A win for Canada; new Apple displays; and toiny-mint in Joh-jah

It’s a dark and stormy night tonight in Sarasota.
Just got back from Darren’s place, where Darren, Cam, Melissa and I watched Canada play the US in one of the first games at the World Cup of Hockey 2004. The game started off looking like Canada was going to really going to blowout the US by a wide margin (the scoring chances were something like 19-2 in favor of Canada after the opening 20), but the second period would see a reversal of momentum, and the Canada would go on to eek out a 2-1 victory.
In other news Apple released a new generation of their LCD displays today. These ones happen to have an invisible G5 processor attached and are called iMacs! Heh. See for a more in-depth discussion of the iMac G5, with some prognostication thrown in for good measure.
I wanted to get some pictures up for you from the weekend, but with the troubles I’ve been having it’s been difficult to click on the menu bar, let alone download things from my camera. But before it slips too far into the distant past, I do want to say that the Savannah tournament I went to this past Saturday and Sunday — Toss in The Moss 15 — was the most fun I’ve had at a tournament in a long time. From the totally wacky parade and torch-lighting at the opening ceremonies, to playing your hardest against your opponents and having them come up to you afterwards and thank you for being an excellent opponent, to sipping Coronas in the shade, to the comraderie of playing with a team you know you’ll be seeing again, to the Saturday night party and watching first-class Women’s Ultimate (via the Huckaneers)… I really had a blast. Very glad I went.

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the new iMac is eerily similar to a tablet.. and there was word of Apple patenting a unique tablet design in the EU… hmmm.. could this be the protoype of a tablet that comes with a stand and is wall mountable??

Heh… that would be cool, though it would need a complete complement of software to go with it. Of course, they haven’t done anything compelling with that Newton handwriting technology they’ve had in OS X since Jaguar. Do you have any references regarding the EU apple tablet patent? As The Apple Turns yesterday speculated about the iMac G5 being a precursor to a G5 laptop.
Another bit of iMac G5-y fun Cam pointed out to me this morning is the latest Joy of Tech cartoon (I love how they did it inside an iMac G5 screen). šŸ™‚

Puck drop

Antique Gold? Team Canada is sporting the jersey of the 1920 gold metal team this world cup. Like em? As in times past, last night Melissa and I made our way through the slush and sludge to everyone’s favorite…