Favorite bands, A-Z

So Jeff posed a little challenge to me at work today: can you list a favorite band for each letter of the alphabet?
So here goes, as culled from my iTunes library and other locations…
B – Barenaked Ladies
C – Chemical Brothers
D – dZihan & Kamien
E – Enigma
F – Future Sound of London
G – Garbage
H – Hybrid
I – Icehouse
J – James Holden
K – Kosheen
L – LTJ Bukem
M – Metric
N – Nine Inch Nails
O – Orbital
P – Pet Shop Boys
Q – Quivver
R – Rush
S – Sasha
T – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
U – Underworld
V – van Dyk, Paul
W – Ween
X – I really, honestly, can’t do this one
Y – Youssou N’Dour
Z – Zero 7
It should be pretty obvious I had a hard time with V and X. Have a look at Jeff’s list here.

Pictures from Victoria

Hey all.. my pictures from Victoria are at long last now up. Click on the thumb to view. In other news I picked up those 35mm prints I was talking about yesterday. Let’s just say disposable cameras, or at least this batch of disposable cameras, didn’t really do very well in the “focus” front. That’s right, I’m blaming it on the camera 🙂 Gallery for that coming soon too. Have a good night everyone!

35mm excitement

I’m excited. I’m finally getting three 35mm disposable cameras developed. Two are from last year’s WMC; the other is from further back, when I had my front bumper removed by that carwash, two or so years ago. In order to get the bumper-camera developed, I had to burn through about 20 shots, which I did this morning. Simultaneously with the shots I took this morning, I also shot digital with my Powershot G3 from roughly the same spot, the idea being to compare colour, depth of field, field of view, grain and exposure. Kind of scientific-like. I can’t wait to see the results. Of course, there are some variables I can’t control for, like the photoprocessor (in this case, Walgreens), but I’m getting the negatives, so I can always take them to another store to see how they turn out. I’m getting them developed to CD, so hopefullly I’ll have something interesting to share here soon 🙂


11:04 AM
Brian: I think some of our craptacular legacy code has invented the Controllerless-Model-View-View
Krishen: lol!
Krishen: i'm gonna quote you on that
Krishen: hey look! to save space everything is in one file!!!
Krishen: now there is just one file instead of 3, that's a 66% reduction in number of files!
Brian: we could save more space by not saving anything
Krishen: totally!
Krishen: i'll be waiting for the white paper
Brian: lol
Brian: funny you should say that
Brian: cause thats EXACTLY what I recommended to my coworker
Brian: and he said we could add it to our Deceiver-pattern patent
Krishen: lol 🙂

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Hello again

Thanks for your patience everyone. It’s humbling to know I have readers still. Keep those comments coming! 🙂 The short of it: I am fine, just really, really busy at work.
Today’s picture is from Holland Point Park in Victoria. Those are the Olympic mountains, located in Washington state, just south of Port Angeles. Clicky click.

Okay, a few things

…since this “not updating until I get my post about the trip to Victoria up” thing is getting a bit out of hand.
I am:
-Less sick than the last post
-Still sick
-In the middle of a busy time at work
-Owner of The Altima, which has decided it would like to only intermittently start
-Biking to work (two days in a row!)
-In not as good shape as I’d like
-In good enough shape to have an HR of 84 six minutes after the most recent aforementioned cycling trip
-Proud to say I played Ultimate yesterday for the first time in almost a month and didn’t die
-In the process of getting the Victoria photos into a gallery 🙂

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I am back!

Don’t have my luggage yet, but I’m back 🙂 The trip was great. Amazing that it’s possible to miss waterlogged streets and dark skies, but add to that historical architecture, beautiful Christmas lights, good food, old friends and family — and a jacket… hell.. throw a little Xbox 360 in there too — and you’ve got wasabi for the soul. Speaking of which I had some great sushi while I was back. Mmm. But. Anyway. To answer your question, yes, I am alive, and yes I know the blog was empty for a bit there. Sorry about that. Haha. In any case I am glad to be back where it’s still possible to walk around in shorts. Which I might have to do, if my luggage doesn’t show up tomorrow 🙂