Arrival in Leesville

Well, the trip over was pretty uneventful. Took a small jet from Tampa to Memphis (where there was snow on the ground), and a turbo prop from Memphis to Alexandria. The turbo prop was pretty much as you’d expect: bumpy as f*ck. It was made more bearable by the fact that people on plane were joking about how small the plane was. And it was small. One seat on one side, two on the other. Heh. I think pretty much everyone who was on the plane was on it for work. But we made it through alive! From Alexandria we got a rental car, a Pontiac G6 (more later), and drove for about an hour over to Leesville, checked in, went for dinner, got a new fleece and windbreaker (it’s a little chillier here than Sarasota), and now I’m enjoying the free low-speed wireless as provided by the Days Inn. Woot. 🙂
Pics of my place:
*half an hour of fighting with Blogger/this internet connection later*
Ah, eff it. I’ll try and get the pics up again tomorrow.


I think I spent more time tonight ironing clothes than I’ve ever spent, ironing clothes. Tomorrow (actually, today, I guess) I leave for Leesville, Louisiana for a week, for work. I’ve been told it’s not a place you want to stay for too long, if you can help it. We’ll see. If you’d like a postcard (doesn’t matter where you are), just shoot me an email: krishen at alumni dot uvic dot ca. 🙂

See ya Cav, thanks for the memories

Cam was in an accident today; thankfully no-one was seriously hurt. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about his car (a 2000 Cavalier), which was totalled. This makes me sad: I’ve got lots of good memories of that car. I went through my library tonight; as it turns out I’ve got 23 photos in which the Cav has made an appearance. Thought I’d pick out five of my favorites to share:
Going up the Sunshine Skyway [May 14, 2005]
Going to Savannah [May 29, 2004]
On the way back from the beach [Oct 19, 2003]
Girls in the back [Oct 16, 2004]
Camping on the East Coast [Nov 14, 2004]