Woohoo!! 500 entries! That’s got to be some sort of landmark, for sure. Let’s see…. I started August 2002, so that’s….. a year and half == 360/2 + 360 == 480…. just more than one entry per day. Nifty neato! This is actually entry 503.
Spent three hours this morning playing disc golf. Much fun was had. Pictures to follow, probably later this evening. In just few minutes I’m heading up to Bradenton for a little Ultimate, then dinner with Cam and Melissa at Amy & Erik’s. I’m bringing dessert — chocolate covered pretzels and mini Rolos! šŸ™‚
Update, 1:53am – no pictures tonight!! Too late and I must hit the proverbial hay. Have a good sleep everyone.

2 thoughts on “500”

  1. Congrats … 500 must be some kinda landmark. But over 1 per day … you don’t post THAT much ??
    360 / 2 = 180
    180 + 360 = 540 (still impressive)
    Here’s to the next 500 …

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