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Congratulations UFUCT!

The University of Florida Ultimate Club Team (UFUCT) won the open (men’s) college championship yesterday in Columbus, Ohio, in their first year qualifying since 1989. An excerpt from the writeup:

Never before in the College Championships have two such dominant teams faced off for the title, with Florida and Wisconsin coming in with a combined record of 96 wins and 3 losses (2 of which were due to playing each other).

Here’s a few writeups that chronicle the action leading up to the win:

Update: Here’s something cool I forgot to mention: I played with UFUCT’s co-captain, Tim Gehret, alllllll the way back in 2002. We were on the same team at a hat tournament, Fallout. In fact, it’s one of the first entries on this blog to have a photo, pre-dating the purchase of my digital camera. Neat!

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True colours?

Saw this a few weeks ago on my bedroom floor. Seems deeply fitting that it came from light refracting through my Mac.

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Bad Muffler

Okay… so it may not be as holy as, say, Jeff’s post about Dogma. How about holey? Click for bigness.

Needless to say I’ll be taking them up on it.

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Balm Boyette

Hand-held pano of one of the beginner trails at Balm Boyette Park. Medium [1024×260]. Large [1600×407]. Huge [2506×637]. Stitched with DoubleTake.
I haven’t been much for posting as of late because I’m working 11.5 hour days. But it’s the good kind of long days, you know, where you’re making progress the whole time. So yay for that.
I did manage to get out on the weekend, though, and went mountain biking with Haley through Balm Boyette Park, about an hour’s drive North and a little East of here. “Mountain biking?” says you, “in Florida?” Yep. I wouldn’t have thought so either had I not seen it myself. The SWAMP Club, www.swampclub.org, has created a nice set of trails through forested and saw-palm land. From their webpage:

Boyette Park is situated on 4,900 acres of upland scrub, located just south of Brandon. About a dozen lakes populate rolling grasslands at the far eastern end of the property, with the remainder being heavily covered with scrub-oak and pine.
On the east side of Boyette Road are 12 miles of beginner’s level two-track circling the dozen or so lakes. Several intermediate level single-track loops branch off this main two-track. These loops are cut through the woods and along the lakes, and consists of moderately strenuous, more technically difficult trails. There are some open sections where a rider can gain speed, but for the most part, the trail is tight, twisty and tough. Oh yeah, it’s also great fun.

And that it was. Advice to potential trailgoers: bring lots of water. It’s freaking hot out there.

Classic Kemp

Cherie: Can I have one?
Kemp: Sure, every one you take increases my life by a year.
(If you didn’t know, those are sweet potato butterfly fries.. so good)

Apple juice

Note to self: do not drink apple juice and forget about the glass.

Lease renewal nonsense

I just got the yearly lease renewal notice in my door. Not only are they going to raise my monthly rent by $39 without any (stated) reason, but there’s also a note, a couple paragraphs later, that says: “the above rates do not include additional fees, such as pet, storage, parking, etc…”. Sorry, what? Parking? Parking has always been free. So I’ve left them a message about that. Hopefully it’s a bit of extra stuff from the form letters of the company that just acquired the property.. we’ll see.
Time to research apartments again.

Quivver – Space Manoeuvres Part 3 (Breaks Mix)

I would just like to say that this song, particularly this version of it, rocks my socks. I just *love* the Dark City quote (as spoken by Kiefer Sutherland):

First, there was darkness.
Then came the Strangers.
They were the race as old
as time itself.
They had mastered the ultimate technology–
the ability to alter
physical reality.
They called this ability

Great stuff. The atmosphere is dramatic, dark, and mystic. I’ve heard it dozens of times and it still gets me. I just heard it in part two of a Hybrid set (which you can download, all of which is pretty good). Here’s some commentary on this track from di.fm.
Review from discogs:

“…John [Graham, aka “Quivver”] creates a blissfully simple cut of tight drums and bubbling synths layered under the voice of Keifer Sutherland from the sci-fi flick “Dark City”. The flip however is the reason to own this release: the Breaks mix is a stand out piece of ethereal bliss. John manages to pull in elements that have a distinct edge to them, something you don’t hear every day. Great work that sets a bench mark for the rest of 2004.”

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Ridiculous vert

Beau Kittridge from UC- Boulder’s Ultimate Frisbee team- Mamabird jumps over a guy. AKA- Ridiculous.

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