Airport Card: dead?

At a meeting of the Sarasota Bradenton Digital Photographers Group. Photo by Louis Mastovich Photography
Pretty sure the 802.11b Airport Card in my G4 tower bit the dust last night. It matches the symptoms found here (“readHCFInfo:airPortExec returns error e00002e9” is printed to the console, “configd” pegs the CPU, and pulling the card fixes it) and here (one of several processes pegs the CPU at >= 100% use; System Preferences hangs when I try to access Network).
Which sucks, because I was just about to try out the Remote app for my iPod Touch.. blargh. It’s okay, though, it really wouldn’t have been anything to get too excited about, because I don’t have an Airport Express yet, to link my stereo’s audio input to what’s playing on my computer.
Going to check at work to see if anyone there has a spare Airport card kicking around they can part with, and, failing that, I bet they’re going for cheap cheap on eBay. Will report back here later.
Update, a few mins later: guess that particular card gave me service for nearly six years, on a daily basis. Not too shabby for something I bought used from eBay for $79.

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