Winter Solstice

Actually, it was one night after the shortest day of the year (solstice), but I still think it’s pretty 🙂
Taken in the air between Seattle and Victoria.

SEATAC is slow with snow

So, most of you know Joy and I got stuck on the way up to Victoria (where this is being written from, by the by).. here’s just a little snapshot so there’s some record on the bloggy blog blog. 10.5 hours of waiting in line to talk to a Horizon/Alaska agent later, and we were on our way.

How to tar and gzip in one step

For years I have been doing this:

$ tar -cf nameOfTarFileToBeCreated directoryToBeTarred
$ gzip nameOfTarFileToBeCreated

This results in a gzip archive named nameOfTarFileToBeCreated.gz.
Last week I found a command to do it one step:

$ tar -cz directoryToBeTarGzipped > nameOfTarGzipArchiveToCreate


$ tar -cz kgreenwell > kgreenwell.tar.gz

instead of:

$ tar -cf kgreenwell.tar kgreenwell
$ gzip kgreenwell.tar

Especially handy if the tar operation is going to take a while.

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If Programming Languages Were Religions

If Programming Languages Were Religions. Awesome. My favorite is Perl:

Perl would be Voodoo – An incomprehensible series of arcane incantations that involve the blood of goats and permanently corrupt your soul. Often used when your boss requires you to do an urgent task at 21:00 on friday night.

That, or you’re trying to solve one of Martin’s trivia problems.
via Phoenix Aviary.

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From GoDaddy to DreamHost

So, with luck you haven’t noticed any downtime– but over the weekend, I switched hosting services from GoDaddy to DreamHost. A big thank-you to my brother Davin for getting me started with my own domain, and managing it for me for the past three years 🙂
So far I am totally happy. I’d never transferred domain registrars before, and that went pretty smoothly (apparently the transfer process isn’t yet complete, but as far as I can tell it is). Transferring my Moveable Type 3.2 blog was also a super smooth process… all it took was bringing over the files, changing all GoDaddy-specific paths (ended up being about 15 files) and importing my Moveable Type database (previously dumped via GoDaddy’s database admin tool) and changing the mt-config.cgi file to point at the right DB path. Awesome.
My Gallery 1.5.5 install (see the “Photos” link on the sidebar over on the right if you’re reading this via the web… if you’re reading via RSS, I’m figuring out how to best configure an RSS feed for it.. you can see the current feed here 🙂 also came over super-easily; only needed to edit about two files. However there’s still an outstanding problem where viewing an album’s properties seems to fail in Safari but works in Firefox (odd). I’m about three years behind on Gallery so I’m just going to upgrade eventually.
Both apps now SCREAM. I am SO happy 🙂