This is kinda fun

Today, while perusing the webserver logs, I noticed my grande caramel frappuccino image was receiving about a hit per minute, and not from my blog, either. No, many, many people were not only using the photo I took, but stealing Davin’s bandwidth to do it.
What to do? Well, the only reasonable thing, of course: replace the image with something else. Between 2 and 5pm today, 45 unique websites came by and asked for my caramel frap, which I kindly returned to them… slightly modified. πŸ™‚ See if you can spot it in the links after the jump. πŸ˜€

This should be illegal

This is nothing new, but clauses like this have always irked me.
From the End User License Agreement of the new Microsoft Messenger:
We may change this contract at any time. You must review this contract on a regular basis. You can find the most recent version of the contract at ‘’. The changed contract is in effect right away. If you do not agree to changes in the contract, then you must stop using the Service. If you do not stop using the Service, then your use of the Service will continue under the changed contract.”

It is absolutely ridiculous that you need to monitor a multi-thousand word EULA for modifications on a regular basis. Basically, they’re telling you they can change the agreement at any point, they don’t have to tell you, and when they’ve inserted that bit about selling your personal information, it’s too late.
Total bullshit. I realize I don’t HAVE to agree, and don’t HAVE to use the product, but how hard is it to notify people when the terms change? Really. Note that I’m not singling out Messenger here; these clauses are pretty common in user agreements, especially for online services.


On Sunday, Jeff had InΓƒΒͺs and I over to his mom’s place to go horseback riding! Lots of fun. It had been about 12 years since I last got on a horse, so naturally I was a little scared when I first stepped up to Marty and Sally, but it only took a few minutes to get comfortable. They’re very friendly horses and were a thrill to ride! Thanks again for inviting us, Jeff.
A few images from the day:
[picture: IMG_3191.jpg]
They had a train in the backyard! How cool is that? I was hoping to make this shot look like real tracks, but unfortunately I missed a few leaves.
Click that “MORE” link for horses!

R.I.P. Robert Moog

Robert Moog, inventor of the synthesizer, died yesterday in his home. I’d just like to take a moment to remember him; I’m sure without his invention my life would be quite different.
Update: Upon further reading I’ve discovered that Moog didn’t actually invent the synthesizer. But his were the first that were usable enough to cause musicians to take notice, so he might as well have.


So the trip to Columbus went well — really, it’s kind of a blur. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled so far for such a short time. Hope those who wanted me there found it worthwhile, I’m not cheap! πŸ™‚
Heee. In the irony department, last night I had my computer screen go black while I was in the middle of using it. Looking down, I saw I’d laid my foot to rest on the power switch of my UPS.
Finally I’d like to leave you with a song that just totally put me in a good mood, by a guy named Boris Dlugosch, a German house artist. It’s called “Never Enough”, and you can download it here.
Updated! Click that “MORE” link for a couple more shots from my window.


Hey all… just a quick update before I run out the door — I’m going to Columbus until tomorrow evening for work. (And despite what the picture suggests, no, I’m not driving πŸ™‚
Update, 5:42pm I made it in one piece! πŸ™‚ If anyone would like a postcard, email me your address πŸ˜€