Weather change

As Jeff remarked, there was a weather change this morning. Humidity is down and the air is cool đŸ™‚ I love it. Best part of the year.

Planet Asterizk – NPG

I just want to publicly say “thank you” to my brother Neil for the birthday mix he made for me, Planet Asterizk. It’s kind of a cross between Nick Warrren’s Global Underground CD (“GU 024”) and a Northern Exposure compilation. Which is to say, it’s an unassuming ass-kicker. The “Play Count” field in my iTunes at work reads 6, and I’ve probably listened to it upwards of 30 times in the car and at home. It starts off with a series of great tracks (darn if I know what any of them are) and by the time that dark, dark bassline drops at 17:30, there’s no turning back. Amazingly good stuff. It’s an hour and 14 minutes long, perfect for burning to CD. Download it here, or have a look at his other mixes.

NYC videos

Approaching the Statue of Liberty (7.4 MB, 32s)

Obstacle course in Central Park (1.4 MB, 5s)

Rollerskate ballroom? in Central Park (13 MB, 46s)

Quick approach to Columbus Circle (2.6 MB, 9s)

Tourist chaos at the bottom of Miss Liberty (5.8 MB, 21s)

Walking through Times Square. Kind of funny how it turned out, I honestly wasn’t trying to film that girl’s rear… (12.9 MB, 46s)

Drummers in Central Park (7.1 MB, 25s)

Ride the subway with us (22.2 MB, 1m19s )

NYC 2006

So I went on a weekend trip to New York City! PatrĂ­cia wanted to see it before she returned to Portugal, and I’m what you might call a Big Apple fan (big Apple fan too), so it just made sense that we hop on a plane.
Let me just say up front that it’s really hard to see Manhattan in 3 days. But you probably could have figured that out on your own. We didn’t get to see the Guggenheim or the American Museum of Natural History (both close around five on Saturday), but we saw pretty much everything else we wanted to: Chinatown, Little Italy, Times Square, Virgin Megastore, the Empire State Building, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the giant glass-cube 5th Ave Apple Store (take a virtual tour), Central Park, Columbus Circle and the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. And of course NYC’s fabulously decrepit (but handy) subway system.
I had a great time; next time I’d like to see an off-Broadway show, perhaps Kaiju Big Battel or some other similarly wacky/creative venture.
[picture: IMG_0495.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0563.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0520.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0574.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0608.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0647.jpg]
I’ve also posted a gallery with 70 more photos; please enjoy! Heck yes!
Up next: video clips.

What’s shakin?

So, *apparently* we had an earthquake out in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday around noon. I completely missed it (Cam felt it), but I have a question: wasn’t not having earthquakes part of the deal about moving down here? How does one get a tremor in the middle of a plate?

Hybrid – I Choose Noise

Oh my. Hybrid has a new album and it sounds stellar. Available through iTunes, Beatport, and on CD (I hope). By the by, if iTunes’ the 30-second previews aren’t enough (as is often the case for electronic music), check out the Beatport link.

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