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The pic below was assembled from vertically-oriented shots roughly aligned in DoubleTake and tweaked by hand. I left the edges in, just to show how much each photo had to be distorted in order to fit together. Clicky for mediumy (if anyone is interested in the big, let me know)…

A request

On a side note, I have a request to all my readers, even those that haven’t ever commented before. Could you, just for a week or so, comment every time you come by, even if it’s the same entry you saw last time? Just so I can get an idea of my readership. Thanks in advance!

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Music that pops into my head

Last night it was Pet Shop Boys – Twentieth Century (as found on their latest album Fundamental); this morning it was Bent – Swollen (as found on Ultra Chilled (Disc 1)).
What music has just popped its way into your head lately?
PSB – 20th C [4.3mb m4a]
Bent – Swollen [7.1mb m4a]

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Snead, Adventure Islands; Work; Greg

Mini post! Another good weekend; work, then out to Snead Island and dinner at Thai Palace Friday with Justitia; all day Saturday at Adventure Island with Cam and Melissa and Joe and Owen; worked Sunday and met Greg and family in the evening for a bite at the Old Salty Dog.

Sun rain

After a pretty dry spring, this pretty much summarizes the past month. Clicky big.

Dune – Rainbow to the Stars [4.5mb, 4:55, awesome happy hardcore, craptastic 128kbps joint stereo]

Great Perseids Meteor Shower tonight

Got some spare time tonight? From about 9 or 10pm in your local timezone, peaking just before dawn, the Great Perseid meteor shower will be going on. I witnessed this a few years back and it was spectacular — maybe 50-100 meteors an hour.
From NASA:

As the night unfolds, Perseus climbs higher and the meteor rate will increase many-fold. “By 2 am on Monday morning, August 13th, dozens of Perseids may be flitting across the sky every hour.” The crescendo comes before dawn when rates could exceed a meteor a minute.

How to get iTunes to stop asking for your password on boot

I had this problem, and I have to say thanks to Apple for making their discussion forum available. Found the answer in about 30 seconds with one search for “password” within the iTunes category. The question:

Since updating iTunes to version 7.2, I am prompted to enter my password everytime I start iTunes. Previously, iTunes would load and go directly to the Store page or my library. I don’t recall changing any settings. Is this a new security feature in 7.2? If not, how can I avoid having to enter my password everytime I open iTunes?

And the response:

Just so you know, I was having this issue as well but on my Macintosh. It happened after I upgraded to iTunes 7.2 and/or Purchasing music at the same time.
Give credit to echobucket in another thread on this topic for solving the login request when starting iTunes 7.2. I’ve cut and pasted the procedure below:
Navigate to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Downloads in your user home folder. If your downloads are already complete there should be nothing in that folder. If you see something like “list.plist” move it out of that folder onto the desktop or into the trash.

Thanks to Santijim for the solution — which worked like a charm — and to Ed Hayden for asking the question 😀

Universal HD promoting Firefly

So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything about my favorite TV series, Firefly. Well, it so happens Universal HD (the high-definition TV channel backed by the studios that produced the Firefly-based movie, Serenity), is airing the entire Firefly series in high definition, right now. To that end they’ve produced a series of banner ads for plastering all over the place, and i thought I’d share a few, because they are, well, shiny!
This comes about as Universal’s option contracts with the actors to do a sequel are about to expire (the deadline is September). So the timing of this high-profile exposure couldn’t be better.
In addition, UniversalHD has set up forums for the show on their website, and it’s been rumored that they’ll be watching the posts there to try and gauge interest and the viability of a sequel. The executive summary bodes well so far:

You don’t even have to read any of the posts to know something special is going on there.
That said, reading some of the forum topics, especially the introductions thread was like some kind of homecoming. Things have been kind of dark over the past year in Firefly-fandom, as hopes of seeing a sequel were starting to fade. Seeing all this new activity, and all the new people brought into the fold over the past year, was kind of like a drink from the firehose after wandering through a desert. Wooo!
Also of note: the Serenity Collector’s Edition comes out on August 21st. You can pre-order it here, which I just did. Amongst the features of the disc are a commentary with some of the cast, extended scenes, Session 416 (part of a viral Firefly video series, released on the intertubes a few weeks before the movie) and a couple new featurettes. Not to mention, it’s got a rad cover. 🙂