Quivver – Surin (Original Mix)

My track of the day/week/month 🙂
You can probably find it on Beatport; as it is I heard it come in at about the 47 minute mark of Part 1 of Greg Benz’s “Aurium April 2008 Mix”, both parts of which you can download from hybridized.org (you may need to go to the front page of hybridized.org before the download will work). “Surin” also makes a reappearance at the end of Part 2 of the set, which provides a nice through-line. The mix itself features some newly-produced prog house with good funk to it, which is always fun.
And if I remember correctly, Quivver just put out a full length artist album, so I’m going to have to see if that track’s on it… it’s not on iTunes (yet, anyway), though some of his other stuff is (such as the excellent Brothers And Sisters).

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Kite surfing; dinner & Ding Dongs

A couple weeks ago, Devin asked if I’d be interested in coming out to the beach to help him try out his new kite surfing kite, which he’d just purchased off eBay. This particular kite is shaped like a “C” and is about 12 meters across… giant. Let’s just say so big, that, when we put it into the air, we had the resident kite-surfing expert come running halfway down the beach to tell us to ground the thing — I guess 35mph sustained winds are too much for a kite that size, haha. Anyway, I tried out Devin’s previous kite, and what can I say… it was a ton of fun, and actually a lot more controllable than I thought it would be. Devin brought along a couple smaller two-line kites; Cam and Melissa and the kids came out too; we all had fun flying them. It was a ton of fun, I think at the very least I’m going to have to pick up one of the smaller two-line kites if not something bigger!
Later on Cam and Melissa had Devin and I over for dinner, and Joy joined us part way through (she had to work). For some reason Melissa had a whole box of Ding Dongs too, so we broke those out, haha. I think you could seriously live longer if you ate enough of those. I could feel the preservatives the moment I bit into one, haha.

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Penguins vs. Lightning

Again, work hooked me up with tickets. Thanks guys 🙂 I brought Joy, and Neven came along with Jessica. Fun times had by all, even if the Lightning did lose two-nothing. Haha, ah well. Seeing Sidney Crosby fly by on the ice was really something.

Charlotte going-away party

It was our Dutch intern Charlotte’s last day at work recently and Devin was kind enough to throw her a going-away party. Here’s a few pics:

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Gone Bananas

There are very few things I like as much as fresh banana bread. 🙂 PS: sorry if you’re hungry 😉

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Lightning vs. Bruins

Work was kind enough to bestow me with two tickets to see Lightning-Bruins up in Tampa. Great seats, too! I took Joy with me. The Lightning lost 5-3, but we had fun anyway 🙂

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HPSN — the tradeshow that my company puts on — was a huge success this year. Attendance was up, and we introduced a new product, METI Vision, that’s pretty exciting for us. In essence it’s a video recording system that can not only be played back anywhere there’s a web browser, but if desired, can also tie into the physiology of patients being simulated, offering the user the ability see, for instance, a graph of heart rate trends over the past hour, right beside the video of the simulation lab. In this way, should the patient’s heart rate drop anywhere, you can skip right to that point by clicking on the trend graph of the heart rate, and it will take you right to that point in the video, where you can observe what the students were up to at the time. Very handy for instructors, and because of this, its internet savvy and aggressive pricing, I expect it will do very well in the market place.
Check out a video wrap up of the conference here.
And with that, here’s a few pics!

The product showcase hall

METI Vision

Not the recommended way to intubate a pediatric

Baby Ryan

Alfredo and I

Another shot of the product showcase

Relaxing after a long day

In front of the tram that goes from the conference hotel to Ybor City. Yes, we knew the tram was about to hit us, haha. Actually this photo was taken by the tram operator. L to R: Jeff, me, Charlotte, Mark, Rebecca, Alfredo


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Ah, screw it

I’ll figure it out later. In my quest to speed up my posting experience (sometimes I have to wait up to a minute and a half just for Moveable Type’s “Create New Entry” link to come back with a blank field for me to type in), I’ve been exploring WordPress 2.5. It’s got a great theming system built into it, allowing you to very quickly apply a theme that someone else has created to your content. It’s really cool, at least from a blog-owner’s perspective. No coding required, just upload the theme to a particular directory on your webserver and select it from a graphical theme picker section of WordPress’ admin section. Pretty rocking.
Only thing is, I can’t find a theme I like. Ha. And there are thousands. Maybe I just need to spend more time looking. The good part is, WordPress allows you to edit the source, once you’ve got a theme installed. So, maybe find something I like and tweak it.
Right now, I’m using Moveable Type 3.2; this is a few releases old and I wanted to try out what the latest version, Moveable Type 4.1, had made. Only trouble is, I ran into no end of trouble getting the thing installed; perhaps this is related to my GoDaddy site hosting. Trying to load the main page (mt.cgi) errors out with a “500 Internal Server Error”, which of course could be anything. The error page suggests checking the server logs, however, after scrubbing around GoDaddy’s site, I have yet to find a place that lets me view the server logs, so I’m kind of at a dead end. Attempting to load the setup wizard directly (which is what mt.cgi would do, had it loaded correctly) results in “Loading template ‘start.tmpl’ failed.” I poked around for a while, trying to figure out what might be going wrong, but got nowhere.
So, anyway, yeah. I’m looking at switching to WordPress but I’m running out of patience, so, screw it.. I’ll stick with Moveable Type 3.2 for now. On a side note, if and when I do switch to WordPress, it’s going to break my RSS feed, so if you notice my feed doesn’t have any updates for a while (shut it, that’s enough out of you) just come back to krishengreenwell.com and get the RSS link again.
On a side note, if anyone can recommend a hosting service that they particularly like, and works well with Linux apps (say, Moveable Type), please let me know!
Music: Soul in the Machine (unsigned, via Myspace Music)

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