All Faiths 2007

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Team “Yellow Fever”, aka “Jaundice”, represent! Haha.
More photos here and here.

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Had a great weekend, mostly filled with Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate and Seeing of Good Friends Who Live In St Pete. That needs to happen more often, I miss them.
Today’s pic comes from a shoot Louis, Tori and I went on on Friday night in search of signs, which is this month’s theme at a photo club in Sarasota we’re checking out tomorrow.

Salad for dinner tonight

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Not fancy, but also, not a bowl of pasta. I am proud of this!
Had a great past week, went up to St Pete on Wed and played some Ultimate; here’s a few videos from that:

Friday night, went for dinner with Louis/Tori/Joy/Ryan/Stephanie/Brian/Justitia, and we later played tennis on the clay courts over at Ryan’s place.

Photo by Louis
Following that, we ended up back at Ryan’s, and played Star Wars Monopoly until the early hours of the morning. I thought it’d be boring but it actually ended up being a lot of fun.
Saturday I went ice skating at Ellenton with Cam/Melissa/Joe/Owen. Joe is making so much progress! He can now get up off the ice when he falls down, which is awesome. Even though he’s not my kid I feel proud when people come by and ask how old he is. Comes down to natural talent and a lot of great teaching by Cam and Melissa, I think.

I also quasi-randomly bumped into Justitia there. “Quasi”, because I knew she’d be instructing yoga at that time, but no idea where in the facility, and she’s the one that spotted me, without knowing I’d be there. From the rink, I went directly to a round of disc golf with Ryan, Brian and Stephanie. Lots of fun there too. Here’s a video of Ryan “driving” on the 10th(?) hole of North Water Tower Park.

Had a bit of rest at home and met up with Louis and Tori and headed down to Esca nightclub, where we met up with Tom and Jessica and Jessica (2) and Justitia and Nkosi… good times were had for sure; they had a prog house DJ in from Boston who was pretty fun, but I didn’t catch his name.

And of course, what would a night of clubbing be without a stop at

Sunday changed out yet another burnt out headlight on the Altima. I should say, the Altima’s in rough shape at the moment; the check engine light is on and the spring on the driver-side visor is gone, too. Played 4-4 Ultimate that afternoon with Eric G, Cam, Bryce, Alec, and Jeremy, Chris and Paul. Tons of fun, though I don’t think the plan of starting at 6pm instead of 5pm as a way of beating the heat came anywhere close to working. It was still pretty close to 90 degrees out. Eric, Chris, Cam and I stayed until past sunset tossing the disc around and just generally enjoying the outdoors.

Back to the grind this week, but going to try to make it up St Pete again this Saturday for this year’s installment of the All Faiths Ultimate Hat Tournament. Good night!

Transcon bliss

So my trip to Victoria was wonderful.
[picture: IMG_7626.jpg]
Canada Day brunch at Ferris’
[picture: IMG_7637.jpg]
FIFA banner in Bay Center
[picture: IMG_7638.jpg]
Wine shop we stopped in at downtown
[picture: IMG_7640.jpg]
Market Square
[picture: IMG_7656.jpg]
Neil with Kathy’s rockstar shades; photo by Kathy
[picture: IMG_7661.jpg]
I love Victoria architecture
[picture: IMG_7681.jpg]
At the Blackfish Cafe, inner harbour
[picture: IMG_7695.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7731.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7755.jpg]
The fireworks were great
[picture: IMG_7784.jpg]
Lying about on the porch at noon…
[picture: IMG_7789.jpg]
…Rocky beside me
[picture: IMG_7797.jpg]
At Monday’s get-together at the Sticky Wicket pub… Coreen and Derek
[picture: IMG_7798.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7800.jpg]
Caroline and Davin
[picture: IMG_7803.jpg]
Kathy, Mark and Daniel
[picture: IMG_7804.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7808.jpg]
Dan and Suzanne
[picture: IMG_7810.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7813.jpg]
[picture: ECS-UVic2.jpg]
At UVic… my photo stitching program doing some hilarious things trying to make sense of ECS, the new Computer Science building
[picture: IMG_7868.jpg]
Inside ECS looking down
[picture: IMG_7887.jpg]
In Uplands, with Davin at a little cafe
[picture: IMG_7903.jpg]
At Brian and Hil’s, grilling for a peanut-sauce delight
[picture: IMG_7921.jpg]
At the top of Summit Park reservoir, with Bri and Hil
[picture: IMG_7934.jpg]
At Shizen Sushi for lunch with Bri and Hil
[picture: IMG_2489.jpg]
At Thetis Lake with Tex and Nicole. Photo by Nicole.
[picture: IMG_2562.jpg]
With Angela. Photo by Nicole.
[picture: IMG_2707.jpg]
Mattresshead. Photo by Nicole.
[picture: IMG_7944.jpg]
At Darcy’s Irish pub with Tex and Nicole. Nice selection!
[picture: IMG_7948.jpg]
Darcy’s Interior
[picture: IMG_7949.jpg]
Victoria Lager
[picture: IMG_7952.jpg]
Victoria has the best fish and chips
[picture: IMG_7956.jpg]
At Earls with Tex, Nicole, Caroline and Davin
[picture: IMG_7964.jpg]
At Willie’s Bakery with Sean
[picture: IMG_7971.jpg]
At the metal yard with Dad
[picture: IMG_7975.jpg]
Driving with Tex
[picture: IMG_7979.jpg]
Out to see Inland Empire with Daniel, Kathy, Sean, Tex, Nicole, Cari, Derek, Coreen, and Corey, where we unexpectedly ran into John and Luke.
[picture: IMG_7982.jpg]
John and Luke
[picture: IMG_7996.jpg]
At the post-film wrap-up at Maude Hunter’s. Pictured: Kathy and Mark.
[picture: IMG_8001.jpg]
Corey and Sean
[picture: IMG_8034.jpg]
On our way to Youbou for Liz and Rick’s wedding
[picture: IMG_8050.jpg]
Cousins Kelly and Brady
[picture: RickLiz.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8079.jpg]
Rick and Liz
[picture: IMG_8085.jpg]
It was a beautiful sleepy church
[picture: IMG_8097.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8155.jpg]
Cousin Kim and daughter
[picture: DSC01684.jpg]
At Pacific Front Recordings production “ariz0na’s Last Stand”; with Ben and Anand. Photo by Neil.
[picture: IMG_8167.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8171.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8172.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8173.jpg]
Crowd including Krystle and Lexi
[picture: IMG_8205.jpg]
ariz0na is dead; long live AFK!
[picture: IMG_8207.jpg]
Dustin H
[picture: IMG_8210.jpg]
Furniture downtown
[picture: IMG_8223.jpg]
At Ferris’ for a second Sunday brunch with Tex, Neil, Cari and Nicole.
[picture: IMG_8224.jpg]
At the Beaver Lake Strawberry Festival with Amy and Calvin
[picture: IMG_8231.jpg]
At the Beagle Pub with Caroline, Davin and Jim.