BT – This Binary Universe

I don’t know; maybe it’s just that I haven’t listened to them before, but for some reason I own none of BT’s albums. But upon listening to his new album “This Binary Universe”, which Michelle loaned to me yesterday, I have become not just a fan; I think I might just go and purchase his entire back catalog.
I knew things were going to go well the moment I saw the song titles, some of which are mathy in nature, e.g. “Dynamic Symmetry”, “Internal Locus”, “1.618”, and others of which are scientific/philosophical: “The Antikythera Mechanism”, “All That Makes us Human Continues”, and “See You On The Other Side”. The only title I’m not sure about is “Good Morning Kaia”, but I’m sure it falls into one of the above categories. I also noted the average run time of each of the 7 tracks was about 10 minutes.
The album is lush, introverted, emotional, philosophical wandering, put to music. But at the same time BT hasn’t lost his electronic roots. It’s beautiful. Inside the CD cover, BT quietly dedicates it to his dog Tootsie, who is no longer with him, giving the songs — perhaps the album’s existence — so much more meaning. My favorite track is “See You On The Other Side”. It’s an extremely sad piece, perhaps only equalled by Rodrigo Leào’s O Último Adeus (The Last Goodbye), which moves me every time I hear it.
Included with the album is a DVD containing the songs set to slowly-moving abstract art. If I were a more casual fan, I’d pick the album up from iTunes, but there, it only includes two of the seven videos. As it is, there’s a copy in a record store somewhere with my name on it.