40 GB iPod 3rd gen: goodnight

And with that, I think my 3rd-gen 40gb iPod has finally died. In fact, it’s sitting on my computer desk right now, committing some kind of hardwari-kiri, stuck in a cycle of rebooting once every 9 seconds, and unresponsive to my attempts to power it off… an Apple logo, then the folder icon with a little exclamation in the lower left corner, then an Apple logo, then the folder icon, then an Apple logo…
It’s all very sad. But Perseus, you’ve had a good run. I hope your battery dies before things get too painful.


  1. How funny because my 8GB Nano is only a year old; it isn’t dead yet but won’t go to sleep unless it is plugged in. I am planning to post on my blog about it too!

  2. That is weird! I recommend checking out Apple discussion forums to see if anyone else has had the same problem… with mine I suspect the HD has just gone kaput.

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