A walk home

Whew — wow, what a week. I’d definitely rate the conference a success. Bigger and badder than ever before. And, so far as I can tell, most people fell in love with the baby, too 🙂
To bring a long week to a close, I decided to walk home today. Something I think I’ve done maybe once before. It was raining, but who’s afraid of getting a little wet? You were born that way. I hope.
[picture: IMG_0691.jpg]

[picture: IMG_0692.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0693.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0694.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0695.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0696.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0697.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0699.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0700.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0702.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0703.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0704.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0706.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0707.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0709.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0711.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0713.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0714.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0715.jpg]
[picture: IMG_0716.jpg]

7 thoughts on “A walk home”

  1. very cool post .. completely different perspective on where you live .. walking allows for seeing a lot that driving would just pass by..

  2. Davin: Totally. At first, I just wanted to take a picture of the flowers you see in the top picture — but as I went along I realized I was noticing all sorts of things I had never seen before.
    Shy: Glad you like them 🙂

  3. It is quite a pleasant walk; though we normally do it at night … and only to Starbucks and back. I like how you captured the reality of the stroll … on a bright sunny day the lens would have grabbed a completely different mood. I like the collection.

  4. Thanks 🙂 All of the shots were taken within a 50-minute time period, which is a big part of why the mood seems so consistent.

  5. You should go for more walks. These days I make the effort to walk home from places like downtown, fernwood, or whereever else that’s far away. Very satisfying. You oughta try walking back here to Vic 😉

  6. P.S It’s the mark of a true islander to enjoy the rain like that. Umbrellas are for those who shouldn’t be out there anyway!
    I never get sick from getting soaked!

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