Got an annoying “Top Hit” in Safari?

Check out ravi.rajendra’s solution here, which I’ve copied below in case the post goes away:

  1. Quit Safari
  2. Go to ~/Library/Safari/ in finder.
  3. Find “History.plist” file and edit it using textedit or text wrangler. (you may want to backup this file in case you messed it up)
  4. Search in the file for the URL (for e.g. or the text you are entering in the “top hits”.
  5. Identify the parent “<dict> …. ….. </dict>” and delete it from the file.
  6. Find any other instances of the same and delete the entire “” tags.
  7. Start Safari and enjoy. “” will no longer be there.

Worked for me in Safari 7.1.2.

Update: Unfortunately the top hit came back a little while later.  I think it shows the top level of the site as a top hit if you visit any subpage a few times.