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My grandpa. My Dad’s dad. Died on Saturday while I was out camping. I found out late last night. I was numb to the words when I heard them, and I still am but there’s a dull pain inside me now growing slowly. He was a role model for me even though I’m only just now realizing it. He was 94.
I am sad.

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Good evening

Well, I’m going to try and get in as much here as I can in the next ten minutes, no, nine minutes. I’m up at 5:30 these days, trying to get some extra work finished. Not sure how much longer I can keep that pace up.
In any case, here’s the update on me: Friday night, headed over to Cam and Melissa’s to watch Capote. There was a slight moment of fear when Cam couldn’t get the English subtitles working, but we got them going. Thank God. I love Philip Seymour Hoffman, but his character in this film, Truman Capote? Mumbles like a mofo. Good film, recommended.
Saturday I had photography class at Ringling Museum. Wait. Before I get to that, I should point out that the class before Saturday’s was on Wednesday, when Louis and I took a field trip out to Siesta Key. Got some great photos there (I think so anyway) and discovered a brand new spot on the beach I’ve never been to before. So that was a lot of fun. Zoom back to Saturday, Ringling Museum centers around the clown and amusement park history that is deeply grained in Sarasota history. The Ringling Circus? Yeah, it’s that Ringling. Sarasota has been their winter home since the 1930s. So there were many exhibits around that. In addition, we (and by we, I mean Cam, Joe, Tori and Louis) saw the Ca’ d’Zan (“House of John”), a waterfront mansion owned by John and Mabel Ringling, and, stupendously, only lived in for three years. But it’s gorgeous, and it seems like they brought the entire thing over on a boat from Italy.
Oh.. time is up. Pictures, hopefully tomorrow. Bedtime!

The cool has arrived.. for now

This morning it felt like I was back in Victoria. Thanks to the Weather Underground (‘s hourly temperature reports suck — there’s no way to find out the hourly temperatures for hours in the current day that have already passed; you have to wait until the next day and then you can see yesterday’s hourly temperatures), I was able to figure out we hit about 10 C (about 50F) this morning. Brr! Interestingly it looks like it continued to get colder right up until 8am.
And this is cool (pun not intended); not only can The Weather Underground superimpose all the weather stations in your local area onto Google Maps, but it turns out there’s one about 400 meters from my apartment complex. Neat.

Anyway, the chill is only supposed to last a couple days, and then it’s back to plain old hot.
To follow: Photos from this weekend, discussion about class.

Update on krishenblog assignment

So, you’re probably wondering what happened with the latest krishenblog assignment. Well, I had no submissions, but I did get bites from three people, and they all needed more time. So, rather than just saying that is that, I am extending the deadline to next Friday, October 27th, at noon. If you haven’t told me you’re going to submit something, it’s not too late!
A recap, the assignment is to submit six pictures: three of patterns, and three of texture. Patterns are obvious enough, but I needed a little help with the definition of texture, so here it is again: it’s the way in which light strikes a subject, making surface features visible. A photo of a man’s beard would be a good example of texture.
When you’ve got your photos ready, resize them if you wish — I’ll take as large as I can get, but please no smaller than 800×600 — and send them off to my gmail account: asterizk at the gmail dot com. Please include a small description of each.
What I’ll do is that when noon rolls around next Friday, I’ll gather up all the photos and feature them here, and we can have a look and see what everyone came up with and perhaps discuss a bit, see if we can learn something from each other. It should be good fun!
And with that I’m off to do some laundry and chase around a plastic disc a bit 🙂 Have a good afternoon, and I’ll be checking back in shortly.

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Remember, the krishenblog assignment is due this Friday! it’s pretty simple: send in 3 pictures of patterns, three of texture (how light reflects off a surface). Do I have any takers?

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So what’s new? …and krishenblog assignment

Well, for starters I’m taking a photography class. It’s an introductory course, but I wanted to start at the start, so I here I am. It’s less about the technical aspects of using your camera, and more about the art of photography, so that’s perfect for me. Having had my camera since 2002, we know each other pretty well.
That said, we covered F-stops vs shutter speeds on the first day 🙂 Wheee… it’s gonna be fun. At the end we have to present a portfolio, and somewhere along the way, we have to do a presentation on a photographer of historical significance of some kind (our choice). So that’s pretty neat. And I convinced Louis to take the class with me, so that’s pretty fun too! Our first assignment was to bring in 3 pictures of both patterns and texture (the way light strikes a subject), so last Saturday I traipsed about Sarasota in search of things to photograph.
And photograph them I did. I took 88 photos that day; shortlisted 33 and picked out these six (click for bigitude):

What do you guys think? It was actually a pretty fun assignment; if you’re up for it, I’d love to see what you come up with. Send your shots to my gmail account, and next Friday and I’ll post whatever I’ve got. Again, three shots of texture (how light hits a subject) and three of patterns.
Anyway, I’m pretty happy about the class so far. Our next class is a field trip out to Siesta Key to take some long exposure shots, so that’ll be fun. Last class we were out in the parking lot and had one of our classmates drive his car by so we could take slow-shutter shots of his taillights 🙂

Also, just in case any of you are trying to decide on a movie, do not see: Flyboys (okay special effects, not much else), Employee of the Month (a few laughs, but not quite enough to be worth it), or, especially, The Marine. After that film you’ll be wishing you had spent the last 90 minutes getting a root canal. On the plus side, at least it was short.

Au revoir

Last week Patrícia moved back to Portugal to go back to school. It’s been fun getting to know you, stay in touch… hopefully I can make it over for a visit soon.

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