Camping Hallowe’en 08

This past weekend Joy and I went on a camping trip to Hillsborough River State Park, about an hour’s drive north of Sarasota. Picked out gear Friday, then it was up to the park on Saturday morning. There we met up with Cam and Melissa and Joe and Owen; Mark, Laurie and the girls; Rob, Jeanine and the kids; Louis and Jasmine; Jean and Peter, David and the rest of the crew. A big group from work came, and it seems to grow bigger each year. It was a pumpking-carving, site-spookifying, tram-rider-scaring affair for the traditional “Haunted Woods” trick-or-treat; we all had a blast…. already coming up with ideas for next year.

Solaris International Podcast

Picture 2.png
Do you like melodic progressive house and/or trance? If so, you’ll probably enjoy the Solaris International Podcast with Solarstone + Agnelli & Nelson. It’s a weekly show and each episode is two hours long. Great driving/all round listening music. I’m really enjoying it, and if you like electronic music, I think you will too.
Just search for “solarstone” in the iTunes Store and you should see a listing for it under the “Podcasts” section. Nothing like free goodness. Alternatively, you can try clicking here 🙂
Thanks to Jeff for the recommendation.