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And…. I’m back

Isn’t that exciting? Haha. So much for that daily posting thing, that just kind of fell apart — we got waaay to busy and I got waaay to tired, and those nights where I wasn’t tired, the hotel internet conked out.
So yeah. Who’s excited about the Canucks winning their series against the Stars? That was a tense game seven tonight — the last half of the third was full of ridiculous penalties, and there were more than a couple tense moments where Dallas nearly put the game into overtime. They ended up pulling their goalie though, and the Canucks managed to score twice more, finishing out the game 4-1 and taking the series 4-3. So now it’s onto Anaheim, which should prove to be a tough fight, with the Ducks winning three out of the last four games they’ve played against the Canucks.
Since we last spoke: Jeff and I explored a cave system in San Antonio (very cool) and ate at a couple more good restaurants, including a couple steakhouses, a big Mexican place downtown called Mi Tierra, and back to Sushi Zushi. And I picked up a few CDs too, which seems to be some kind of San Antonio tradition for me. I did the same thing last time I was there. This time around I explored a few of my favorite DJs from this years’ Ultra, picking up CDs from:
Danny Tenaglia – Global Underground 17 – London
Carl Cox – Global
John Digweed – Renaissance presents Transitions Vol. 2
I also picked up a fourth CD:
De-Phazz – Godsdog
One internet radio station that consistently amazes me is‘s Groove Salad. Quite often, a song on that station will catch my ear*. And, when it does, I write it down. And De-Phazz had been written down enough times, that when I saw their album in the used-CD section, it caught my eye.
It’s described as electro-lounge, and all I can say is, I love it. It’s this jazzy, techno-tinged antique-yet-new music, and it’s cool as hell. My favorite track from it right now is called Happiness. Check it out, I think you’ll like it.
Ack. Hiccups.
Well that’s probably a good spot to call it a night. With luck, more tomorrow.
Today’s photo comes from John and Ivee’s Sunday Morning Easter Breakfast.
*I’m strongly considering making a $50 donation to right now; a new ruling is threatening to put their operating costs through the roof.

San Antonio: Days Five & Six

Didn’t post yesterday due to general exhaustion. But Jeff and I managed to catch 300 on the big screen, which was cool. It’s a good enough film, if about 20 minutes too long. Summary: lots and lots of almost-naked men, ripped abs, shields, and spears, and spearing and flying blood and about one minute of hot oracle. We caught about the first half hour of it on an IMAX screen, then the projector broke and the showing was cancelled. We were given the opportunity to see any other movie currently playing in the theatre that night for free, plus, given a free pass to see a movie another night. Considered seeing Grind House, but after a half hour of 300 couldn’t really change gears — so we killed time in the arcade and caught a later showing, non-IMAXed.
Today slept in until 10 (a nice change of pace after being up at 5 every day this week), worked for a bit, then Jeff and I went out to lunch and ended up buying some clothing for work. There’s a big official show and tell tonight, so I want to look my best. Now it’s back to writing some documentation before heading over to the site.

San Antonio, Day 3

At the upscale The Shops At LaCantera mall, housing Apple Store La Cantera
Gonna keep this short, since I’ve got to be up in five hours; ended up purchasing six OS upgrades at the San Antonio Apple Store today. Needless to say the sales guy was kinda flabbergasted and wanted to know what I was up to, and did I know that a new OS release was just around the corner? Yes, I told him, I knew. Some configuration was still required, which I worked out after a great dinner at my favorite restaurant in San Antonio, Sushi Zushi. Jeff made a point of ordering the sushi McNuggets aka Texas Roll: steak, wrapped in rice, breaded and fried.

Photo by Jeff

Day 2 in San Anton

Photo by Jeff
Got started on work in earnest today; lots of equipment to track down. Ran into a snag with software incompatibilities but I have some ideas we’ll test out tomorrow; otherwise we’re on track. Ate at the wonderful Mamacita’s Restaurant and Cantina restaurant, which I highly recommend. The service was quick, the decor cool and the food great. Time to crawl into bed; need to be on-base by 6:30.
Don’t forget, if you want a postcard, just hit me one time with your address.

Arrival in San Antonio

Waiting at the gate in Houston
Well, Jeff and I arrived in San Antonio shortly after 5pm tonight after an uneventful hop through Houston. We have a Jeep Liberty as the rental! As Jeff remarked, it would have been useful for our last trip to Louisiana. The Liberty is a funny drive, being so high off the ground in such a short vehicle; it was like driving the Green Machine™, except with a better turning radius. Arrived at our hotel, a brand-new LaQuinta. It looks like gigantic yellow Peep. It’s so new, they haven’t even had their grand opening yet. And the WiFi doesn’t work. But the jack labelled “CAT 5e” does 🙂
Our hotel is just a few feet down the road from Benihana, so guess where we ate tonight 🙂 Just got back; I am stuffed!! I’m gonna sleep well tonight, let me tell you.
Don’t forget, if you want a postcard, just send me your address.

John’s Birthday; John and Ivee Easter Party; San Antonio-bound

Had an action-packed weekend.
Thursday, we had an night out on a bay-based cruise ship; that was a lot of fun, helped along by an open bar. Heh.
Friday, The Altima decided it had had quite enough and decided to squeal loudly; hoping I could make it out of the apartment complex quickly in order to avoid complete embarassment, I made it so far as five parking stalls away. The screeching did not subside shortly after the car had been turned on, as the previous grindy noise had. I ended up leaving the car in that stall and biked to work. That was fun, but since they’re ripping up Fruitville around Cattlemen to make way for the new Lowes, there was a precarious lack of shoulder at times. Approximate travel time on bike: about 20 minutes, 15 if I push it. I’m hoping Lowes will put in a decent sidewalk so bike travel will be easier. Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re supposed to cycle on the road — but if you saw the traffic Fruitville gets, you’d understand.
Friday night, Jeff and I met up with Louis and company at RJ Gator’s to help John celebrate his birthday; he ended up getting pied in the face twice by the staff. Nice! We all had a good laugh at his expense. Hee.
Saturday and today, John and Ivee threw yet-another great Easter party, involving many cool people, two kegs, good food and one hot backyard fire, thanks to honorary fire chief Leonard, as well as some dancing to electronic music by the Vancouver-based progressive breaks artists Shiloh. The party continued this morning, where attendees enjoyed bacon-wrapped grapes, champagne and orange juice, fabulous quiche and an Easter egg hunt for the little ones. A big thank-you to Nkosi, who shuttled me around between Sarasota and St Pete.
I did have plans to see a movie tonight with Cam, but those plans fell through as time marched on (as it tends to). It was all for the best anyway, since I still had some packing to do for the trip to San Antonio tomorrow. I’ll be there for two weeks; if you want a postcard, just send me an email with your address 🙂