A question for all you

seasoned travellers out there… are you supposed to bring your own shampoo with you to most hotels? I’m perilously close to empty here!!


  1. Yes, I bring my own. I think sometimes it really depends on the hotel, but most of the time I bring my own. And of course, the cheaper the hotel, the less stuff they provide. It is always a good idea to buy some travel size shampoo and bring it with you.

  2. Anything 2-star or above should be providing in-room grooming supplies such as (at a minimum) shampoo, conditioner and bar soap. That’s the word from my husband who worked in hotel management. However, I did find that in Europe, very few of the hotels we stayed in provided bathroom supplies. Oh wait, that’s because we were staying in 1 star hotels mostly. *grin*
    Just be thankful you have your own in-room bathroom! 😀

  3. *tsk tsk* krishen, you didn’t bring your own shampoo? i consider hotel shampoo for emergencies only. i always bring my own, and i put some in a smaller container so i don’t have to carry a big bottle around.
    am i getting a postcard from you? you can put me on your permanent postcard list, and i’ll put you on mine. i LOVE getting postcards from you!

  4. sue, haha! now i know.
    but of course you’re getting one julie. can you send me your address again? for some reason it didn’t make it into my addressbook on my laptop. 🙂 anyone else who wants one, what are you waiting for? email me your address already!! 🙂

  5. WOW!
    maybe it’s the girl thing, but i wouldn’t consider using hotel shampoo unless absolutely necessary. i always bring my own.
    unless i am staying somewhere super high class then i’ll take their shampoo with me when i leave. 😛

  6. Somehow I didn’t figure this topic would bring people out of the woodwork. Just shave your head. Then you can pack shaving cream and use it for two purposes. A bald Krishen sounds like a challenge for photoshop.

  7. hiyaz,
    yeah what kind of ghetto fantasy “hotel” are you staying at? are you still claiming to be in georgia? ask the reception for some “georgian shampoo” heh heh heh. ahahaha.

  8. Never bring more than absolutely necessary. When travelling — and I travel a lot — I never bring shampoo. I think the shampoo at most hotels is perfectly fine for a day or so.
    I’m flying out to BC tomorrow!

  9. I think I tend to think like joke (joel). Here’s the shampoo in question — it was very adequate… til I started to run out.
    The back reads: “citresse shampoo: natural citrus essences, combined with vitamin c add life and shine while cleansing the hair.” Works for me.
    They did end up replacing it by the way, on the last day i was there, with this stuff.
    Guess they didn’t like me 🙂 While we’re on the topic of hotels — do you tip the maid? How much? I’m still relatively new to this whole hotel-living thing.
    Postscript, 9:35pm: I should add here, I guess — I’m back in Sarasota again 🙂

  10. tipping the maid $2-3 a day is good. they don’t receive a lot of tips, so anything you can leave for them is appreciated. i usually leave $5 on the day i checkout, since they have more cleaning to do. (i was a room attendant for a summer, long ago…)

  11. I usually tip $1 – $2 each day. People say to tip more on your last day, but then you’re not around to reap the benefits of the tip, are you? I tip bigger on the first two days, and then the staff are more likely to bring me extra bathroom goodies or do an extra-special job of cleaning my room. I also tip more if I’ve left the room in a bit of a mess because the staff have to do more work to clean up around my belongings.

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