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May 30, 2009

Good morning!


Had a great night out with friends last night; went out to a little outdoor tiki bar in the downtown harbourfront... a "bring your dog" kind of place. Food wasn't great (too greasy) but the atmosphere was laid back and a lot of fun. We were celebrating Ross' birthday and he brought his dog Coby, who we tried (unsuccesfully) to wear out with a frisbee.




May 29, 2009

Sh*tty Electronica


It was pouring rain during my commute today, but I barely noticed. That's thanks to the last 22 minutes of episode 78 of the Gareth Emery podcast. It thoroughly reminded me I've been listening to some sh*tty electronica lately :)

May 25, 2009

Tie-dye Sunday














May 23, 2009

On cameras and photographic devices

So, my iPhone has been the photographic device of choice for me as of late; that pano a couple entries ago was in fact stitched together on my computer using photos taken on my phone.

Why the iPhone? Not because of image quality, that's for sure :) No, just mostly because I have it with me nearly all the time. It's also a really convenient device to share photos from using Facebook (which, as much as I am loathe to admit it -- being a blogger after all -- is a great way to share). Of course, I miss the versatility of being able to post photos of any aspect ratio and resolution and text any way I choose, so I'd like to get back to using my blog more. Question for my blogging friends: does anyone know of an easy way to post pictures to a Moveable Type blog from the iPhone? I've been casually searching around for a program but I haven't found anything that works yet.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Ha lo

Hello again all-- yes, it's been waay too long since my last updates. Work has been very busy as of late and it's left me without the desire to look at a computer when I get home. But then, I look through my photo library and see all this stuff I want to share :)

I'm sitting at the bar of a house looking South out over the Manatee River; it's totally quiet and peaceful. It's a near perfect creative space; I love it.

Happy Birthday Davin!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVIN!! I hope you're having a wonderful day-- miss you!

up and over


May 21, 2009

Sarasota Sunset May 20 - Lifestyles' Parking lot


May 20, 2009

Rod and Reel Pier, Anna Maria Island


Cafe du Monde (Sarasota)


Bee Ridge Chili's


Holly's House


Café Italia


May 19, 2009

Cattlemen Rd Lot


May 8, 2009

DJ Recommendation: Gareth Emery

Okay, I've only listened to 7:04 of episode 78 of his podcast, but I can tell already, I'm going to like Gareth Emery. Here's a quick intro courtesy wiki of feet:

Born in Southampton, but now based in Manchester, England, Gareth Emery is a producer and DJ of trance music. He comes from a diverse musical background that includes classical piano training, jazz, and a little punk rock. Emery has emerged in the last few years as one of the world's major trance DJs. He was ranked #34 in the 2006 DJ Mag Poll, #31 in the 2007 poll, and #23 in the 2008 poll. ... Emery has a distinctive and unique production style that can perhaps best be described as a fusion of trance and progressive, with psy, tribal and techno flavours. His productions have been described as intelligent, driving, melodic and progressive. His dub mixes are often done in his signature "stuttering vocal" style, which he pioneered on his early hit 'Bouncebackability' (co-produced with John O'Bir).