies cheered us on
A rainout had delayed the game a week, so when I got an email from her around noon on Thursday, it was a big surprise she was still in town (we all thought she had left on Tuesday). As for the game, we took half quickly, 8-2. Our opponents, Airborne (with both Big City and Leonard, amongst others), staged a mini comeback and came out swinging after half, but it wouldn’t be enough, and we took the game 15-8. We all played well that night; I don’t think any single person can take credit for it.
Instead of shirts, or visors, or a plaque, as have been the prizes for first place in past seasons, we got a $100 gift certificate to RJ Gators! I gotta say, I was pretty happy about that — I have more than enough Ultimate clothing already ๐Ÿ™‚ Brian (Big City) and Leonard joined us, and we made short work of the gift certificate that night.


Our waitress told us there was a contest going on between her and the other servers — whoever sold the most French Kiss martinis (cream liquour with a Hershey’s kiss at the bottom) would win an MP3 player. As you can see we love to help ๐Ÿ™‚

Monica, Scotty, Alec, Capt Tom

Jen contemplating her Kiss

Monica makes sure all the chocolate is finished while John watches

Jen and Joe

Jen was a natural

Cam, Melissa AKA Dad and Mom

City gurns for the camera

Eric G

John and Monica

Monica and Scotty

Monica, Alec and Capt. Tom

Capt Tom and Leonard
Cam also did a great writeup on the night; view it here.

9 hours; Ultimate reform; LCD problems

Well. I don’t think I told you yet — this summer I’m working 9-hour days and getting every second Friday off. The whole company is doing it, in fact. Neat! Until, that is, you actually work a 9-hour day. It’s looong. Even though I was routinely worked that before the policy went into effect, for some reason this feels longer.
Last Friday was one of those days off. I spent it getting the Altima’s oil changed and getting a haircut. The hairdresser cut it pretty short this time, which is just fine by me — it’s 33 celcius at lunch, at humidity levels that don’t drop below 60%.
Tomorrow night we play the final game of the Manatee County 2005 Spring League against our rivals Airborne. We’re undefeated this season, but if anyone could knock us out, it’s them, so it’s definitely going to be an exciting game. There’s also likely to be discussion of reforming the league so that the teams would be generated at random every season. Right now, the teams are “club based” — that is, it’s the same five teams playing each other over and over. Long-standing rivalries can be great fun, but they do nothing for new players, who are often intimidated by the type of play, which tends to focus on winning rather than Spirit and teaching. Ultimate is part of a small number of things that keep me sane, so I am very interested in preventing the Manatee league from stagnating. It’s in serious jeopardy of doing so right now. I’ve thought this for a while, and now one of the players in the league started a discussion about it. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.
In other news, the top half of my LCD flatpanel’s backlight took a week-long vacation. Guess it’s just about time to start looking for a new one.